Here's how a travel insurance company grew its business by inspiring travellers to be adventurous and seek out Extraordinary Experiences.

The Premise

World Nomads is a global travel brand that believes the true essence of travel is the experiences you have, not the things you see.

We strive to grow our business by encouraging everyone to explore their boundaries without compromising insurance coverage.

This campaign was designed to celebrate and capture the adventure of travel.


Generate leads through an email capture mechanism.
Showcase product and insurance coverage benefits in an exciting and engaging way.
Create User-generated content that also expands our understanding of brand personas.
Build brand awareness, boost SEO and SERPs using content marketing.
Grow the social community & increase engagement through a campaign that has affinity with traveller's goals.


Travellers were driven to our landing page through World Nomads channel promotion, social media advertising (with a heavy focus on video) and partner community promotion.

There they told us their favourite adventure activities, nominated their destination of choice and told us about an adventure that changed their life.

This application data then enabled us to personalise communication and re-marketing as well as evaluate and validate our brand personas and services.

These Norwegian Cross Country Skiiers Are Dangerous!

Use of Media

Taking the philosophy of "show, don't tell", we pre-produced 21 videos - each of the 7 extraordinary experiences in 3 different locations. These videos were embedded in the landing page online, were promoted through YouTube and were the backbone of the social media campaign, especially through the use of Facebook video advertising.



Forget trains, forget buses, experience Norway's most traditional transportation-option - Dogsledding


New Zealand

A combination of body-boarding and white water rafting, it's guaranteed to deliver endless thrills and spills!

Scuba Diving

Trinidad & Tobago

You'd be hard pressed to find a better scuba diving location in the world than Trinidad & Tobago in the Caribbean.

Cross Country Skiing


Strap on some skis, grab your poles and learn cross country skiing in Norway - and shoot at targets at the end!


New Zealand

Get rough, tough and muddy on a wicked quadbiking adventure in New Zealand.

Sailing Adventure

Trinidad & Tobago

Set sail on the epic seas of Trinidad & Tobago and experience the heart-lifting expression of freedom on the open waters of the Caribbean.



Snowmobiling and ice-fishing - is there a better way to take in the epic beauty of Norway?

Bungy Jumping

New Zealand

Overcome your fear and launch yourself off the 134 meter Nevis bungy over Queenstown, New Zealand's highest and scariest bungy.

Turtle Watching

Trinidad & Tobago

Get close to nature - close enough to be slapped in the face by a flipper - as you witness giant turtles coming ashore to lay their eggs.

Urban Kayaking


Do a little sight-seeing in Trondheim - from the water - with a surprising urban kayak tour. Finish off by leaping from a building.


New Zealand

Explore your boundaries, go beyond your comfort zone with skydiving in spectacular New Zealand.


Trinidad & Tobago

Carve up the Caribbean as you feel the adrenaline rush of wake-boarding.

Ziplining & Rope Course


Get a head for heights on this challenging rope course and zipline that traverses an ice-packed waterfall.

Mountain Biking

Trinidad & Tobago

Carve your own trail with a machete as you mountain bike Trinidad & Tobago's spectacular hills.

Reindeer 2 Ways


Experience a reindeer sleigh ride then savour local delicacies - including reindeer - in Roros, Norway.

Paddle Boarding

Trinidad & Tobago

Experience stunning scenery and encounter teeming wildlife on a paddle boarding adventure on the Blue River.


Landing page

The heart of the campaign where visitors came to see the showcase videos and enter the competition, enabling us to capture email leads, personalised re-marketing data and gather community intel’ about favourite adventure activities and experiences.

Next - Social Media


Social Media

Social media advertising concentrated on inspiring viewers to travel and seek out these extraordinary experiences. Extensive A/B testing of alternative copy and designs was used to find the most cost-effective messaging.

Next - Partner Collaboration


Partner Collaboration

To further our reach, partners were provided with collateral to leverage their involvement in the campaign with their own audiences which they used in dedicated database emails, social media promotion and website features.

Next - EDM



The campaign was featured in World Nomads EDM and newsletter mail-outs to 500,000 subscribers over the 6-week period.

These Norwegian Cross Country Skiiers Are Dangerous!


We achieved maximum penetration in our major demographic with entrants from USA, Australia and UK with an average age of 32.
68% entered the competition through a mobile device.

These Norwegian Cross Country Skiiers Are Dangerous!

Marketing Intelligence

230,000 data points captured regarding top adventure activities to assist in the evaluation and validation of our brand personas, products and services.

Entrants also had to describe in 100 words "an adventure that changed my life", which was used as travel destination insight for future content and campaigns.

Results & ROI


Social Impressions

REACH of 7.2 million


7,278,754 impressions
4,181,598 reach
9,919 new followers


5,552,258 impressions
3,169,258 reach
2,204 new followers


987,276 impressions
5,520 engagements
(campaign suspended after 10 days)







over target

The Team

Chris Noble

General Manager

The driving force behind World Nomads’ success as an innovative customer-centric travel insurance service.

Alicia Crosariol

Head of Community Development

Passionate believer in the strength of community and the wrangler-in-chief of awesome opportunities.

Jon Whitby

Head of UX & Performance

The guardian of good design, a warrior for the perfect User experience, he ensured the marketing collateral did the job it was supposed to do.

Jesse Chard

Executive Video Producer

Jesse produced and directed our global filmmaking crews to create our exciting, and highly engaging, adventure travel video series.

Pearse Moran

Campaign & Production Coordinator

Great concepts always need someone who can, simply, get stuff done! Pearse is our guy.

Our Partners