How do I make a claim if I can't complete it online?

It is your insurer who determines what format your supporting documentation must be received in order to proceed with assessing your claim.

Travel Guard Canada requires that you send (by post) your original copies of the requested documentation to support your claim

New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Saskatchewan Residents:

Travel Guard Canada
c/o Global Excel Management
73 Queen, Sherbrooke, Qc
J1M 0C9

From Canada and the Continental USA, call 1-888-566-8028 OR
International Collect at 1-819-566-8028

All Other Provinces:

Travel Guard Canada
Attn: Claims Department
120 Bremner Boulevard, Suite 2200, Toronto, ON M5J 0A8

From Canada and the Continental USA, call 1-866-878-0192 OR
International Collect at 1-416-646-3723


Email: - if you have any questions about your claim

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International collect:
+1 416 646 3723

Within Canada & continental USA, toll free:
+1 866 878 0192

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New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Saskatchewan Residents:

1 888 566 8028

1 819 566 8028


All Other Provinces:

1 866 878 0192

1 416 646 3723