Does my travel insurance cover medical costs upfront or do I have to pay and claim later?

Who pays depends on what’s happened.
If it’s an emergency situation where hospital admission and/or medical evacuation is required, your coverage can coordinate payment with the hospital directly as long as the event is covered under your policy. 

To do this, we’d need to know something had occurred, so you or your travel companion will need to contact the 24/7 Emergency Assistance Team with as much detail as possible.

If it's not urgent and you visit the local doctor, you may have to pay upfront.  If you do, you need to keep the receipts and medical records and make a claim online once the treatment is complete.

This is only a summary of coverage and does not include the full terms and conditions of the policy.  It is important you read and understand your policy as it contains benefits, conditions, exclusions and pre-existing condition exclusions.  If you do not understand your coverage, or if you have questions about your coverage, just ask us



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