Meet the winner.

For this year’s Travel Film Scholarship we decided to go back to where it all began - and asked you to submit your best travel documentaries. We wanted you to really focus on finding a great story and capturing the mindset of someone who fuelled your wanderlust.

What we received in return were more than 600 entries that featured some truly original and inspiring characters that reminded us just how diverse and wonderful world nomads truly are. Your films captured the adventurous spirits, the personal philosophies and the insatiable curiosity that connect every traveller. From roaming grandfathers to intrepid explorers and nomadic cyclists, you illuminated these extraordinary people with your visual storytelling abilities.

However, there was one story this year that really stood out from the pack. This travel documentary captured not only the subject in a very personal way, but also gave us a strong sense of place and the feeling that you as a viewer were travelling with him and experiencing his life on the road as it unfolded.

So, without further delay, we give you the winner of the 2015 Travel Film Scholarship to Colombia...

The Winner

Congratulations to Coleman Lowndes from the USA.

I was completely disarmed by the warmth and rapport that Cole had with his subject - Guillermo Federico Aimar - filmed in Mexico cycling en route from Argentina to Alaska - and also by Coleman’s direct and unpretentious filmmaking style. Although Guillermo may not be the most sensational subject the qualities of his project and personality shine through and I found him a genuine inspiration as a traveller and a way of being whilst travelling. As such, Coleman realised the filmmaking brief beautifully. Its also clear that Coleman will benefit from being mentored - and I look forward to seeing him in Colombia.
Brian Rapsey,

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The Shortlist

Congratulations to the following shortlisted applicants.