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Travel Insurance for Portugal

Learn more about World Nomads travel insurance for your travel across the Old Continent.

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The histories of Brazil and Portugal stretch back centuries. A shared language and the familiar taste of some of the local dishes may make you feel at home. Breathtaking landscapes and architecture will set the scene for memorable experiences. Whether you’re hiking in the Azores, surfing the Algarve’s world-famous waves or immersing yourself in Portugal’s rich history as you wander through Lisbon’s winding streets, it is a good idea to make sure you protect yourself and your possessions during your trip.

Travel insurance covering the entire period of your stay is required to enter Portugal. Possible issues Brazilians may face when travelling to the country include lost or delayed luggage, the need to cancel the trip, and medical emergencies. Your World Nomads travel insurance policy may include coverage for:

SRua Garrett at night
Rua Garrett at night, Lisbon, Portgual. Photo credit: Getty Images / Renaud Visage

You can count on World Nomads’ skilled team 24/7 for assistance in Portuguese concerning possible claims, the transmission of urgent messages or even concierge information.

What’s included in your World Nomads travel insurance policy on a trip to Portugal?

Trip cancellation and interruption coverage

It’s common to have to put down deposits on lodging, tours, excursions, and transportation. Travel insurance from World Nomads may help you recover non-refundable and prepaid outlays should you need to cancel your trip, provided your cancellation is for a covered reason.

Unforeseen circumstances may cause you to cancel your trip. You may be entitled to reimbursement for prepaid, non-refundable trip fees if you become ill or injured and a doctor determines that you are not healthy enough to go. The trip-interruption benefits of your plan may also pay for associated costs if you have to cut short your vacation due to a family member passing away or another extreme emergency.

You must submit proof of all non-refundable, pre-paid trip fees and related expenses when making a claim for cancellation or interruption.

Waiting periods may apply before coverage begins. Read your policy in full for more details.

Loss, theft or damage to your baggage

Up to the limits of the individual policy, World Nomads may cover the loss, theft or damage to your baggage or personal belongings depending on your specific situation.

For any traveler starting out on a trip, if your luggage doesn’t show up at the airport, it can be very frustrating. However, your World Nomads’ policy may provide coverage if your bags remain lost in transit to Portugal for more than 12 hours. Initially, you should complete a ‘PIR’ – ‘Property Irregularity Report’, and keep this paperwork organized so you will have it to file a claim. At times like this, all you really need is a change of clothes and some personal care items until you are reunited with your luggage. Your baggage-delay coverage may provide reimbursement for you to be able to purchase these items.

Lost or stolen personal documents

Your travel documents may be covered if lost, stolen or damaged while vacationing in Portugal. For example, if you are on a strolling around Lisbon or on a wine-tasting tour in the Douro Valley and for some reason you mislay your documents, or if they are stolen, you may be reimbursed, up to the limits of your policy.

Whenever you are in a new and different environment, it is always a good idea to remain alert and keep your personal belongings close to you in a money belt or cross-body bag.

Lagos beach in Algarve, Portugal
Lagos beach in Algarve, Portugal. Photo credit: Getty Images / Carol Yepes

Overseas emergency medical coverage and benefits for COVID-19 related events

When traveling in Portugal, having overseas medical insurance is crucial in case you get sick or injured. Your Brazilian health insurance plan probably won’t be accepted in Europe, so if you need medical attention you will have to pay out of pocket. With your travel insurance policy in hand, if you injure yourself whilst surfing off the west coast of Portugal, for instance, you may be covered for any medical care, hospital stays and medicines required.

Although the global health community has made enormous headway in tackling COVID-19, it is still an issue of concern for travelers. A World Nomads Travel Protection Plan purchased by Brazilians may provide coverage if you test positive for COVID-19 in the form of emergency medical evacuation, and medical and hospital expenses.

World Nomads’ Assistance Team can help with medical emergencies, for example, providing advice on the nearest medical center, speaking with doctors or arranging prior authorization for treatment. We may also be able to contact your family or friends back in Brazil to keep them updated on your condition. Refer to the policy for more details.

Elevador da Bica funicular in Lisbon, Portugal
Elevador da Bica funicular in Lisbon, Portugal. Photo credit: Getty Images / Alexander Spatari

Coverage for sports and recreational activities in Portugal

If you’re going for a hike in the scenic trails of the Azores islands, plan on surfing the world-famous swells of Nazare or go snorkeling in the Algarve’s pristine waters, World Nomads offers travel insurance coverage for more than 150 activities and sports. Be sure to read your insurance documents to see if your intended sports activities are covered. We have three policy versions: Standard, Explorer and Explorer Plus, offering different types of coverage. Make sure that you compare all the options available and select the plan that best covers the activities you plan on doing while in Portugal.

What’s not covered

  • Hurricanes, cyclones, earthquakes, tidal waves, volcanic eruptions, and other natural disasters.
  • Travel for the purpose of performing any kind of medical treatment or tests.
  • Accidents (and their possible consequences) that occur before the term of the insurance policy.
  • Accidents that happen during the trip due to participation in acts that are known to be especially dangerous.
  • Continuing medical coverage due to symptoms or events that existed or occurred prior to the insurance start date.

These are examples of what’s not covered. Please be sure to read your policy in its entirety to fully understand what’s covered and what’s excluded from the coverage.

Travel Insurance Benefits: how we can take care of you

Trip Cancellation

Protect your trip against unexpected cancellation.

  • Explorer Plus: USD $1,500
  • Explorer Plan: USD $1,000
  • Standard Plan: USD $500
Trip Protection
  • Unexpectedly hospitalised?
  • Travel buddy unfit to travel?
  • Close relative suddenly dies?

We’ve got your back.

Medical Expenses Overseas

Take the pain out of medical costs.

  • Explorer Plus: USD $100,000
  • Explorer Plan: USD $70,000
  • Standard Plan: USD $30,000
Medical Expenses Overseas
  • Need meds quick?
  • Accidentally injured?
  • Suddenly sick?

We’ve got your back.

Emergency Evacuation and Repatriation

Emergency medical transportation: we’ll get you to hospital or home quickly.

  • Explorer Plus: USD $80,000
  • Explorer Plan: USD $60,000
  • Standard Plan: USD $40,000
Emergency Evacuation & Repatriation
  • Banged up abroad?
  • Need a hospital urgently?
  • Medivac home?

Help starts here.

Checked-in Baggage Loss

Covers the loss, theft or damage of your bags by a common carrier.

  • Explorer Plus: USD $1,200
  • Explorer Plan: USD $1,000
  • Standard Plan: USD $500
Checked-in Baggage Loss
  • Passport stolen?
  • Airline lost your gear?
  • Bags delayed?

Help starts here.

  • Emergency Overseas Medical & Dental Expenses
  • Trip Cancellation or Interruption
  • Baggage
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation & Repatration
  • 24 Hour Assistance Services
  • And more (depending on your country of residence)
This is a general summary for Brazil residents only. Restrictions, exclusions and limitations will apply. Benefit limits may vary depending on the plan chosen. Check the plan documents for full details.

24/7 emergency assistance

Whether you need medical or dental assistance or advice, emergency evacuation or travel assistance, our team are available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year before and during your trip.

Are you in need of emergency assistance right now?

Your World Nomads policy is provided through Chubb Seguros:

Phone: +1 212-315-1806 (from anywhere in the world)

Phone: 0800-591-1043 (from Brazil)

WhatsApp message: +54 911 3053-3959

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Insured by Chubb. For Brazilian residents, we partner with Chubb to provide travel insurance products, customer service for 24/7 urgencies and emergencies, and claims service. You can purchase your insurance in up to six installments.