Travel Film Scholarship 2016: The Winner

Find out which travel documentaries made our shortlist and see who will be heading off on an adventure to Vietnam!

Aspiring filmmakers, this year you scoured the globe to bring to light the most inspirational stories of our fellow travelers, pilgrims and nomads. You uncovered the hardships and excitement of travel, and gave us a truthful insight into another person’s way of life.

From a traveling chaiwala to nomadic surfers and musicians, you illuminated these extraordinary people with your visual storytelling abilities.

Not only did our judges have over 53 hours of footage to review, the quality of this year’s applications truly made the task of selecting the winner a very difficult one.

As always, this is not a competition in which the best film wins, but a scholarship opportunity awarded to an aspiring filmmaker who shows the potential to use this experience as a platform to break into the travel documentary industry.

Please feel free to leave your congratulations to the winner and the shortlisted applicants below. However, if you have any other comments, concerns, program feedback or trollish rants, please email us at

Without further delay, we give you the winner of the 2016 Travel Film Scholarship to Vietnam

The Winner: Joshua Brown

State of Mind (South Sudan)
Judge's Comments

"By no means the most technically or stylistically accomplished, however I was most affected by this entry. It spoke of the challenges and limits to “representation” as a documentary filmmaker/photographer traveling to places and situations that are difficult to understand. Joshua’s concise and insightful interview with photographer Tom Martin (who has covered such situations as the Rwandan genocide) resonated with me as a travel filmmaker – and posed a challenge to my way of seeing and understanding." - Brian Rapsey, 2016 Travel Film Scholarship Mentor

The Shortlist

Congratulations to the following members of our shortlist. Each of you will receive a copy of Lonely Planet's Best Ever Video Tips.

Appu Prabhakar - Balaji VIjayan (India)

Corey McCarthy - Van Life (U.S.A.)

Gala Diaz - La volta a la Terra (Around the Earth) (Spain)

Hannah Kugel - The Drive to Travel (Germany)

Jarna Harish Devnani - Madhusudan - The Pilgrim (India)

Jelle Van de Weghe - Long way home: The story of Nour Amora (Denmark)

Joseph Landreth-Smith - Run50 (Philippines)

Katie Stover - United by Fire (Indonesia)

Kitty Hu - Of Copper and Nickel (China)

Kyler Knutson - Into The Roar (South Africa)

Lukas Stelter - Traveling With A Red Nose (Switzerland)

Luke Chayo - From Palm Trees (Cuba)

Michael Messina - From Fear to Faith On 2 Wheels (U.S.A.)

Praveen Pillay - Breswana's Prateek (India)

Rahul Maheshwari - Man of the Streets - Vipul Sing (India)

Richa Batheja - Boojh (Perception) (India)

Sarah Rose Bergman - Travel Tales (U.S.A.)

Sinikka Li Axt - Homeland (Germany)

Tania Verbeeck - The Australian Dream (Australia)

Zahida Rahemtulla - Homelandish (Canada)

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  • Sally said

    Congratulations Joshua! Some really inspiring films shortlisted this year. Well done!

  • jeremybrown said

    Excellent entry,budding globetrotting filmaker!

  • Arlinda said

    Congrats! Hope you continue to travel and film! :)

  • George Joseph said

    There is already a well made film about Balaji VIjayan done by Haro Mohan, called Invisible Wings.

  • Hans Hansen said

    Great choice, wish you all the best. We need more people like Joshua to make the unvisible visible and the voices of those that are not heard to be heard.

  • Ayume said

    I can not understand why my movie "Meet Martina" is not in the shortlist. Not saying that the juri's decision was wrong, but that I would like to know what was wrong in my video, so I can do better next time.



  • Wendy said

    Thankyou for sharing and your commitment. Wow!
    Humility and clarity and courage
    All the very best xx

  • Mayra said

    You're inspiring. Congratulations!

  • Junia said

    Only 3 minutes but quite an affecting piece of work. Good job & congratulations!

  • Karishma Vatnani said

    Congratulations, Joshua Brown. Haven't seen many documentaries but this one sure is the most insightful documentaries that I have ever seen. Such a fresh perspective and I'm inspired to use my state of mind differently.

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