Aurora's Dance

by April Abigail Beltran

A leap into the unknown Iceland


The ice gave way to the weight of our steps as we walked toward the darkness. Since we arrived, we have found ourselves in abandoned roads, blinding darkness and enduring winds that bit every exposed part of our bodies looking for her-THE Aurora. We had no idea how illusive she was. How she demanded certain conditions to be seen. We chased her and followed her demands of lighting, weather and distance-but today, it wasn't about her. Today we wanted rest. And while she was alluring, we just wanted warmth. We weren't searching for anything extravagant, just a hot spring we can bask in. We heard about the stunning blue lagoon, but this time we wanted something simple, unassuming, and unoccupied to rest our chilled bones. "I think it's here!" Jamie's silhouette sharpened as we approached the direction of his voice. The sky had already swallowed the sun and all that remained was a dim glow-a faint whisper of the light that just set. And he was right, there it was, a small tub of water in the middle of unmarked land. It was just large enough for six people to sit comfortably in with its edges built with cemented slabs of stone. A long black tube awkwardly rested on the edge serving as the delivery mechanism for the hot spring water. We looked at each other searching for a way to fill the gaps built by our doubts, or at least, I was. Doubts about the engineering, the seclusion, the fact that I JUST met these guys a few days ago. "Okay, you guys ready?" Each of us turned away to pull off every defense we had of the biting cold and changed into suits that made us vulnerable. We blindly trusted that this water would offer a safe place for our exposed bodies to rest in. One by one, we painfully edged our bodies in as the water suffocated the cold out of our bones. As we became accustomed to the warmth, the suffocation turned into a soft embrace. In silence we sat there as the night deepened. We allowed everything to engulf us-the darkness, the warmth, and the sound of the ocean crawling on the shore. We looked at the sky and the stars began to overwhelm the sky. We held the moment without speaking, afraid that our voices will break the majesty of it all. Suddenly, wisps of green clouds began to stretch across the sky and she appeared-in her bright emerald green gown dancing above us. It was a slow dance, one whose rhythm just barely moved her ruffles in an unseen wind.