Travel Film Scholarship 2019

Applications have closed.


  • Hannah said

    What an amazing opportunity!

  • Sally said

    Hi there,

    I'm not entirely sure if you would consider me a professional. I have done some freelance stuff in the past but currently am getting all my money from my cafe job. Can I still apply?

    Hi Sally,

    Thanks for your question. If you can please email with more info on the type of freelance work you did. Please include any links to paid work and your website if you have one. We'll be able to make a call from there.

    All the best,
    - Bec, World Nomads

  • Luis Franco said


    I am going to be studying abroad in Colombia on next semester. I am sure that in case of being selected there would be no problem with me missing a couple of classes since I am studying audiovisual arts.
    Should I mark the period of time I will be travelling to Colombia in the application?, and if so would that represent a problem for my consideration?

    Hi Luis,

    As long as you can be available for the 10 days of the scholarship it won't be a problem. No need to let us know the dates you'll be studying in Colombia. We can fly you from there to Malaysia if you are located there at the time.

    Best of luck!
    - Bec, World Nomads

  • Fiona said

    Hi, my name is Fiona and I am writing from Hong Kong! I have a great story about an adventurer, a trail runner, and a foreign domestic worker from the Philippines. I want to highlight her journey of leaving home, coming to HK to work, and most importantly, her aspiration to live a life that brings her to places and joy. However, I am aware this is not a conventional travel story, will it disqualify me from entering the competition?

    Thank you so much and excited to share this!

    Hi Fiona,

    Thanks for you question. Sounds like a great idea for a film. Just be sure to make sure it fits the brief. While there is no prescriptive way to do this, the best films will have clear link to travel themes throughout.

    Best of luck!
    - Bec, World Nomads

  • Marcos Aragão said

    Can kids be shown in our film (with consent of parents)?

    Hi Marcos,

    Thanks for your question. It's up to you to make sure that you've secured the appropriate permissions and releases for the people who appear in your film. So as long as you've got their parent's or legal guardian's permission then it's ok.

    Good luck!
    - Bec, World Nomads

  • kemas rizaldi said

    hello, i don't have camera and gear, if i am win and flight, so i have to bring gear and camera ?

    Hi Kemas,

    Good question! While in the past we have required the winners to bring their own gear, if you are able to demonstrate you have an excellent eye for a story and an excellent grasp of visual language, we will look past gear limitations.

    Best of luck!
    - Bec, World Nomads

  • Alex said

    Hi Bec,

    Can the story have two subjects with a connected travel story? IE Can there only be one subject? Or a main and supporting subject?



    Hi Alex,

    Good question! There's nothing to say you can't have more than one subject in your film. However, we have found in the past the best films have focussed on a singular traveler and telling their story. It could be a challenge to add in another subject and still do the story justice within the 3 minutes. But when it comes down to it – it is your decision as the filmmaker. Have a think if adding in another subject is truly necessary and adding to the story rather than overcomplicating it.

    Good luck!
    - Bec, World Nomads

  • Montserrat said

    Hello, I’m from Mexico. I have worked very little as a photographer (like 3 times per year) but I’ve done it as a hobby for years while I travel, although I don’t consider myself a photographer cause I don’t like working as one, I’ve done some work some times. I have done 3 videos in the last 6 years but no one paid me for doing them even if they look good. I still wonder if I would count as a professional even if I use my camera like once per month or don’t make a living out of it, just because i do have lots of photos and know how to use a camera. Being a filmmaker it’s my frustrated dream and I’m so afraid of trying sometimes.
    Can I still apply even if I know how to use a camera for photos and not for videos? (I have no techcnical knowledge whatsoever) I think I only have the eye cause I don’t even know how to use a tripod properly. But people often call me profesional cause they like my content.

    Hi Montserrat,

    For this scholarship, we're looking for an aspiring filmmaker who is looking to turn their passion into a profession. From the sounds of it we would not consider you a professional from the purposes of this scholarship so you are more than welcome to apply. Basic knowledge of how to use camera gear would be helpful as you will need to be filming your own short film in Malaysia alongside the mentor as part of the prize. Look at the shortlist from previous years –
    And here:
    – and see if you think your film compares.

    Even if you don't think you're quite there yet – this application process could be a great opportunity to practice your filmmaking skills and improve upon your storytelling abilities. You can sign up for filmmaking tips above the comment section on this page if you're looking for some professional advice.

    Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!
    - Bec, World Nomads

  • Anusha said

    I'm really confused. The brief says we need to shoot an adventurer and bring his story into life but most of the submitted applications and award winning films hasn't featured any of that. Can you please guide me with the kind of content that needs to be focused on, in my film. Also, I do not have any previous experience in shooting a film or documentary. Do you guys look for any technical aspects in the film? Please advise me.

    Hi Anusha,

    My best advice would be to follow the brief we have provided. This is the criteria that the judges will be referring to and deciding the winner from as they have in previous years. The past winning films have demonstrated their ability to stick to this brief, including showing off their interviewing skills and their ability to coax a good story from their subject.

    As for your experience – anyone who's not a professional can apply for this scholarship. Every one has to start from somewhere so you might as well give it a shot if you're interested.

    Best of luck!
    - Bec, World Nomads

  • Gaurav Rai said

    Can my subject be a small town independent traveler...?
    I have a friend of mine who have a creative angle on any place she visits...and she have a completely different way of seeing things

    Hi Gaurav,

    Definitely sounds like she fits the bill of an inspiring traveler. Looking forward to seeing your film!
    - Bec, World Nomads

  • Nika said

    I have a very fast simple question about deadline.
    What time exactly ( and which Time Zone) on the 6th of August the applications will be closed ? Will I be able to apply during the 6th of August? Thanks

    Hi Nika,

    Applications will close at 11:59pm August 6, 2019 (EDT).

    Good luck!
    - Bec World Nomads

  • Robert Atkinson said

    Hello— Quick question about eligibility: I have worked a few video production commissions and have taught basic video production at a school, but neither have ever amounted to more than 25% of my overall income. Does that still mark me as a professional (especially with the teaching) and thus ineligible for the scholarship, or can I still apply?

    Hi Robert,

    From the sounds of it we wouldn't consider you a professional for the purposes of this scholarship.

    Best of luck!
    - Bec, World Nomads

  • Vaibhav said

    I have a previously shot visual documentary film that explores the Landscapes of Himalayas in striking visuals and Timelapses.. you think I can submit that film for scholarship?

    Hi Vaibhav,

    You can use a film shot previously. Just make sure it's under 3 minutes and fits the brief.

    Best of luck!
    - Bec, World Nomads

  • Adi Victory said


    Can Indonesian people join this scholarship?


    Hi Adi,

    Yes of course Indonesians can apply!

    Best of luck,
    - Bec, World Nomads

  • Nana said


    I did a mistake for my application. Will i have the chance to participate for the next year?

    Thank you

  • Purva mhatre said

    Hello, just a quick question,
    So my friend is an aspiring travelling and has this one wonderful story which will work brilliants for this film but the concern looming over me is that she does not have any photos or videos from her trip as her camera got stolen on the trip and the story is from when she was 12 but is now 21 and my question is whether it is compulsory to establish the legitimacy of her story through photos or videos or such stuff. I’d thought of using her passport as a proof of the same but as it’s old she does not have it anymore. Do you think I can still go ahead and work will this story or should I take up another subject ?
    Best wishes

    Hi Purva,

    We're interested in finding out your storytelling ability through interview so as long as you think you can still tell a rich story without those materials then go for it. While we won't be asking directly for proof that the story is real we will need to be able to see the authenticity of the story through your film.

    Good luck!
    - Bec, World Nomads

  • Farhad Rasul said

    I got to know about this very late. The last day of posting the video is 6th or it should be posted before 6th August? Just confirming.

    Hi Farhad,

    You've got until 11:59PM (EDT) on the 6th to apply.

    Best of luck!
    - Bec, World Nomads

  • Antoinette said


    Can you please tell me what time this competition closes? Which standard time will you be going by?

    Many thanks,

    Hi Antoinette,

    The scholarship closes at 11:59PM August 6, 2019 and we go by EDT.

    Good luck!
    - Bec, World Nomads

  • Grace said

    What time do they stop taking the applications on the 6th?

    Hi Grace,

    You've got until 11:59 EDT on 6th Aug.

    Best to get it in as early as possible though as there is more likely to be slow uploading times and technical issues closer to the deadline with so many people on the site.

    Good luck!
    - Bec, World Nomads

  • Arpit. Verma said

    1st question - As you mention 6th August2019 11:59PM according to which country??
    I live in India so according to me what is the last minute for me to upload the video.

    2nd - is there any next round after selection??

    Arpit Verma

    Hi Arpit,

    That would be 11:59PM in EDT, the same time zone as New York. That means you've got until 9:30AM on the 7th August if you're in India.

    The top 100 applicants will be contacted by email with more information about how the process will work 2 weeks before the winner announcement. So keep an eye on your inbox!

    Good luck!
    - Bec, World Nomads

  • Roman Marcus Abad said

    Is there any notice for an extension for the deadline?
    Thank you!

    Hi Roman,

    Unfortunately we do not allow any extensions for this scholarship.

    All the best,

  • Arpit Verma said

    Dear Team of World Nomads,
    I just realized that my video "TRUST" is not displayed here on the website, but redirected only to Youtube. Apparently there are some settings on my Youtube Channel, that don't allow the video to be shown at other websites.
    I handed in the video and application on time with a working link to Youtube, but I'm very concerned now, that maybe this will cause a disqualification!
    Can you please let me know, if you have seen my video? That would be really nice, thank you!

    Could you maybe also let me know, if you have already contacted the 100 shortlistet applicants?

    Thank you so much,
    Arpit Verma

  • Palash Shah said

    When will the results come out?

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