Frequently Asked Questions


  • Vicka said

    The prize is for 2 person. What if i win and bring another companion with my own money?

    Hey Vicka,
    Unfortunately, this competition only allows for the winner to take one friend. Some of the prizes, including tickets will be very difficult to organise for another friend and most importantly there will only be space for 2 people in the van! Best of luck!
    - Bec, World Nomads

  • Valerio said

    What if my companion is Italian?

    Hi Valerio,
    You can bring your Italian friend along with you if you win, no worries! The restriction is due to the legislation in Italy around running competitions and offering prizes to Italian residents. Best of luck!
    - Bec, World Nomads

  • Véronique M said

    Hi! Is anything expected of the winners in return for the trip? Ex: videos, promotional contents, blogs/vlogs, etc?

    Hi Véronique,
    The winners won't have to do anything except enjoy the open road! However we'd love if they posted and hashtagged us along the way so the World Nomads community can follow along.
    - Bec, World Nomads

  • Samir said

    I don't understand why italians can't participate to this contest

  • Romnie said

    Can we take the road trip for one week or 10 days instead of 4 weeks?

    Hey Romnie,
    Unfortunately the winner must be available for 4 weeks to claim the prize. It's for this reason we've been quite flexible with the trip dates, allowing the winners choose their own travel dates as long as its sometime between June 1 and September 30 this year. Best of luck!
    - Bec, World Nomads

  • Anna said

    Hey hi!

    I've submitted the application and got a message about the submission but did not receive any confirmation email (I applied from the email I wrote here in the comment form). How can I know if it went through?


    Hi Anna,
    Oh no! Thanks for letting us know, we're having a look into it what's gone wrong. We have received your entry though, so don't worry you're in the running! Best of luck!
    - Bec, World Nomads

  • Habiba Abudu said

    How will the winner be chosen?

    Hi Habiba,

    Each of the two winners will be chosen based on creativity, answering the question and the most interesting, unique, original and well-written entry for each destination (US/EU). You can find the weightings in the terms and conditions page under point 5. 'Selection and Notfication of Winners'. Thanks,
    - Pearse, World Nomads

  • Mariana said

    Hi! I have my drivers license, but I'm only 19. Can I still rent a vehicle?

    Hey Mariana,

    Have a look on the Auto Europe website (linked above under 'do I need to be eligible to rent a vehicle'). Unfortunately, it's usually 25 years old, sometimes 21 depending on the country in question. You could still enter if your intended travel companion was eligible to rent and drive the vehicle, even if you aren't. All the best,
    - Pearse, World Nomads

  • Santiago Ulises Echegoyen Durand said

    Hey, I was just reading the FAQ and I saw that your travel companion has to be 18 years old at the time the entries end, but I was planning on taking my gf who is 1 year younger than me, she is gonna be 16 when the entries end but 17 when I would book the trip, i'm 18, i'm old enough to travel with someone younger, and I also have the permition of her parents, can I still take her? Please, this would be very important to us!

    Hi Santiago,
    Unfortunately, due to legal restrictions your travel companion will have to be at least 18 by April 10.
    - Bec, World Nomads

  • Adam said

    I'm not sure if you're able to answer this question directly, but I'm curious as to who the judges are that will be reviewing the applications or a general idea of what they'll be looking for in our answers? The 500-character limit is just a little broad and I'm having a bit of trouble composing my essay.

    Hi Adam,
    We've got a team of people that will be reading though and judging the best entry. We have purposely left the topic quite broad as we'll be looking for creativity. Best of luck!
    - Bec, World Nomads

  • Marlena Katene said


    I am VERY interested in this . However i am a wheelchair user. I dont have any specific requirements and flexible re all aspects of travel. Is this still worth me applying? my travel mantra is literally to just "roll" with it. however i may need a ramp or specific van rental for this purpose as i have an electric wheelchair.


    Hi Marlena,
    Love the travel mantra! Of course you can still enter. We'll be able to accomodate your needs if you do win. The winner will have some capacity to choose which van they choose from our partner Auto Europe and if need be we'll cover the cost of making sure the van is accessible for for you. Good luck!
    - Bec, World Nomads

  • Marlena Katene said

    do you organise the tickets for festivals or is this the winners responsibility? some UK festivals literally sell out in seconds


    Hi Marlena,
    We have some agreements with some festivals that the winners can choose to go to. We will organise the itinerary with the winners once they have been announced. Best of luck!
    - Bec, World Nomads

  • Helene Jermolajew said

    Can the travel companion be from the chosen continent rather than our own countr? And does the winner have to drive or can you use other transport if you want to?

    Hi Helene,
    Yes the travel companion can be from anywhere as long as they are over 18. And the van will need to be the primary method of transportation for the winners of the trip. Good luck!
    - Bec, World Nomads

  • Lex said

    Can i still enter if neither me or my travel companion have a driving license to rent the van? (Could we arrange other transport and accommodation)

    Hi Lex,
    Unfortunately, to be eligible to win you must be able to rent the van. While you can use your spending money to arrange alternative accommodation along the way the primary method of transportation will be in the van.
    - Bec, World Nomads

  • Cherry said

    I kept getting an error about word count even though I have 484 characters/93 words. I got an email to say they received my submission but I'm afraid it could have not gone through/gone through on multiple occassions.

    Hi Cherry,
    Sorry to hear you're having trouble entering. Make sure you're typing your entry directly into our form and just be aware that the character count does include spaces. If that doesn't work then maybe try a different browser. Best of luck!
    - Bec, World Nomads

  • Verra RN said

    I didn't receive a confirmation email. I've submitted my entry

    Hi Verra,
    Thanks for letting us know, we have received your entry so don't worry you're in the running.
    - Bec, World Nomads

  • Anna said

    Wanted to know if me and my companion, who are living in different countries and are of different nationalities, still be a part of this trip, if at all we get to win?

    Hi Anna,
    Yes of course. As long as you both have the necessary visa requirements for the trip and at least one of you is able to rent and drive the van. Good luck!
    - Bec, World Nomads

  • Andy said

    Why does the winner have to have 8 months left on their passport before expiry, when most countries require 6 months or less? I noticed you have this requirement for other competitions as well...

    Hi Andy,
    We like to make sure our winners have a bit more of a buffer in case there are amendments to trip dates or last minute changes.
    - Bec, World Nomads

  • Safia said

    Hello, is it mandatory to use the van ? How about if me and my chosen friend don't want to actually use the van at all, but instead use any other means of transportation available (like trains or buses for example) by using some amount of money of the $6,000 offered in order to move around ? Thanks !

    Hi Safia,
    The van will need to be the primary method of transportation for the winners of the trip. However, if you want to use your spending money to splash out on a hotel or party in hostels along the way - go for it!
    - Bec, World Nomads

  • marie said

    Hey. Thanks for this great opportunity.
    I have a practical question.
    Do we need to return to the starting point to return the camper van ?
    Probably yes :)
    and someone asked above if the travelling companion can join from another country or continent.

    Thank you

    Thank you

    Hi Marie,
    The itinerary will be organised with the winners once they have been announced. There will be some capacity to arrange different pick up and drop off locations for the van. Best of luck!
    - Bec, World Nomads



  • Krista said

    Hello. Am I right understanding that me or my partner need licence for car in obligation? And we can't chose other transports to travel? Did I understand right?
    Sincerely, Krista

    Hi Krista,
    Yes that is correct.
    - Bec, World Nomads

  • Andrew said

    Hi. I have attempted to submit my entry without any success. I am under the character limit. I have typed it completely into the Nomad web page entry box. And I have attempted using a different browser. Help? Andrew

    Hi Andrew,
    There was a bug in the form but its all fixed now! Good luck!
    - Bec, World Nomads

  • Adam said

    In my country, people can take a test and get their driving license if they have reached 17
    I'm 17 and have a driving license, can i take part of this summer roadtrip? thank you

    Hi Adam,
    Please refer to the first question in the faqs.
    - Bec, World Nomads

  • VJ said

    No one asked, or asks, in the faq whether you are truly not ageist.
    Out of the possibilities of being ageist and not admitting it, being ageist and not even knowing it (not as dishonest but a worse kind of bigotry), or actually not being ageist, I would like it to be the last possibility.
    But I cannot be certain.
    If you have people of all ages, including over fifty, as past winners, then anyone interacting with you could be a little more certain.
    Care to be honest?

  • Megan said

    Hi! I was looking through the requirements for the entry and I accidentally pressed the submit button. I then received a confirmation email about my entry, but I didn’t write anything in any of the boxes. Will this jeopardize my ability to submit a legitimate entry?

  • Colin said

    What if were both not 25? Is someone going to drive for us??

    Hi Colin,
    You or your intended travelling companion will need to be eligible to rent and drive a vehicle for the trip. Generally, this means over 25 years of age and with a full drivers license in your own country. Have a look at the Auto Europe website (linked above) to get an idea of requirements for your destination.
    - Bec, World Nomads

  • Nicole said

    If you win can you gift your trio to some else?

    Hi Nicole,
    No, the winners must be the people using the prizes.
    - Bec, World Nomads

  • Mikaila said

    Hi! I saw that the age requirement requires your travel partner to be 18 by the deadline. If they are not 18 by the deadline, but 18 by the travel dates, is that acceptable?

  • Andrew said

    Hi. I have attempted to submit my entry without any success. I am under the character limit. I have typed it completely into the Nomad web page entry box. And I have attempted using a different browser. Help? Andrew

    Hi Andrew,
    There was a bug in the form, but it's all fixed now so it should allow you to submit. Best of luck!
    - Bec, World Nomads

  • Ash said


    I just clicked on the ‘Enter now’ and was reading the form, my phone screen got locked and when i unlocked, the page got refreshed and i got entry submitted confirmation email!

    I never even got to complete the form. Can this be resolved so that i can enter a completed form?


  • David S said

    Hi, I'm from Colombia but I'm a legal resident in Chile (I've got a Chilean Resident ID). Can I still apply?

    Hi David,
    Yes you can! Best of luck,
    - Bec, World Nomads

  • Yola said

    why i cant submit my birthdate?

  • Linnea said

    Does the travel partner has to be human? Or could it just be my travelbuddy, who’s a dachshund mix- prefer having someone who doesn’t talk much and doesn’t stop me from doing whatever I love most ;) He’s a van travelling expert and the perfect photo motive getting more likes than I ever do.
    Obviously he has all vaccinations and a passport :)

  • Ridick said

    I live in the US. Would I be able to bring my cats along on either road trips?

  • Jack Goodwin Jones said


    My submission is less than 500 characters and 100 words (confirmed by microsoft word, your form and a seperate website). However it still wont let me submit, every time I try I get an error message which says my submission should be between 3 and 500 characters.

  • Cynara Bueno said

    Hi there!

    Even though I live in Germany, I might be traveling to Brazil during summer. Is that okay for me to get the tickets from there on? (I only ask because I read that Brazil is not an eligible country for participants). Do we have to travel back and forth from the same city?

    Many thanks!

  • Laura said

    Is there an upper age limit? I see that you insure people who are under 70, but does that limit entry into this contest?

  • Fadil Darussalam said

    Can I change the destination after I submitted my form? If can, how do I change it? Please respond my question, thank you.

  • Sherri Carling said

    I am a dual resident in both the US and Italy. May I still enter even if the later country is on the restricted list? Thank you.

  • Arko Banerjee said

    In reply to a query "How will the winner be chosen?", it is mentioned that "weightings in the terms and conditions page under point 5. 'Selection and Notification of Winners'" is provided.
    But I am unable to find the term and conditions page.
    Could you kindly help??

  • Fernanda said

    I would love to participate, and I am Brazilian.
    Just loved the idea of 4-weeks on a Van traveling!!
    Is there anything that I can do, such as, ask permission for any Brazilian authority that will make my participation possible?

  • Zuzana said

    I would like to ask one question. How is it with choosing the location of the roadtrip - can I choose the US even if I am from Europe or just the european route?
    Thanks a lot.

    Hi Zuzana,
    You can choose from either!
    Good luck,
    - Bec, World Nomads

  • Jessica said

    Hey there,

    Just curious if you could answer what some of the music festival options have been in the past?

    Thank you.

    Hi Jessica,
    We've never run this competition before! We do have some relationships with music festivals however we will be restricted by availability for other festivals. We will work as best we can with the winners to try and get them tickets to what they want to go to. The idea is for winners to go to events big and small, cultural and musical, and obviously tickets will depend on whether they are sold out.
    Good luck!
    - Bec, World Nomads

  • Alejandra said

    hi, I´m Colombian but now I live in Spain, Can i participate?

    Hi Alejandra,
    As long as you are a legal resident of Spain then yes you can!
    - Bec, World Nomads

  • Mary said


    I was looking between the entry forms when my phone died. When I went back on I got an email confirming my entry, but I hadn't completed anything! Would there be any chance I can get a chance to do it again to complete it?

    Thank you!

  • María said

    Hello guys!

    My travel partner and I will be 24 years old at that time and we would like to know if we can rent a car to travel in USA because you say that, generally, we would need to be 25 to rent it (due to the extra fees).

    Hi Maria,
    Check out the Auto Europe website to see if you are able to rent a vehicle. As long as you are able to, we'll be able to cover extra fees if you do win.
    Good luck!
    - Bec, World Nomads

  • Anna said

    Hi there!
    In one of the comments above it has been mentioned that there would be further information on the weightings winners will be chosen upon (section terms and conditions). So far I haven't been able to find any. May you help me out?

  • Rodrigo said

    Hi, big question...... I'm married and if I win my travel companions will be my wife and my baby of 1 year (Our daugther is with travel experience, we traveled with her from Siberia to Chile, also had a big trip in Spain and road trip to desert of Atacama), we can participate? The insurance and extra charges in air tickets of my baby will be on my own money!

  • Shannon said

    Will the winners have to pay the taxes on this trip, on the $6000, the gear worth $2500, and the campervan? Because of my life and what I've seen/dealt with, I find it really hard to believe that you can just win an all inclusive trip without having to pay something. Please let me know, cause if so I would like to withdraw my entry immediately.

  • m broverman said


  • Sergio Cortés said

    Hello there!!!

    I'm Colombian but If I'm living in another country, Can I participate? Thank you !!

    Hi Sergio,
    As long as you are a legal resident of the other country and it is not one of the other countries that we can'r run the competition in then go for it!
    - Bec, World Nomads

  • May said

    Hello there,

    I'm from Brazil but I'm a permanent resident in Japan. Am I eligible to apply for it or no? I would do anything to win this prize and go on a road trip!

    Hi May,
    As you have residency in a country other than that those which we can't run the competition in, then you can enter.
    Best of luck!
    - Bec, World Nomads

  • Mariko said


    I clicked on the entry form just to have a look at what it contained. Though I exited it immediately, I have just received an email thanking me for my application even though I have not actually applied (yet)!

    Is there some way I can withdraw my application in order to officially resubmit it later?

    Hoping to hear back soon.


  • Taylor said

    Hey there World Nomads!

    Just wondering if there was a kilometer/mileage limit on the camper vans per day for the USA route.
    If so, would there be a possibility to put on more or unlimited miles per day?

    Thank you!

    Hi Taylor,
    Auto Europe rents their vehicles by the day which World Nomads will be covering. The winners will have to cover the cost of fuel/gas which will come out of the US $6000 spending money. If you are planning to drive for long distances, you would need to allocate more of the spending money towards fuel.
    Best of luck!
    - Bec, World Nomads

  • henry-Philippe Loriers said

    Hello World Nomad,

    I have a practical question. I'm from belgium . But l'm currently in a work holiday visa year in Australia. What do I put as the country of residence? (considering the friend i will go if i win with will probably be from europe).

    Thank you very much for your answer,


    Hi Henry-Philippe,
    You can put either!
    Best of luck,
    - Bec, World Nomads

  • Mariana Pedrosa said

    I am 19 and my friend is too. I have a driving license for almost 2 years and he does not. In the website it says you'll pay extra to rent a vehicle if you're under 25, but it is indeed possible. In Europe we only need to be 18 to be in the majority. So can I enter?

    Hi Mariana,
    As long as you are eligible to rent a vehicle in your chosen destination and are at least 18 years of age then yes you can enter.
    Best of luck!
    - Bec, World Nomads

  • Elizabeth Thoms said

    My husband and I meet all the requirements. However we have twin boys who will turn 2 in August. Is it possible to bring children if you win the trip?

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