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Aspiring filmmakers, this year you searched far and wide to find the most unique, compelling and seriously inspiring travel stories for your films. You portrayed the challenges and opportunities that travel presents, and invited us along for the personal journeys of your subjects..

From musicians and journalists to surfers and explorers, you brought to light these extraordinary personalities with your visual storytelling abilities.

Not only did our judges have over 60 hours of footage to review, the amazing quality of this year’s applications truly made the task of selecting the shortlist, let alone the winner, a very difficult one. You are all getting better every year!

As always, this is not a competition in which the best film wins, but a scholarship opportunity awarded to an aspiring filmmaker who shows the potential to use this experience as a platform to break into the travel documentary genre.

Please join us in congratulating the winner and shortlisted applicants. For any comments, concerns, program feedback or trollish rants, please email us at

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The Winner

Congratulations to Jigar Ganatra (Canada).

"KIWI - The Untold Story” is a beautifully crafted film that speaks to the courage of his traveller/refugee subject using an inventive yet unpretentious visual style and a matter-of-fact yet powerful and moving interview with Nestor Ciza. Jigar Ganatra has found a subject that speaks to our times - with refugee issues filling our headlines - yet moves beyond this in creating a portrait of an inspiring traveller and citizen of the world. Jigar's film also shows the qualities of a filmmaker who is interested not only in the craft - but also in the deeper social and cultural concerns which underpin all good storytelling. Importantly, Jigar’s film has fulfilled the brief - to make a film about the “courage” of an inspiring traveller - demonstrating excellent interview skills and a visually engaging style - in a way that moves us.
Brian Rapsey
2017 Travel Film Scholarship Mentor

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The Shortlist

Congratulations to the following shortlisted applicants.