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Do you dream of hitting the open road and writing about your adventures?

We have teamed up with Lonely Planet to bring you our 2015 Travel Writing Scholarship – and this year, we want to send you to the U.S. on your ultimate American summer road trip!

Yes, we said road trip - again! We are looking for three talented aspiring travel writers to write their way across the U.S., Whether you want to explore the Pacific Coast, the deep south, Route 66, the Rocky Mountains, or New England this is your chance to discover the places and personalities that make America the confounding and captivating melting pot that it is.

So, it's time to stop dreaming, and get writing, because we want to send not one, but three budding travel writers to be mentored by a veteran Lonely Planet author and explore the U.S. on their own terms.

The Prizes

The 3 scholarship recipients will receive:

  • A 3-day custom travel writing course in San Francisco with mentor and Lonely Planet author John Vlahides
  • A 10-day road trip across the U.S. (including a $3000 USD stipend to spend on food, transport, activities and accommodation)
  • Round-trip airfare from your country of residence to San Francisco, CA
  • Travel insurance for the duration of the trip from World Nomads

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How to apply

How to apply

1. Write about your discovery.

2. Plan your itinerary.

3. Why should we choose you?

Your application

What's a Travel Discovery?

Any point of interest that you stumbled across on your travels and that has become one of your favourite places or experiences.

Am I a professional?

Eligibility to enter

Are you published regularly? Do you make more than 25% of your income from writing? Then, yes we consider you a professional.

What You'll be Doing

The three scholarship recipients will be flown from their countries of residence to San Francisco where they will spend three days in a Travel Writing workshop. Under the mentorship of veteran Lonely Planet author John Vlahides, you will learn how to find a great story, create solid pitches, improve your writing skills and gain a better understanding of the travel writing industry.

After the workshop, each writer will be off solo on their own customised 10-day road trip itineraries across the U.S. to explore the nooks and crannies of this vast, diverse and colourful country.

You will be required to produce and submit 20 point-of-interest or "travel discoveries" reviews (plus photos) from your road trip (within 2 months of your return) that will be published on World Nomads as a U.S. Road Trip Guide. You will also post photos of your top road trip moments and Travel Discoveries to Instagram on a daily basis so that we can follow your adventures.

Who can apply?

  • This opportunity is open to students, emerging and non-professional writers and lovers of travel looking for a career change
  • The scholarship is open to all nationalities; however, you must have an exceptionally high degree of proficiency in written English
  • The opportunity is designed to give you a taste of what it's like to be a travel writer on the road, so you must be comfortable travelling and working on your own
  • Minimum age 18 by the date the scholarship application closes (May 27, 2015)
  • You need a current passport with at least six months left before expiry
  • You must be available as per the dates set out. Please note these dates are not changeable in any way, you must be available for the entire assignment
  • You should be an exceptional writer with a lust for adventure travel, a desire to experience new cultures and above all, a burning desire to become a professional travel writer!

Am I considered a professional travel writer?

Essentially this is a 'learning opportunity' for someone who is looking for an introduction into the travel writing industry and more importantly, is keen to be mentored.

As a guide, for the purposes of the opportunity, we would consider you to be professional writer if you have been published regularly in newspapers, travel magazines or travel journals. We would also consider you to be a professional writer if you derive more than 25% of your income from writing of any kind.

If you have had a few stories published, or keep a regular travel blog then we would not consider this professional.

How to apply

To apply, we want you to write a mini-guide to one of your favourite places or experiences that you've encountered on your travels. We're trying to unearth Travel Discoveries, or hidden gems that you know other nomads would enjoy.

Limit your Travel Discovery to a specific location - a temple, a museum, a beach, a park, a train carriage. But tell us what happened to you, why it was special, how it made you feel. You can also include tips on how others could replicate your experience (where do they go, when, etc.) and make some suggestions on improving the experience, the things you'd do differently if you were planning to do it again. Give us the insider's knowledge on the experience – tell us why we should shun the obvious, and choose the alternative you discovered!

  • Write 2500 characters (including spaces) about your Travel Discovery showcasing your writing skills and your personality in a fun piece celebrating the hidden gems we all seek.

    Need a little inspiration? Here is an example from one of our own WN staff members.

  • Plan your itinerary. Tell us two places in U.S. you would like to visit and write about on your road trip and why.
  • Complete an entry form which includes contact details and a maximum 1500 character essay on why you should be chosen and what the opportunity will mean for you. Your answer will provide considerable weight in the judging process.

One entry per person. The entry must be submitted in English.

Note: Once you apply, you may not go back and edit your entry. Please make sure you are completely satisfied with your essay before you submit an application.

What the judges are looking for

It's up to you to convince our judging panel through your writing that you have the spirit of adventure and passion for travel writing to be chosen for this scholarship.

We will be looking for:

  • great descriptive ability (without getting flowery)
  • strong eye for detail
  • ability to uncover a great Travel Discovery and tell a compelling and original story about a specific place
  • excellent spelling and grammar and a knack for avoiding clichés

The 3 recipients of the Scholarship, along with the shortlist of best entries will be published on the website on June 24th, 2015.

Important dates

Program applications close
Application judging
Winners announced
Arrive in San Francisco
3-day travel writing workshop
10-day solo U.S. road trips


  • Anna Timoney said


    I am an advertising copywriter – would I qualify to enter? I don't do any travel writing professionally.


    Hi Anna, If more than 25% of your job consists of writing, in any professional capacity (social media not included), you are ineligible to apply. This includes editors and copy writers who spend more than 25% of their time writing.
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Enzo Bertolini said

    Hi, I'm a freelancer journalist in Brazil but I only write in Portuguese. Am I eligible to apply? Cheers

    Hi Enzo,
    You must have an exceptionally high degree of proficiency in written English to be eligible to apply. Should you win, you will be mentored in English and will be required to produce a 20 point-of-interest or "travel treasure" reviews on your trip which will also need to be in English.
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Bruna said

    Hi! I am a journalist, however I don't write about travel. People like me are eligible?

    Another question: since I don't drive, can I plan an itinerary that involves bus or train trips?

    Hi Bruna. If written professionally, any type of writing genre will deem you ineligible for the scholarship.

    Yes, the itinerary can involve bus and train trips.

    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Kim said

    May we submit a photo with our written entry?

    Hi Kim, you will be judged on your written entry alone. Any photos added to your journal will not be taken into consideration by the judges. All the best!
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Ma.luisa said

    Hello,I'm just staying only at home and no job. Because my boyfriend support my daily needs. I like to read a book and learn more about what are the important things,living or non living things and it want to explore in every part of our country.

  • Anna said

    Hey, when is the exact date of the scholarship?

    Hi Anna, please see the Important Dates section in the sidebar of this page. You will need to be available to travel between August 10 and August 14, 2015. All the best!
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Tess said

    Hi, I work for a newspaper but I write about business - sharemarket updates and the like. I've never done any travel writing professionally. Do I count as a professional?

    Hi Tess. Yes, you will still count as a professional writer.
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Yvonne said

    Do bus or train trips count for the road trip?

    Hi Yvonne, yes you can include bus or train trips into your road trip.
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Kiz said

    What I advertise myself as a professional writer (on my social profiles, website, etc.), but actually earn my income through proofreading and editing? How do the reviewers/judges ensure that the potential winners are not professional writers?

    As long as you are not making more than 25% of your income from writing activities, you should be eligible.
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • tina said

    This contest is inspiring. I am working on my submission pieces. Is #3 (The character essay on why you should be chosen) 1500 characters, including spaces?

    Hi Tina. Yes, all character limits are inclusive of spaces. Good to hear you're not leaving your submission to the last minute! All the best!
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • tina said

    Also, I'm wondering if the flight to and from San Fran is for the writing workshop only or if the flight out is scheduled for after the road trip. (I'm just contemplating where my starting location should be in my proposed itinerary.)
    Thanks again!

    Hi Tina, you'll need to fly into San Francisco but you can fly out from any major US airport. All the best!
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Nancy said

    Can the winner travel with a buddy or must they travel completely solo?

    Hi Nancy. The scholarship amount will be sufficient for a solo traveller, however should you choose to extend your trip after completing your itinerary, your plus +1 can join you from August 24 and onwards. All the best!
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • David Reynolds said

    Dear World Nomads and John Vlahides

    I read about your travel writing scholarship - great idea - on tweet from Stanfords. Just wonder if you might consider my book, Slow Road to Brownsville, recently published by Greystone to good reviews, as a text that your scholars might use for discussion or even inspiration. I appeared at the Stanfords Travel Writing Festival in January.

    Kind regards

    David Reynolds

  • Ankita Shreeram said

    I'm a journalist but I'm only just taking baby steps into travel writing. Something like this would really help hone my craft. Really disappointed that I cannot apply. :( I wish you'd only debarred professional travel writers.

  • Kinda said


    I've tried signing up for the travel tips but haven't received a link to the videos yet. I've checked spam folders as well and still can't find anything. Is there any other way I can access these videos?



    Hi Kinda, please check your email inbox. I've resent the email to you. All the best!
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Joanna Brown said


    Is there any wiggle room with the character count? I'm 17 over and struggling to cut them.


    Hi Jo. Sorry, all entries over the character limit will automatically be disqualified. Best of luck!
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Aishi said

    Hii.. M Aishi & 'm a student of biology & I love to travel... I'm not a professional travel writer. Am I eligible??

    Sounds like you are Aishi! Looking forward to reading your about your travel discovery.
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Jo said

    Hi. I used to be a journalist but I'm currently unemployed. Do I still qualify?

    Jo, If you make (or have made) more than 25% of your total income from writing activities (travel writer or otherwise), we consider you a professional and ineligible to apply.
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Jiahnna said

    Should we limit our 10-day travel itinerary to the continental US?

    Hi Jiahnna,
    Good question! No, the itinerary does not have to be limited to the continental US. However, the winners will be provided a $3000 USD stipend to go towards food, activities, transport and accommodation on the 10-day road trip around the U.S. so keep your transport costs in mind should you chose to embark on a journey away from continental USA.
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Emma said

    The application instructions stress including information about how readers can replicate and improve your travel treasure experience, but none of the samples (past winners OR the world nomad's staff writer example) include information like this - they just tell of an experience, not how to replicate it. Including this information seriously alters the character and tone of the piece, so I just want to make sure its a necessary component. If so, is there any sample available that was developed under these guidelines?


    Hi Emma,
    The primary focus is on a ’travel discovery’ with a secondary focus on how to replicate it - if you are able to replicate your experience in some way shape or form, then these details are great to include, and you will be given bonus consideration. You will not be penalised per se if you do not include them – but we will view your ability to fulfil a brief in high regard. All the best!
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Jiahnna said

    Is there any particular form you would like the proposed itinerary to be in? Are you looking for a description of the proposed locations, a simple outline, or a piece that displays our writing skills? Is the word/character count important in this part of the entry?

    Jiahnna, you'll need to include 2 places in the U.S. that you would like to write about and why. These places can be a state, a city, or a specific place. A couple of sentences for each destination will suffice. We want to know why you are drawn to this place, and why you want to write about it. We're not looking for a mere description.
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Paige said

    Hi there. I'm an American citizen but I live in New Zealand. Am I still eligible to enter? Thanks!

    Hi Paige, yes you are eligible. All the best!
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Vivs said

    'Plan your itinerary. Tell us two places in U.S. you would like to visit and write about on your road trip and why.'

    Can u please elaborate the statement?

    As part of the scholarship the winners will win a 10 day road-trip to explore the USA and write about their journey. We'd like to know which two places in the USA you would include in your itinerary should you win, and why you would like to visit these places. All the best!
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Kira said

    Hi, just to make it clear, on the passage, its listed that the winners will be published on June 6th. But on important date section, its written that the winners will be announced on June 24th. So, which one is true?
    Also, does the scholarship include visa?
    Thank you :)

    Thanks for pointing that out Kira, the date should read June 24th - and is now fixed. Yes, the cost of the visa will be included, however you'll need to make sure you're eligible to obtain a US visa prior to applying. All the best!
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Vivs said

    Should the planned itinerary be a round-trip journey or a one-way trip? Moreover, I am planning to travel to Canada after the journey. So would the return flight back home be made from Toronto? If selected, what about the Visa? what kind of Visa should we apply for?

    Hi Vivs, The itinerary can be a round-trip or a one-way trip. We'll book the winner's flights in and out of the US according to their needs. We'll also assist the winner in acquiring a visa and reimburse all associated costs, however the applicant must be eligible to obtain a US visa.
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Vivs said

    Should the itinerary of the proposed locations be a simple outline or a brief description and/or a piece that displays our writing skills? What should be the word/character count?

    Hi Vivs, please see my response to Jiahnna above. Hope that helps!
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • James said

    Is it "disqualification grounds" to mention a brand name (bike maker) in the text, obviously not for sponsor-reasons?

    Hi James, you can mention a brand name if it is imperative to your story. All the best!
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Chantal said

    If the winner had a spouse that wanted to go on the road trip aspect and was willing to pay for themselves would that be allowed?


    Chantal, we'll be happy to discuss this with the winners.
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Elizabeth said

    Hello! From the information already provided, it has been made clear that World Nomads will cover the flight to San Francisco as well as the return flight home once the 10-day road trip has concluded. My question is, once the winners are finished their workshop in San Francisco, are they expected to pay for travel to a starting point of their road trip out of the $3000 stipend? So for example, if the road trip itinerary started somewhere on the east coast of the U.S., are necessary travel arrangements (including flights) arranged by World Nomads, and how is that cost covered? Thank you.

    Hi Elizabeth. Yes, that cost will need to come out of your $3000 stipend. We'll help you book the flights if need be.
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Shalini said

    Hi there,

    My question echoes that of Emma's above - namely that the brief specifies the importance of how others can replicate the experience, however none of the previous entries do this, they are in essence beautifully written short stories, rather than travel advice pieces. Is it different this year?

    Hi Shalini, please see my response to Emma above. Yes, this year we have changed it up a little.
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • James said

    Apart from my "sponsor" question, I would also VERY much like to know the answer to Emma and Shalini's question.....:-)

    Thank You

  • Anon said

    A statement say 'You will also post photos of your top road trip moments and Travel Discoveries to Instagram on a daily basis so that we can follow your adventures.' How will, we the international travelers, be able to upload the snaps? Would we be provided by an calling card or any kind of internet service of any leading US Carrier like AT&T?

    Hi there! You will be given all resources needed to fulfil your scholarship responsibilities.
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Nedra said

    Hi, actually I have never traveled outside my country. Can I talk about my adventures while traveling in my country?thank you.

    Yes! You can write about a hidden gem you've discovered whilst travelling in your own country.
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Amanda said

    Hi, I'm currently working professionally as a writer (though not travel) and I'm only 6 months into my career. Is the 25% of your income taken from the yearly earnings? Or from the span of your career?

    Just want to clarify as I would really love to be able to apply for this!



    Sorry Amanda, sounds like you're ineligible.
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Arjana said


    I am an Albanian citizen. Am I eligible?

    Thank you

    Hi Arjana. Yes, please do apply! All the best!
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Christina Jean said

    Once completing the workshop in San Francisco, will we be provided a car to complete the "road trip," or is renting a car going to be part of our $3000 budget? I read a comment that said we were able to leave the continental U.S. so I didn't know if "road trip" was just a term used or if we can use any mode of transport for our adventure - like a plane or boat.

    Hi Christina, we've used the term 'road-trip' quite loosely here. Yes, you can travel by other modes of transport - buses, trains, planes etc. However the cost of this transport will be part of your $3000 budget. All the best!
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Rochelle said


    just wondering if the starting point for the road trip needs to be San Francisco, or if it can be any city in the US?


    Hi Rochelle. The starting point can be from any US city. However you will need to travel there from San Francisco and your travel expenses will need to be included in your $3000 budget.
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • T.M said

    I haven't traveled very widely yet, but hope to do so. Which is why my experiences may not be very exceptional, but still mean a lot. I'll definitely apply but I was wondering in the off chance that I do get through will I receive any assistance with the visa process?

    Hi Tanisha. Yes, should you win we will assist you in the visa process as best as we can.
    - Pari, World Nomads.

  • Sarah said

    Can you please clarify the dates of the excursion as the T&C's state that you must be available on those dates.


    Hi Sarah, all important dates have been posted in the side bar. You'll need to be available between 10 - 23 August 2015, as well as any days prior to, or after, those dates which may be needed to travel to and from the U.S.A. These dates are fixed and cannot be changed.
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Bram said

    You replied to Anna Timoney's query that a job involving social media is excluded from being considered a professional writer. So it is fine to apply even if 100% of someone's income comes from updating the social media accounts of a company as long as the job is limited to that task?

    Yes Bram.
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Melisa said

    Hey there
    If I'm a Computer Science student from Europe, nothing related to writing, am I eligible?

    Thank you

    Yes, you are! Provided you meet the other eligibly criterion (see 'Who can apply?' section above).
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Maggie said

    Hi there,
    I was just wondering - if an applicant were to win but couldn't drive/was ineligible to rent a car in the U.S., how would that work? I've been trying to look into it but there doesn't seem to be an abundance of U.S. interstate public transport...

    Hi Maggie, you can travel by coach, train or plane. Please see my response to Christina above. Any constraints will need to be taken into account when finalising your itinerary, however there are plenty of options for non-drivers to explore a parts of the U.S. We'll help you finalise your itinerary should you win.
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Christian said


    I used to be a sport journalist, I never wrote about travels, but I let the profession for other one, like a year ago, Am I elegible for the fellowship?

    Hi Christian, please see my response to Jo above. Thanks!
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Sam said

    Hi there, what if you've written professionally (more than 25% of work/income) in the past, but aren't doing so currently? Does that affect eligibility? Thanks!

    Hi Sam, yes previous work experience is taken into consideration. Essentially this is a learning opportunity for someone who is looking for an introduction into the writing industry and more importantly, is keen to be mentored.
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • lisa bradley said

    Can I confirm whether I would be eligible for this? I have been a journalist for years, but for around the last 15 years I have been a sub-editor. That means that, instead of writing, I massage other people's copy into pieces of art! I really miss writing as I do the other great love of my life – travelling, which I have spent many years doing. This scholarship is a perfect fit for me, the ultimate challenge in the two areas I excel in. Too many travel articles these days read like advertorials, especially in mainstream media. It would be a joy to learn to work on a travel piece that is not only informative but a joy to read.
    Lisa Bradley

    Hi Lisa, please see my response to Jo (above). Seems like your experience deems you ineligible, but I urge you to continue to write meaningful travel pieces!
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Patrik said

    I have written a travel story for my own purposes a year ago, but it has 4500 characters including spaces. Is it by any chance possible to submit a longer story than 2500 characters?

    Please see me response to Jody. Thanks!
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Agshin said


    I am a translator who spends most of his time translating, proofreading and editing a variety of materials related to different cultures. Am I eligible to apply?

    Hi there Agshin! As long as writing activities do not make up more than 25% of your income, you are eligible.
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Jody said

    I have just finished my Travel Treasure write up but have gone 310 words over the 2500 limit. Can I still submit this?


    Hi Jody. You can submit it, but unfortunately you will be disqualified. We won't be reading any applications over the limit. Edit mercilessly - you can do it!
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Lizzie said

    Hello! This looks like a really exciting project! As a young person with the aspiration to work as a travel writer in the future, opportunities like this are few and far between. I do however feel somewhat inexperienced compared with other entrants - I am 19 years old, a student, and do not have the benefit of years working in journalism or a related field. Will this be taken into account, and will it disadvantage me in any way? Thank you,

    Hi Lizzie. Have a read of our 'Who can apply section?' section. You many be pleased to learn the this scholarship is for inspiring writers NOT professional writers. We will be screening the applicants to ensure they meet the eligibility criteria.
    As the saying goes - Write without fear, edit without mercy. All the best!
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • tina said

    Hi Pari,
    I am writing to offer my deepest condolences to you on your job answering the string of repeated questions from people who have neither read the rules of the contest nor read your responses to questions from others. I offer you this blessing: may your tequila bottle be always full and may the walls not break when you bang your head upon them.

    Thank you Tina. You've made my day! The amazing stories I get to read once the applications have closed, and the look on the winner's face when we tell them they've won makes it all worth while.
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Katie said

    I am a New Zealand citizen that will already be travelling in the US during the travel dates.I would need to be flown from Alaska to San Francisco rather than from my home country - would this be OK?

    Hi Katie, this could be arranged. All the best!
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Isin said

    Should we also add that 2 place that we want to visit to our essay or that 2500 words only includes our experience?


    Isin, there's a separate field in the application form for you to add your 2 places.
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Java Davis said

    I would love to apply for this because it sounds awesome. I'm sad to say that I wouldn't leave my husband alone for so long to manage the household of yardwork and animals. Best of luck to the winners, and I hope to see some blogging about their adventures.

  • M said

    Can it be submitted by co-authors? My writing partner and I almost always write together and we like to think that it helps us professionally (to work with others creatively, which can be tough) but also, puts a really fun and interesting perspective on the articles because you see different points of views of the same experience.


    M, we can only offer three places in our workshop, and they need to be for individual applicants. You cannot co-author your application.
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Daria said

    Can someone without a driver's license apply? Sorry, it seems quite obvious, but just in case... I really want to apply but I can't drive!

    Hi Daria, have a look at my response to Maggie above. Thanks!
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Becca said

    Hi there,
    I'm a newspaper reporter by profession, writing about education on a daily basis. It's my dream to be a travel writer, though. It's so hard to get your foot in the door when you have little travel writing experience, so I was so excited to see this opportunity. Please tell me I'm not ineligible :(

    Sorry Becca, it looks like you are ineligible to enter.
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Rem said

    Would a full-time job drafting technical documentation (for software) exclude an applicant?

    No, as long as you are not considered a writer.
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Jamie said

    Hi. Are there any rules concerning language eg. proafanities?

    We'll accept colourful language, as long as its not completely over the top. It should enhance or help with the story in some way.
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Jamie said

    That should read 'profanities'! What a place to make a spelling error!

    It's ok Jamie. We'll let you off lightly this time. Just don't make the same mistake in your application.
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Chris B said


    In October 2013, I cycled solo for charity from New York to Missouri..about 1500 miles. I was supposed to get to LA via route 66 but I fractured my ankle (kept going for 900 miles with the pain though!) - I was wondering whether a bicycle would be possible for the 'road trip'? 10 days to do 1700 miles...tough but possible! What a story that would make :)

    Hi Chris, sounds exciting... and painful! We're quite flexible with the mode of transport taken by our winners, and are happy to discuss this once they have won. All the best!!
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Joanne Y. said

    Hello! I'm just wondering if the 2,500 character sample must be a brand new entry, or if you applicants can submit something that was previously published. Thanks!

    Hi Joanne, could you please email us at with more details about where the story was published and your writing background. Thanks!
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • lysh said

    is this contest open to Canadians?

    Yes it is!
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • K. Jarboe said

    Is the 10 day actual trip necessarily solo? Would the winner be permitted to recruit a friend to help with driving and for safety concerns, as long as they genuinely were there just to help?

  • Kelsey said

    Is the 10-day trip necessarily solo? Would the winner be permitted to bring someone strictly to help with driving, for example, or for safety concerns?

    We will discuss this with the winners should they choose to share their journey with someone. I cannot confirm this. At this stage the $3000 budget and mentoring session is to strictly be used by the winner.
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • NN said


    Hi there! No, we will not be taking any English exams as part of the judging process. However, you must have an exceptionally high degree of proficiency in written English to be eligible to apply. We will be judging your proficiency in the English language through your entry. Should you win, you will be mentored in English and will be required to produce a 20 point-of-interest or "travel treasure" review on your trip which will also need to be in English.
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Cassie Lawrence said


    Does it need to be 250 characters exactly or is this just the maximum for the first question?


    2500 characters (including spaces) is the maximum limit.
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Katie said

    So trains and buses can be included as modes of transport - what about ferries?

    Travelling by ferries is fine, as long as the majority of your travel is done by road.
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Ms said

    Can I write about my trip to a legendary mansion in my hometown which has just been opened for public recently? The mansion happens to be within driving distance from where I live. It was an unforgettable experience.

    You sure can!
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • tina said

    Hello again,
    I submitted my application materials, but the site then bumped me to a page that said 'you must log in', which I already had done. When I re-logged in, the application fields were blank. Is the application page experiencing the same glitch that this question thread is, where the piece is actually submitted, but doesn't show as registered? Or should I re-enter my application again. I don't want to be disqualified for multiple entries.
    Thank you,

    Hi Tina, please make sure cookies are enabled on your browser. The system does not remember that you have logged in if cookies have been disabled. You can also try submitting your entry from another browser if you don't want to make changes to your current browser settings. You should receive a confirmation email once your entry has been submitted successfully. We have not received an entry from you as of yet.

    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Mayen said


    I was just wondering roughly how long the submission for the two places in the U.S you would want to write about should be? Is it just the name of the place and a sentence, or should it be a bit lengthier?

    Hi Mayen, see my #2 response to Stacey below. Thanks!
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Stacey McKenna said

    Hi there,

    I have a couple of questions.

    1) Are Americans living in the US eligible for this competition?

    2) The application instructions say to choose two locations...I had envisioned something that's within one state but covers several unique locations and activities, especially because much of the joy of this state is in traversing the landscapes themselves. Will I need to narrow to two key sites perhaps for the itinerary, or break it into parts of the state?

    Thanks for your feedback.


    1) YES!
    2) This section doesn't have to be detailed or cover all the points in your itinerary. We just want to get an idea of which places you'd like to visit and why. It can be as broad as a state or as specific as a park. We're not looking for a long response here just a couple of sentences will suffice.

    Best of luck!
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Becca C. said

    Hi! I am rarin' to go work on my application, but I have a question. I'm a YA writer -- unpublished, and have never made any money at it, but I do have a literary agent and a novel going on submission to publishers (next week). Baring any miracles, up until the application deadline, I will never have made a dime writing. Please tell me I'm still eligible!

    Hi Becca, you are eligible at the moment, however if the book deal does come through you may be ineligible.
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • L said

    Hi there World Nomads!

    I've been working part-time (about 20-25%) since January writing for a website (not in English), and this happens to be my first and only writing gig. I also tutor. Proportionally this means I derive most of my income from writing, but it's not really a 'full' income. Would I still be ineligible?


    Hi L, yes that is fine. Looking forward to reading your entry.
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Charlotte P. said

    Hi there!

    I've submitted my email several times for the Travelwriting videos but haven't seem to got them yet! Was wondering if you would be able to send them through to me, just so I know that my piece is on the right track :)

    Hi Charlotte, please check your email inbox.
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Erika said

    If you're chosen destinations are within the USA, would you still be required to have an updated passport?

    Also, would the flight returning home from your last destination be provided? Or would that come out of the $3,000 budget?



    Hey Erika! No, you don't need to have a valid passport if you are already within the USA. Flights to and from your home port will not need to come out of the budget. We will purchase them for you separately.
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Charisis said

    Hey there!

    I have a question regarding one of the questions of the application form: "What are two places in the U.S. that you would like to write about and why? These places can be a state, a city, or a specific place".

    Personally I try to type a couple of sentences for each place(e.g 100 words more or less) to describe my motivation about the corresponding place. But unfortunately, I notice that there is a restricting limit which does not allow more than a few characters to justify our choice.
    Is there any chance to make a more detailed description possible, offering a less strict character limit?

    Thanks in advance and congratulations for the initiative,

  • cotey said

    I don't have a passport but I live in the states
    Is the passport an issue if we're already here?

    Please see my response to Erika :)
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Dawn said

    Same questions as Erika just above, about the passport and flight home?

    Please see my response to Erika :)
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Lynn Lewis said

    What a wonderful way to learn about what inspires you! I am 58 yrs old and I do not need a scholarship but would love to do this to see if I have the ability to impart my passion when travelling, to others. I have traveled for most of my life but haven't in quite a while. I believe that travel is part of me and do not feel like I'm "living" except when I travel and explore. Would I have aa chance?

    There's only one way to find out. If you meet the eligibility criteria - apply!
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Christopher said

    Can I edit my submission? If so, how? I only need to add one word!

    Hi Christopher, no you can't. Email your change through to and we'll see if we can fix it.
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Perzen said

    This is such a brilliant brilliant opportunity. Just submitted my application and I think we should all thank Pari for so patiently answering all our questions :) My fingers and toes are all crossed!

    Thanks Perzen! All the best!
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Julianne said

    When I try to submit the application, it gives me a "500 error". Parts seem like they went through but I don't know if the whole application was successfully submitted - I never received an email confirmation, if those exist. Is there any way for me to check? Thanks!

    Hi Julianne, the confirmation email does exist. Your entry has not been received. Please try again. Thanks!
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Travis said

    Hello :)
    Is it okay to submit a previously written (and published) blog entry if I feel it applies to the selection criteria? Even just in part?

    Yes, as long as the work is yours, you own the blog and you do not make money from the story.
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Era said

    I just graduated high school and have yet to enroll in a college. I am 18. Am I eligible?

    Yes, provided you meet the other eligibility requirements.
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Lisa Risbec said


    I travel with my husband, we both write and I photograph and he's a filmmaker. Can we apply as a duo? If we split the cost? Thanks!

    Hi Lisa. You can only apply as an individual - co-authored entries will be disqualified. There are only 3 spots available for the mentorship and those will be allocated to 3 individual winners.
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Grace said


    Would you like the travel piece to be written more as an example of what could be used in a travel guide or as a story?

    Thank you.

    Hi Grace, please see my response to Emma above. Thanks!
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Gingerlocks said

    Hi. Does the solo travel require the winner to drive themselves, or is public transportation an option as well. Thank you.

    Hi there, I've already answered this question. Please read my response to Christina Jean above. Thanks!
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Andrew said

    If we live in the United States do we still need to have a passport?

    Hi Andrew. No, you do not.
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Paul said

    Hi Pari,

    Can we include photos in our submission essay? is this appropriate?

    Cheers :)

    Paul, please see my response to Kim above. Thanks!
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Aman said

    Can the travel discovery involve story of a person whom i met during one of my travels on a 3 wheeler?
    thank you

    No it cannot, unless that person is there all the time in a specific place and somebody else could go to see them. Best of luck!
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Lucy said

    Hi Pari,

    I am from the UK and my passport is due to expire in November so unfortunately does not have six months left on it. If I were to successful with my application, would it be possible for me to renew it in June? It would definitely be ready before August as it can be done in one day in London.

    Thank you for your help.

    If you believe you can have a new passport ready 4 weeks prior to the trip please apply.
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Amrit said

    Hi. My "Travel Discovery" incident deals with a scenario where I was lost on a trek near the Kumaun Himalayan range and stumbled upon a scenic location. Unfortunately, I have never been able to identify the name or coordinates of said location and therefore wouldn't be able to help others replicate this experience. I want to know whether writing about this incident will (understandably) be considered as a piece of fiction because no concrete details can be provided about its location. If you could clarify this, I will take a call on writing about this incident or something else. Thank you.

    Hi Amrit, provide as much detail as possible in your story and give as much guidance as possible to other nomads who may be able to make a similar discovery.
    - Pari, World Nomdas

  • Tri said

    Hi, I'm from Indonesia. I'd like to confirm the information of the 10 days solo traveling in the U.S, is it really a solo traveling or we have mentor or the other three scholars that go together?

    Tri, the mentor and other scholarship winners will meet in San Francisco for the 3-day travel writing workshop, after which you will embark on a solo journey to the destinations of your choice within the US.
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Kunaal Doshi said

    Dear Ms Pari,

    Am I eligible for this competition considering I am a US green card Holder?
    And just to clarify, I can talk about a trip/place anywhere in the world right? Not just limited to the US?
    Also, must our essay include pictures?

    Thank you for your time!

    Dear Mr Kunaal,
    Yes, you can apply.
    Yes, you can write about a discovery anywhere in the world for your 2500 character Travel Discovery submission. We also require you to name 2 places within the US you would like to visit should you win and why you would like to visit these places.
    No, your essay does not need to include pictures. Entries will be judged on the writing alone.
    All the best!
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Garima said

    @Pari...thanks for answering all the questions so patiently.
    Kindly answer the remaing ones too as some of them are my queries too .

    Thanks Garima. Fear not, they will be answered :)
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Hannah said


    Am I eligible if I have an internship at a travel writing magazine starting AFTER the competition's deadline but before the trip?

    Thank you

    Yes you are eligible. All the best!
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Shantal said

    Hi, I registered for this competition, wrote my entry and filled out the application form, pressed submit and... it took me back to the login page. I dutifully logged back in but all the text fields were blank again and my work missing. How can I tell if my entry was successfully submitted? Or should I just do it all over again? Thanks.

    Shantal, I've already answered your question. Please see my response to Tina above. Thanks!
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Jiahnna said

    I've been reading some of the entries so far and many are very well-written, but I noticed very few are written as a guide. This is not really a question, just a thought to other applicants who have not yet submitted: Maybe sticking to the format they SPECIFICALLY REQUESTED will give you a leg up in the competition.
    Also, as another hint, the 'two places' fields in the application allow for something like 249 characters only. Don't do what I did and write an entire piece about the two places!
    Best of luck to all the applicants!

  • utkarsh kashyap said

    Is it possible to edit my entry?
    Or is it possible to cancel my application and fill a new form?
    If I am dissatisfied with my previous entry and can't edit or cancel it, can I send a new one with a different e-mail id?

    Hi Utkarsh, we only accept one entry per person. Please check your email for further details.
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Mark said

    I noticed previous scholarship winner Andres Brenner has already published an excellent guide to New Orleans on the site. Would my application have a better chance of being successful if I nominated somewhere that World Nomads have not covered yet?

    Hi Mark. Not at all! We'd love to hear about your take on a destination, even if we've recently produced content on the place.
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • TravelingLVT said

    I will be traveling during the time that the winners are announced and only have access to email...and I may not be able to view it right away. Will not be available by phone until early August. Is that going to be a problem if I am selected? Thanks!

    Hi there! We will be in regular touch with the winners once they are announced in order to finalise their itineraries and book their flights and insurance for them. Not being in contact with the winners will pose significant problems for us and the team at Lonely Planet.
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Handoko Suwono said


    I have submitted my entry however the screen is reverting back to home and kept asking to sign in though I have already been signed in. Could you confirm if my entry "Tell tales of a conference in Manila" has been received by the system?

    Please inform unless I need to resubmit again.

    Handoko -

    Hi there! We have not received your entry. Please ensure cookies are enabled on your browser or submit your entry from another browser and device. Thanks!
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • elina said

    i've written a blogpost on a few mosques i visited, can i submit that or i must only write about my experience at one location?

    The piece must be about one travel discovery. Best of luck!
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Vanessa said

    Hi. I wrote a few pieces. My favorite is less "fun" and more serious, deep and emotional. Will that lower my chances at winning?

    Vanessa, please submit whichever story you feel is the right one to share. We want the story to take us on an emotional journey. Just remember, you are writing about a hidden gem that you know other nomads would enjoy. All the best!
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Jill said

    I have not been paid to write travel articles, but was paid for a screenplay. Am eligible?

    Hi Jill, does this screenplay account for more than 25% of your income? If not, you are eligible.
    - Pari, World Nomdas

  • Emanuela said

    Hi, and thanks for this incredible opportunity. I have a two questions. Must the road trip destinations be new and unxeplored places or can they be widely known locations, such as Yosemite or Yellowstone parks? Can an internal flight be included or would average cost of air trasportation consume the $3000-budget?

    Hi Emanuela, the destinations can be any place within the US you wish to visit. Lonely Planet and World Nomads will be working closely with the winners to create the best itinerary possible. Internal flights are included in the stipend. If you wish to spend more than the $3000 budget you will need to finance the costs from your personal funds.
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • BEATRICE said


    How do i get to know if my application has been submitted because i did the application and i couldn't see if my application was submitted successfully?

    Thank you.

  • kartigya singh said

    Is it possible to edit my entry?
    Or is it possible to cancel my application and fill a new form?
    If I am dissatisfied with my previous entry and can't edit or cancel it, can I send a new one with a different e-mail id?

  • Rinkie said

    I just entered now but when I click the submit application it keeps on going back to please login whereas I Have already logged in...I have spend 5 hours doing this but it does not show that my application is received...please help. How does one see if her application is received

  • kiz said

    Hi and thanks for answering questions. I have 2:
    1. The link in "Here is an example from one of our own WN staff members" doesn't work, do you by chance have the correct one?
    2. Can we select a place in Alaska as one of the 2 U.S. places we'd like to visit?

  • Lana said


    I am wondering how realistic the itinerary needs to be. For example, if you wanted to include that you meet with a certain group/person but cannot guarantee they will be available or willing, can you still include it in your proposed itinerary?

    Thank you.

  • Mira said

    Hi, I've just submitted my entry, but I've just realised I've put it into the wrong country. It should be New Zealand, and it's submitted as being set in the UK. Can I change this?

  • Jackie said

    The narrative above indicates a limit of 1500 words for the Character Essay portion of the application. However, the find print in the Conditions of Entry, bullet #4, indicates a limit of 1200 words. I suspect (and hope) that info is incorrect??

  • Kelly said

    Hi, I read through the winning entries last year, and it seems they are written as a short story. Is this the format you prefer to have it written in?

  • Karla said

    Hi!Just wanted to know if the 1500 character essay included spaces? (referencing the one on how what this opportunity means to you) Thanks!

  • Faha said

    Hi! Ive submitted my entry with the two locations id like to visit in US. However due to my lack of knowledge about the airfares/bus fares etc i am not sure if locations fit in the allowed budget. If they exceed the allocated budget, will I be given a chance to change the itinerary or the chosen locations if I get selected based on the entry? Please clarify.
    Many Thanks.

  • Andrea said

    Hello, I see that you are looking for a travel discovery about a specific place. I was wondering if it could be various specific places that lend to one centralized idea.

  • Lei said

    Hi! I write drama scripts for television--does that make me a professional writer (and unable to apply for the travel writing scholarship)? Thanks!

  • TaffyT said

    I am applying for passport as this time but will not have it in hand at the time of the contest but should have it by the time for my road trip. Can I still apply? Taphne

  • Sarah said

    For spaces, after a sentence(period) are you preferring one or two spaces? I've read that nowadays, one space is sufficient. Wasn't sure of the formatting rules for the contest. Thanks!

  • Daniel said


    Quick 2 questions: 1. If I am a radio presenter, am I eligible? I don't have to write articles, only have to talk on-air.

    2. Those 2500 characters (including spaces) are a minimum or a maximum? Is it ok if my article has around 3000 characters?


  • Suzanne said

    Hi! I've just accepted an internship for a travel website, but I'm just starting out and don't have much experience travel writing aside from journals of my times abroad. The internship is unpaid. Am I eligible to apply?

    Also, do we need to have a valid driver's license to apply? Or can we use public transportation as a means of travelling should we receive the scholarship?

    Thank you in advance!

  • J.J said

    Hi- I am from the UK but currently live overseas in Asia and will move to North America in a few weeks. Where should I say my entry is from? Thank you.

  • J.J said

    One more question- sorry because I know you have had so many! When would you need the phone number to contact the winners from? I actually move to my new country on 23rd June so not sure if I should include the landline number I will have (and already know) for the new country or my mobile for my current country (which may not work after I leave).
    Thank you so much :-)

  • Veronika said


    I was wondering how detailed the travel itinerary should be? Are we supposed to just mention two places we want to visit and why? Or are we supposed to describe the whole travel route day by day?


  • Indu Iyer said

    Hi Pari,

    Is there a character count for the itinerary itself? Only the other two parts have a character count given. Thanks!

  • Hop said

    I am currently a student and write an occasional article from time to time. I have also interned for an online magazine. Would I still be able to apply? Thanks!

  • Ray said

    Am I still eligible if I've written a few freelance articles (less than 15) and held a writing internship for a few months? Thank you!

  • Ray said

    sorry, one more question! If we choose to write under a pen name, should we use that name to register? Thanks!

  • jessica montez said

    Do you except video submissions?

  • Sally said

    Does the 10 day roadtrip take place immediately after the workshop? Meaning we will need to be available from Aug 10-14 for the workshop and 15-25 for the road trip? Thanks!

  • jessica said

    sorry, do you accept video submissions?

  • Tania said

    Hi Pari
    I have entered already. I have given myself a couple of days this time as last time there were issues. Once again after entering and going through it signed in with my membership etc, when I pressed submit it said that I wasn't signed in. I can't see evidence of my entry anywhere. Do you send a confirmation email?. I went in and added my story manually to my profile but cannot see it ANYWHERE else. Please get back to me ASAP. Thank you.

  • Suz said

    Hey Pari,

    Can you advise if we can use UK/AUS English? Or does the piece have to be in American english.

    Also if one is successful for the writing scholarship, are they eligible to apply for all the other scholarships available?

    Thanks so much.

  • steffi said

    in the application form you want to know a title of my journal(related to the entry)
    should it be related to my travel treasure or related to places I would choose for the roadtrip in US?

    A little confused about :)

    thanks and cheers

  • Bel said

    Hello, how long must the second part (planning) be?

  • Francesca said

    Hello, I'm 17 right now and I'm going to be 18 on the 4th of June. I've seen that I should be 18 when the applications close, but it's just for a few days! Is it really impossible for me to partecipate?
    Thanks for your answer

  • Jo B said

    Hello- I have submitted my entry however I misunderstood the role of the journal title/ place title etc and have put them in the wrong place. I have been able to change the title for the whole journal/blog but not for the actual scholarship piece, which cannot be edited. Can I email you the correct title for the scholarship piece and have it changed or is it too late? Many thanks.

  • Shejuti said


    Thank you for holding this amazing competition.

    I have a few questions:

    1. For this part of the application:

    Plan your itinerary. Tell us two places in U.S. you would like to visit and write about on your road trip and why.

    How detailed is the itenirary supposed to be? Is it asking for a detailed journey from San Francisco to the desired destination, with specific transport modes, accomodations, departure and arrival times. Or is it asking us to choose two places in the U.S we would like to see in the road trip, and write about why we want to see them - without regards to how we're getting there, how long we'll be staying there, and where we'll be staying. How detailed does it have to be? Also is there a character limit for this at all?

    2. For this part of the application:

    Complete an entry form which includes contact details and a maximum 1500 character essay on why you should be chosen and what the opportunity will mean for you. Your answer will provide considerable weight in the judging process.

    Where is the entry form we are meant to complete? Are the contact details included in the 1500 character limit?

    I'd really appreciate it if you could please answer these questions for me. Thank you!

    Kind Regards,


  • Icha said

    Hello! What contact details should be included in the essay? Would name, age, and nationality be enough? And do I still have to mention my email in the essay? Thank you.

  • anup ghimire said

    I filled the form and when i hit submit button it reloads and reappears with the same information i filled. No where it says, application has been submitted. I resubmitted the form again since i thought it could be a technical problem at my side. I hope this is not a problem and my application has been submitted.

    Anup ghimire

  • Karen said

    is there an age limit? Can you be over 50?

    Hi Karen, you need to be over 18. There is no maximum age limit. All the best!
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Tania said

    Hi Pari
    I left a message above. Can you help me with the answer please.
    I have the same problem as anup ghimire

  • J.J said

    Sorry- what I meant above was: does it matter where I put my country of residence? I am from one country (where I hold a passport), currently live and work in another country but will be moving to a third country (where I also hold residency) on 23 June! Not sure which you would consider my place of residence- the place I will be living in June or the place I am actually from/hold a passport?

  • Tania said

    Please tell me if you have received my entry

    Tania - we haven't received your entry. Please try to submit again and ensure cookies are enabled on your browser. Thanks!

  • Kerry said

    Hi Nomads!
    I'm trying to submit my entry. It's set in New York, but I can't find the USA from the drop-down list of countries... am I going crazy?

  • amanda said

    I know this is like right before the deadline but here's hoping you see this shortly...

    I know you answered this question but I would like more clarification. Were the guidelines in last year's contest different than this year? Because following the guidelines and modeling an essay after last year's winners seems to be two very different things.

    Thank you and my sincerest regards,


  • N.S. said


    I am writing about a place, but it has closed down now. Is this a problem? Would you advise writing about something else?

  • Christine said

    Hi World Nomads,

    I have just submitted my application, but I'm really concerned in didn't go through properly. When I first tried to apply, it said I wasn't registered (I was), so I had to refill everything. Then I had some problems with my username. Finally I clicked apply once again, only to see as I did it, that my third section of why I want this opportunity seemed empty!! Is there any way to check if all components were filled??

    I'm really concerned! Thank you!!

  • Tania said

    Yes Christine thats the same issue as I had.

  • Zoe said


    I've just submitted my entry and am devastated now that I'm looking at it - I've mixed up the "Journal Name" and the Journal Entry.

    The box requiring you to fill out the "Journal Name" mentioned to relate it to your entry. I assumed this was a hint, or writing tip, to include something relevant to the story in the title of your journal entry. I didn't realize that Journal Name meant the name for the collection of your entries!

    If the winner then goes on to write further entries, it's confusing to have the title of your journal only relate to your original entry. I think this is why I got muddled up and assumed it meant title of your story.

    Where it asks you then to fill in the name of your Travel Gem/Discovery (and I think it mentioned something about it being brief, as in not a long winded description of the location?) I entered the name of the actual location. Now just the location is the name of my entry...

    I'm going to assume that changing this would count as editing my entry, I'm hoping this isn't the case though as I've already entered the name of my journal entry but just in the wrong box.

    Essentially I just need to shift the name I've entered for the Journal Name to the Travel Gem/Discovery. I've spent days writing and cutting and editing and researching so this is a bit of a gut wrench-er.

    Crossing fingers and toes,


  • hakima said

    Hi World Nomads,
    I just wanted to submit my application, but I faced some problems.
    in the section of "Travel Treasure" I have entered 2400 characters, but it does not accept. What is the exact number of characters for that part



    Beatrice, you should have received a confirmation email.

    Kartigya, please email us at Thanks!

    Rinkie, you’ll find the answer to your query above. Please ensure cookies are enabled on your browser.

    1. It should work. If it doesn’t, here’s the URL for the page:
    2. Yes, you can.

    Lana, yes you can.

    Mira, we’ll make a note of this for the judges. Thanks!

    Jackie, well spotted! Should be less than 1500 characters.

    Kelly, your piece should be a story about your travel discovery and some guidance to others seeking out a similar adventure. The format has changed a little from last year. You can be creative with your writing format as long as you meet the requirements of the brief above.

    Karla, yes the character count is inclusive of spaces.

    Faha, yes of course! World Nomads and the destination experts at Lonely Planet will help you finalise your itinerary.

    Andrea, you should write about one “hidden gem”. You can make reference to the learning or the outcome of your discovery by providing other examples but that may eat into your character count.

    Lei, please apply if you haven’t already – hurry!

    Amritha, great! Thanks!, I’ll email you soon, stay tuned!

    Taffy, yes that’s fine.

    Ernie, we haven’t received your entry. Please try with another browser or ensure cookies are enabled on the browser you are using.

    Sarah, one space is fine.

    Daniel - 1. Yes, you are eligible 2. Maximum. Anything over the limit wont be judged!

    Suzanne, yes you’re eligible. No, you don’t need a driver’s licence you can use other modes of transport.

    J.J – Whichever place is your country of permanent residence. If in doubt just put UK. We’ll contact you via email first, then try to contact you by other means (only if necessary).

    Veronika, just two places and why ☺

    Indu, no – we’re looking for no more than a 2-3 sentences here.

    Hop – yes, you can apply. As long as you are not writing at a professional level and the income from your contributions account for less than 25% of your total income.

    Ray, please see my answer to Hop.

    Ray, up to you. If you win, which name would you prefer be announced? Apply with that name.

    Jessica – this is a writing scholarship. Stay tuned for the World Nomads 2015 Film Scholarship announcement soon!

    Tania, I’ll email you with my response.

    Suz – we don’t mind, as long as you pick one and run with it for the entire piece. Yes, of course! Apply for as many of our Scholarships as you like.

    Steffi, it should be related to your travel treasure.

    Bel, only 2-3 sentences.

    Jo, please email us at Thanks!

    1. it’s just two places in the U.S you would like to see in the road trip, and write about why you want to see them. 2-3 sentences should be all you need.
    2. Click on the orange Login/Register to apply button to see the form. Contact details are separate to the 1500 character response.

    Icha, please have a look at the application form and fill out the necessary fields.

    Anup, I can see your story here:

    Tania, will let you know shortly – please don’t worry your submission will be accepted.

    Kerry, you’re going crazy. Only kidding! It should be there under Uruguay. Written – ‘USA.’

    Amanda, please see my response to Kelly and Emma above.

    N.S. – ideally yes, it would be great if the place still existed. However, if it’s too late to change your entry please submit what you have written.

    Christine – I’ll get back to you shortly! Don’t panic – your application will be accepted.

    Tania, see response to Christine above.

    Zoe – don’t worry, I’ll make a note of this for the judges. All the best!

    Hakima – have you counted spaces as a character? The character count is inclusive of spaces.

    A FRIENDLY REMINDER: Hi everyone, great to see your entries and comments coming through. Before posting any more questions we request that you ensure your query hasn’t been addressed in the responses above. Chances are it has! We’ll try our best to get back to you as soon as possible.

    All the best! Looking forward to reading about your discoveries!

    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Clare said

    Hi Pari,

    I have the exact same problem as Zoe above - I've mixed up the journal name and the name of my entry! Please can you make a note of it for the judges for me also? It looks a bit silly as the name for the whole journal, gutted. Would I be able to change it after the judging has taken place if I was chosen?

    Thanks so much,


  • Judith said

    Dear WorldNomads,
    I am hesitating between two stories I wrote - therefore my question is, can I write about a site that is located in the city (and country) I currently live in? It is a "hidden gem" and I spent some amazing time their together with a traveller. However, I was not strictly speaking travelling myself (even though it felt like that).
    Thanks a lot, I would be very grateful to get a last-minute feedback!

    Yes, that's fine Judith - you can write about a hidden gem in your own city.
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Lara said

    Hello Pari,

    I am afraid I have hit the same issue as (most recently) Tania and Christine, with the site thinking I am not registered after I hit submit. Any way to confirm whether it has indeed gone through?
    Thanks and best,

    I see it here:
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Ray said

    Hi Pari!
    Thank you for answering my questions. I was wondering if it will hurt us or help us if we include our social media handles? Thank you!

    There are optional fields. You will be judged on your entry first and foremost, but we may take a look at other work if the decision comes down to the wire. This is to ensure we pick a candidate who we believe will get the most out of this scholarship experience. Whether your accounts will hurt or help you is for you to decide.
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Jennifer said

    I have a problem with the registration.
    I have completed the questionnaire but when i have submit it i come back on it. So I didn't know if it worked!
    that's stressful.

    Thank you to answer me.

    We haven't received your entry - please try again and ensure cookies are enabled on your browser. Thanks!
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Garima said

    Finally done with my application....
    @Pari thanks again for bearing with us...

    Great! No worries. All the best!
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Megan said

    Hi Pari! Quick question, on the website it states that the application is due in t-minus 6 hours on the countdown timer and entries are due no later than tomorrow at 2 PM (EST). Are they the same?

    Deadline is in AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time) - we're based in Sydney, Australia.
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • katie said

    I can't seem to get logged in, password is not working :(

    Thanks for applying Katie -
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Katie B said

    Hi Pari,

    Sorry to be a bother, but I have the same question as some other people about whether my application has gone through!

    It chucked me out to the register page after I had sent my form, and now I can't seem to find my entry on the Journals. I am happy to resubmit if necessary, but don't want to send everything to you guys twice if you don't actually need it again.

    If you could let me know that would be amazing,

    Katie B

    Here it is!
    - Pari, Word Nomads

  • Karen said

    I too had a problem after submitting the application. The login came up. Is there a way to let me know if you received my application. Thank you

    Hi Karen, I can't see your entry - please try to submit again, ensure cookies are enabled on your browser. Thanks!
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Anuradha said

    Hi Pari
    I've made the same error as Zoe and Clara above. I've mixed up the journal name and the name of my entry! Please can you make a note of it for the judges for me as well? Or is there anyway it can be corrected now?

    Hi Anuradha. I've had another look, and if you sign into your account you should be able to change this yourself. All the best!
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Rachel Elgy said


    Sorry to be another one of the same, but I also muddled up the Journal Title... Oreo Glory was my intended title for my entry if it's possible for that to be noted/edited. Not to worry if not!
    Thanks :)

    Rachel Elgy (aka RachElgy)

  • LeahK said

    Hi, I submitted my entry but I there is no spaces in between my paragraphs, but there was when I pasted it into the text box. Is there any way of rectifying this?

    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Maja said

    I just entered the competition, but I received two emails of confirmation. I had to change the screen name because it was supposedly already taken. I did that and the application was accepted. However, I received two emails (one for each screen name) and it looks to me like a double entry, even though I just wanted to make one, when the site refused. Please tell me if there is anything I should do.
    Thank you.

    Thanks for letting us know Maja - could you please email us and let us know which entry we should delete, festival or majckagreen ?
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Cris said

    I have completed my application but it doesn't go through. Does anybody have the same problem? I tried submitting it from different browsers but there's always an error. What can I do?

    Hi Cris, make sure your entry adheres to the character limits and all compulsory fields have been filled. Any error messaging appearing on the page?
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Cris said

    Hello Pari,
    I am sure about the limits and I filled everything. (except the social accounts but it's optional) and it doesn't work. It shows error 500.

    Hi Chris, Please email the elements of your entry to and we'll attempt to troubleshoot this for you. Thanks!
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Esha said

    Hi Pari

    This is to let you know that I had submitted my application form in anticipation of a feedback that my entry is submitted, instead it got me to the register page which I had done earlier..guess this problem is persisting with other contestants too. Please let me know how to go about it as I want to completely eliminate my chances of getting disqualified due to sending the same entry second time in order to complete the application process. waiting for your response

    Thanks and regards

  • Cris said

    Did you receive my entry? I sent it but did not receive any confirmation.

    Yes, please check your email inbox. Thanks!
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Jody said

    Hi there Pari,

    I'm trying to submit my entry but a page saying '500 error' keeps popping up. Not sure why this is and I haven't received a confirmation email saying that my entry has been submitted.

    Do you know what this '500 error' is?

    Thanks for your help!


    Looks like it worked! Thanks! -
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Anna said

    Hi Pari!
    I also just realized that my submission removed the spacing between paragraphs. Is there still time to fix this?

    Thank you!


    Done! - Pari, World Nomads

  • Maria said

    Hello! I clicked submit entry but no confirmation appeared after doing so! Can you please confirm it has been processed? Thanks!

    Sorry Maria, please try again from another browser or device - ensure cookies are enabled. Thanks!
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Jody said

    Hi Pari,

    I accidentally pressed the 'enter' key as I was writing about my second destination in the U.S. and it automatically submitted my entry before I was ready! Sorry for the hassle!
    In that last sentence, I meant to say "I’d love to write about experiencing this lifestyle after the intensity of NYC." Thank you for your time!


    Noted! Thanks Jody!
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Bethany said

    Hi Pari!

    I've made what seems to be the mistake "du jour" of misunderstanding the journal title and the name of my travel discovery. My journal is now named what I meant to name my entry and my entry is just the name of the location. I think it would be pretty clear to a reader where I meant each title but just to be safe I thought I'd see if you could make note of my little blunder like you did for Zoe (and Clare and Rachel Elgy)? I hate to add to the slew of repetition but I had to ask!

    I think you're every nomads favourite person right now Pari! #Pariforpres

  • Shaun said

    Hi guys.

    Yeah I am getting a 500 error when I try to submit. Is there anything I can do on my end?



    Shaun - I see your entry here:
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Fiona said

    The countdown clock says there's no time left to submit an application and yet the close of applications is listed as 2pm AEST - it's only 1pm AEST. Can I still submit my application?

    Yes, go for it!
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Melea Seward said

    Hello! I was working on my application and accidentally hit submit, how can I get back into it.

    Melea, we have not received your entry, please try again. Thanks!
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Jamie said

    A bit ruffled that I was signed in, finished my lovely entry, and then hit submit -- only to have it tell me I needed to sign in and my whole entry was erased. With only a minute left, well, aw shucks for me lol. Good luck to all those who didn't have technical difficulties and were able to enter the contest on time!

    Jamie, the countdown clock was a little off - applications are still open until 2pm AEST. Try again - and make sure your cookies are enabled so you don't run into the same problem again.
    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Jo said

    I had the same problem as you actually so i share my sympathies! I refreshed and it did let me submit but with a unfinished entry with half of my #3 gone!

    Is it possible to email the rest in?

  • Valerie said

    Oh no! I just missed it too! What a shame that it closes so early for the rest of the world.

  • Elaina said

    I also had everything filled out, but when I clicked submit it wasn't recognizing my Treasure Travel OR the piece about myself? Unfortunately the time ran out before I could resolve this. Is there anything you can do about this? Best of luck to all participants.

  • Anuradha said

    Hi Pari
    Thanks for the reply but it's not letting me change the title of my story (which is what I needed to do). I can only change the name of my journal. Anything that can be done now?

  • Lauren said

    Hi Pari,

    I also managed to mix up the name of my journal and my contest entry. The title of my contest entry is meant to be "Forgiveness", rather than the name of the actual destination itself.

    Thank you so much!

  • Tania said

    Hi Pari
    I didn't receive an email from you confirming the entry as you said above. I can see my story in my journal but unfortunately it is one that I put into the journal just in case you didn't receive m entry on the 25/5/, I can see it but it doesn't have scholarship entry on it and it is a longer version than the one I submitted for my scholarship entry. Can you please move this to the scholarship entry section? and please tell me I entered......Please? Thanks

  • Caroline said

    Hi Pari,

    It looks like I have also made the mistake of naming my journal what I meant to name the entry, and the entry name is now just the name of the place.

    It also seems to be showing that the entry is related set in Australia when it should be USA.

    Would it be possible for you to clarify the above for the judges as you did for the others please? My apologies - I thought I was fairly good at following directions but apparently not!

    Many Thanks!

  • Jennifer said

    Hi Pari,

    I tried few times but it still doesn't work. I am so dissapointed because now the program application is cloded.

  • Vanina González said

    Hey! Last night I had the same problem! I hit "submit" and it sent me back to login. Then everything was erased. I went back to the last page and hit submit again, and apparently it went through fine because I got the confirmation e-mail. But now I'm wondering if the form was complete, especially, if parts two and three were complete. I checked the first part, my writing piece, and it’s fine. Can anyone confirm that the rest of the form was sent out complete? Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience. Good luck everyone!

  • Vittoria said

    I made the application something like...half an hour ago. Was it too late???? I tried three times because the program didn't work!
    If everything was did and I get the email of confirmation, it means that my application was accepted?

  • Nana said

    I made a mistake. Is that a real problem? It's because I satarted cutting the text to respect the character limi;I had no time to correct it. I had to submit because time was out, I found the first sentence is Wrong!

    Are Texts with mistakes deleted for the jury? I expect you to have mercy :(

    Also, I have the long version of my story, Can I post it in other entry?

  • Anna said

    I just noticed that although I had spaces between my paragraphs when I originally submitted, the spacing isn't evident in my entry. Is there any way to update this?
    Thanks so much!

  • S said

    Hi there,

    I recently submitted my application and got a confirmation email saying I have successfully applied! I am based near Toronto and it is May 27th today, and I submitted my application at around 10:50 AM, making me think I made the application deadline (2 pm). However, upon looking at all these comments now, it appears I made a huge mistake and according to the contest's actual timezone, I am late. I just wanted clarification on whether my application will or will not be considered? I would really hope so, and the confirmation email and fact that I could still submit an entry is making me wonder. It will be really disappointing if not, but I understand since it is my own fault...

    Thanks for your time

  • EN said

    I have to echo what S said above me -- what a shock! I thought the 2 p.m. referred to Eastern Standard Time... Is it at all possible that my entry might still be considered?

    Thanks so much!

  • Jennifer said

    Hi Pari,

    today it is working ! I have just submit it ! I hope it is not to late.
    I have just one question, where do you sent our touristic program ? (the two places in usa). thanks !

  • Shahriar said

    I have just finished the writing, and then noticed the deadline time was actually in AEST!

    If I submit now, will it be considered?


  • Pedro said

    I just submitted my application 6 min. before deadline. But, system asked me to log in again. When I got it... Oh! All my application is reset or empty again! Please, let me know if all my info and data are in your system. It's embarrassing that I have spent my time applying it and then due a fair system failure all my job was deleted! I appreciate your help.

  • Gaia said

    What happens if in the 1500 characters description I did not include contact details?

  • Marley McKenzie said

    Hello - I was in the middle of my application and accidentally submitted without inputting my story! Is there a way to re-set and re-submit my application?

  • Dominique Bradley said

    Good afternoon! I have successfully submitted my entry, and am eagerly anticipating the announcement of the winners! :) I was just curious as to what doors may be opened for the winners; do you have any career opportunities or suggestions as to how the winners could make travel writing their profession? It would be a dream to be a travel writer! I just wasn't sure if you had something set up for assistance, or if the winners are on their own. Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity.

  • Annette said

    @Nana You can post as many travel stories as you like within your journal but I doubt they will be considered for the travel scholarship.
    @Gaia Did you include your number in the compulsory fields? Did you sign up with a valid email? Did you receive confirmation of your entry? They should be able to contact you through those points of contact.Terms & conditions stated they will take reasonable methods to try and contact you.
    @Elina At any time you can change your journal name. You change it under your profile settings while logged in.

    A question I have is, last year honourable mentions received a prize as well, is this likely to happen again?

    Thank you. Hope I helped answer some other people's questions.

  • jennifer said

    Hey Guys,

    I have a question about the mini-guide. How have you send it ? because in the application I didn't join it ><

  • Elina said

    @Annette Dear Annette, thank you very much for responding to my question! I am sorry but apparently I was not clear enough. I have found a way to change the journal title (and have done that) - what I am wondering about is my SCREEN name (which is in fact a sort of a username)... Is there a way to change that?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Marisol said

    Me encantaría una oportunidad como esa pero mi inglés es muy básico. Creo que si abren esa posibilidad para quienes no hablamos y escribimos en inglés se pueden encontrar con muchas agradables sorpresas. Estaré atenta a sus noticias. Soy alguien que piensa que las oportunidades se pintan solas y que los sueños se van haciendo realidad de a pedacitos.

  • TravelCatScribe said

    I have sent in my application and story etc. If I posted a longer version of my story on my own website, would I be disqualified from the contest? Don't want to spoil my chances of consideration. Cheers!

  • Tania Cusack said

    Hi Pari/ World Nomads

    Please forgive another email however I didn't receive and answer on whether my submission was safe and in the right place. you will see the dat on it is the 25th of May and another try on the 26th of May. I would really appreciate an email , if that is OK, thankyou

  • Gaia said

    @Annette Yes, sure I did. Thanks a lot! Gaia

  • christina said

    Hi, will this contest be offered next year in San Francisco or does the location change every year?Thanks.

  • Layla said

    Hi World Nomads
    Any update on when winners will be announced?
    Looking forward to reading winning entries.
    Cheers :)

  • Dominique Bradley said

    The suspense is killing me!! :)

  • Tom said

    Hi guys! When will the winners of this comp be announced?

  • Aly said


    Any updates on when the 2016 contest will be open- if there's going to be one!? Would love to apply for this amazing opportunity!

  • Sabrina said

    I'm currently a student who plans to minor in Writing in the Fall semester of 2016. So I hope that sometime this 2016 year, I'll be able to apply for this!
    When are the deadline dates for 2016, if there will be another contest like this in 2016.


  • Miguel Valdez-Lopez said

    Hi! I know submissions are not currently open, but I'd like to ask: I'm a tv writer (fiction), freelancer.

    I don't report, I don't chronicle, I don't get published on newspapers or magazines nor have I had any book published.

    Do I still qualify to apply?

    Thank you!

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