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  • How old do I need to be to be eligible for the scholarship?

    To be eligible for the scholarship you need to be at least 18 years of age at the time of the application deadline (before March 21, 2017).

  • I'm not from an English speaking country. Can I still apply?

    The scholarship is open to all nationalities; however, you must have an exceptionally high degree of proficiency in written English to be considered for the scholarship. Please note: you do not need to supply an English proficiency certificate to apply.

  • I am from the Balkan region. Can I participate?

    Of course! You are welcome to apply. What better way to explore your own backyard?

  • I work for one of your program partners. Can I participate?

    Employees of World Nomads, ExOfficio, Eurail, the Western Balkans Geotourism Network and their subsidiaries and affiliated companies, and members of their immediate families or households, are ineligible to apply for this scholarship.

  • Do I need a current passport? What about visa requirements?

    You need a current passport with at least six months left before expiry. We'll assist the winner in acquiring a visa and reimburse all associated costs, however the applicant must be eligible to obtain a visa to the following countries; Croatia, Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Kosovo.

  • Am I considered a professional travel writer?

    Essentially this is a 'learning opportunity' for someone who is looking for an introduction into the travel writing industry and more importantly, is keen to be mentored. The scholarship is not open to professional writers of any kind.

    For the purposes of this opportunity, we would consider you to be professional writer if you have been published regularly in commercial blogs, newspapers, magazines or journals. We would also consider you to be a professional writer if you derive more than 25% of your income from writing of any kind.

    If you have only had a few stories published, or keep a regular travel blog then we would not consider this professional.

    Please consider the spirit of the program which is intended to help those with a burning desire to be a professional travel writer and need some help getting started.

  • I'm a writer, but I've never done any type of travel writing professionally. Am I still considered a professional?

    If more than 25% of your job consists of writing, in any professional capacity (social media not included), you are ineligible to apply. This includes editors and copy-writers who spend more than 25% of their time writing.

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  • Sidharth said

    Are the trip dates fixed for June 5 and 8?

    Hi Sidharth. Yes, they are.

    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Lusine Petrosyan said

    Dear Nomads officer,

    I wish to adjust right one detail. I'm a professional journalist from Armenia writing on political and diplomatic issues. I also have traveled pretty much from Iran and Israel, to UK and US, mainly on invitation of foreign governments, sometimes leaving also for forums, festivals, foundation events.
    On my return I've always wrote about those trips, but as a rule introducing the country or city from historical, political, cultural viewpoints and abstaining from description of any personal adventures. So I wish to know may I apply for your Balkans trip scholarship or not?

    If this may be interesting to you here's the link to English version of some my articles;
    Thank you.

    Best wishes,

    Hi Lusine,

    We would also consider you to be a professional writer if you derive more than 25% of your income from writing of any kind - this would include writing published articles on political and diplomatic issues. From your description it sounds like you're a professional writer. Essentially this is a 'learning opportunity' for someone who is looking for an introduction into the travel writing industry and is keen to be mentored.

    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Calliopé Blaney said

    Hi there.
    I am very interested in applying for your scholarship in travel writing. However I need to know the exact dates for this. I will be travelling to oslo from 15th of June to do another course in Oslo from the 19th. If it's close to then I will just stay in europe and go to oslo instead of coming back to Australia.

    Thank you

    Calliopé Blaney

    Hi Calliopé. The exact dates are mentioned in the "The Trip" section above. We would need you to be available for the full duration of the assignment, i.e. between June 4 to June 19, 2017.

    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Stephanie Qiao said

    Regarding the Balkan travel writing competition: I have a question about the the 3 essay topics. Are we allowed to write fictional stories (for example, based on a location we research) or must we base it on a location we actually visited (what if we did not visit a place that fits one of the 3 themes)? It does not say this in the FAQ sections.

    Thank you

    Hi Stephanie, the story will be much more authentic if you are writing about a real travel experience. You don't need to have traveled far to come up with a good story. Your story can be from your country of residence. All the best!

    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Giulia Gresti said

    Do I have to write my story in English for the application?

    Yes, the entire application must must written in English.

    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Angel Weber said

    It looks like my entry was sent through twice by accident. Maybe the first one can be removed?

    Hi Angel, please email with your full name and the title of your travel story. Many thanks!

    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Evan said

    What exactly do you mean when you say the judges are looking for "Great descriptive ability (without getting flowery)"? What do you consider "flowery"?

    Hi Evan, this is subjective so there isn't a perfect answer here, however the below article should give you an idea of what to avoid:

    - Pearse, World Nomads

  • Carmen Samino Huertas said

    Do I have to write my story in English?

    Hi Carmen. Yes, the entire application must be in English.

    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Eliza R said

    2 questions...

    1. I'm a fiction writer... I do have a story collection published, but so far that constitutes less than 25% of my income. Am I still eligible?

    2. Does the character count include spaces?

  • Amanda Ariela said

    Hello my friends!

    I just heard about the scholarship and I was thrilled with the idea of learning more about travel writing. However, I have a question before starting my application process: I just finished my undergrad degree in Journalism and during my time in Journalism School I worked as an intern for the Brazilian Association of Investigative Journalism. There, I helped them with organizing events and I ran their social media account. I also wrote for their website and their newsletter. Those were mostly notes and little news that could be interesting for journalists (scholarships and grants for producing stories, that type of stuff). There was very little to do with travel writing, but I was getting paid to work there and complete all of those tasks. I do not work there anymore and I am currently unemployed. Could that work experience be an issue with my application?

    I do not consider myself a professional writer, but I do write a lot. I have a blog and sometimes I write articles for online magazines, but, besides the internship, I have never been paid to write for any of those vehicles nor I have profited from my writing. .

    Being a travel writer is a career path I would love to take and I am positive this scholarship would put me in the right way.

    Thank you so much for your attention and help.

    Have a great day,

    Hey Amanda, if more than 25% of your job consists of writing, or more than 25% of your income comes from writing, you would be ineligible. From the sounds of things neither of these apply to your current situation and you should be fine to apply. This criteria will also be addressed on a case by case basis when interviewing shortlisted applicants for the scholarship. All the best,

    - Pearse, World Nomads

  • Joyce said


    Will we need to pay taxes on this scholarship?

    Thank you!

    Hi Joyce,

    The first half of the scholarship trip will be booked and paid for by World Nomads and the program partners, for the rest we would provide a stipend to use as you see fit. Whether or not this is taxed would depend on your country's taxation laws.

    - Pearse, World Nomads

  • Francisnália said


    I did two trips through Europe (London and Amsterdam). I do not have a blog and work with urban planning of cities. Can I apply?
    Congratulations for initiative!


    Hi Francis, as long as 25% of your job doesn't consist of writing, or you make 25%+ of your income from writing, you are welcome to apply. All the best,

    - Pearse, World Nomads

  • amber said

    just to be clear... we choose one of the 3 topics mentioned and then write about it in relation to a personal experience? example; i lived in nicaragua for 4 yrs, and i want to write about the "local point of view" topic....

    Hi Amber. Yes, you should choose only ONE of the 3 topics provided. Then, you should write a story about a personal travel experience you've had in relation to the topic you've selected. For example, you could write a story about how you made a local connection in Nicaragua. Who did you meet? Why were they interesting?

    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Najla said

    Where is the Travel Writing Tips video series? I've looked for it and can't seem to find it.


    Hi Najla, if you're viewing this page from a desktop there's a sign-up box next to the 'Applications' section, titled "Need some tips?". On a mobile device the sign-up box should appear just below the 'Applications' section. Once you've signed up you'll receive an email with a link to the exclusive tips. All the best!

    - Pari, World Nomads

  • Nicholas Richard said

    Sorry, this may be a dumb question, but the writing has to be an actual true story, right? There are references to a 'character travel story' which almost sounds like it could be fiction. I mean, I think I've got some great travel stories but are some people just going to be making stuff up? ;)

  • Nicholas Richard said

    DISREGARD the previous question. Sorry. I only just found the previously asked questions section. My bad.

  • Isadora said


    Do I need some kind of certificate of proficiency in english?


  • Gilly Vanessa said

    Hi, I want to know if they cover the travel expenses from the country of residence to montenegro, or if those airline tickets must be paid by each winner?

    Hi Gilly, the cost of transport from the nearest international airport to you, to the workshop in Montenegro are covered by World Nomads. This includes flights and transfers between the Dubrovnik airport and the workshop in Herceg Novi, Montenegro.

    - Pari, World Nomads

  • David Montealegre Maury said


    I want to know if the story could be written in another language or it has to be written in english.


  • christopher said

    Does the word count have to be 2500 exact? or can it be 1000?

    Hey Christopher, the character count for the story is max 2500, which is roughly 500 words. This is just a maximum so you can submit a shorter story if you prefer. Thanks,

    - Pearse, World Nomads

  • Federica said

    I would love to apply but I think I will not be able to this year... I'm Italian but will be working in Florida from July 2017 to July 2018 so I would like to ask,will there be a to her projects like this in the future? :)

  • Federica said

    I would love to apply but I think I will not be able to this year... I'm Italian but will be working in Florida from July 2017 to July 2018 so I would like to ask,will there be a to her projects like this in the future? :)

    Hi Federica, we generally run writing, photography and film scholarships once per year. Check out for more info.

    - Pearse, World Nomads

  • Christine Dixon said

    I have a question....
    I do supplement my income with writing, but it does not equal 25% of my income in a year. I had a screenplay produced in 2012 (low budget for Lifetime), and I have been published in Chicken Soup and a variety of magazines, but the majority of my income is from buying and flipping houses.
    I am extremely interested in this opportunity to break into travel writing - and my heart skipped about 100 beats when I saw this because my father lives in Zagreb and I have not seen him since I was 18. He had an emergency leg amputation a year ago and is now finally able to move about and wants me to come visit so that I can learn about my heritage and explore the region. I have never been to Croatia and the idea of visiting this area and exploring my father's culture and home and writing about it would be a dream come true. He was born during the Nazi occupation, and there is so much history there. My grandparents, who I never had the opportunity to meet, died during the war in the 1990s. There is much there to explore and learn, and to be able to write about the experience and share the culture and history and beauty with others - it would be surreal.
    I hope that I am not ineligible because of my experience as a writer, but it is not above the 25% threshold. My youngest has empty-nested me and now I am turning my focus to travel and hopefully travel writing as a career. I am heading to Cuba in a week, and will craft a story for this contest when I return if I am eligible...
    Thank you for your time.

    Hi Christine, we would consider you to be professional writer if you have been published regularly in commercial blogs, newspapers, magazines or journals, as well as the 25% of income/work rule. This will be judged on a case by case basis when interviewing shortlisted applicants. Keep in mind that this is a learning opportunity to help someone get started. Thanks,

    - Pearse, World Nomads

  • Jessica said

    Hi World Nomads,

    I'm a creative writing student interested in working as a travel writer. I'm thrilled about this opportunity! One question I have before applying is will the winners have internet access throughout the trip? I am a current student and I would need at least some internet access to stay in touch with school and my family while out of the country. Thank you for your help!

    - Jessica

    Hi Jessica, there should be some internet access during the workshop, but once you hit the road it's up to you to find access. Most accommodation providers offer free WiFi.

    - Pearse, World Nomads

  • EMCouto said


    Is it absolutely necessary to be available on the 4th of June, since the trip only starts at the 8th?
    Also, in the two places we want to visit, are we supposed to just say "I want to go there because of X and Y" or can we do a full 10-day-trip itinerary with spotlight on those 2 places?

    Thank you!

    Hi EMCouto, you do need to be available on the 4th as the 3 day writing workshop begins on the 5th, before the 10-day road trip. For the two destinations, you just need to pick the two you'd most like to travel to, no itinerary or reason required. Thanks,

    - Pearse, World Nomads

  • Emily Peilan said

    Hi I'm looking at writing about the 'out of comfort zone' topic but not sure if we have to write a descriptive real story from our point of view or if we are writing an essay about 'comfort zone' and how we perceive it and what it means to me.


    Hey Em, the submission should be a 'travel story' surrounding one of the three themes. Have a look at the winning entries from last year (linked at the bottom of the scholarship page) for a better idea. Thanks,

    - Pearse, World Nomads

  • Sim LeCompte said


    I spent a lot of time and energy writing an essay to apply, and until I was deep into the FAQs I didn't see that professional writers are not eligible for this scholarship. I think this detail should be much more prevalent on the application page.

    Question: I am a Copywriter at an advertising agency but spend most of my time (around 75% - 80%) writing for digital - social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn), and banner ads for websites. These are considered short-form writing, often under 100 characters. Am I still ineligible to apply to this scholarship? I am looking to get experience in long-form, descriptive travel writing and it's not something I can get at my professional position.

    Thank you,


    Hi Sim, if your primary income is derived from writing of any kind, it's likely we would consider you a professional for the purposes of the scholarship. We do try and make this criteria as clear as possible and list it on the scholarship page in the 'top three questions' section. Thanks,

    - Pearse, World Nomads

  • Johanne Erichsen said


    I really want to apply for this, but i am not sure if you will consider me a professional writer. I know you had this question from others, but i hope you will take you're time to answer me as well.

    I just did my bachelor in journalism and as a part of my education i had an internship at a danish newspaper for a year. In this year i wrote articles for the newspaper. Now im working as a waiter and im also sometimes writing articles. I wouldn't say 25 % of my income comes from that.

    Can i apply for this?

    Best of wishes

    Hi Johanne, in your situation it's likely to come down to an assessment when the judging reaches the shortlisted applications. You're welcome to apply, however you will have to justify your reasoning that you are not a professional against the criteria in the FAQ; less than 25% income/time and the extent of articles you've published. Thanks,

    - Pearse, World Nomads

  • Elsa said

    Hi! Sorry if this question has already asked, but I just want to make sure that I'm eligible for this scholarship. I'm a full time medical book editor, and 100% of my revenue comes from being an editor. However, as an editor, I have never produced any writing, whether published or not. My role as an editor strictly just to proofread drafts of books so that there won't be any mispelled or wrong puctuation. I'm planning to make a commercial travel blog but have't started yet. Am I still eligible for this? I'm kinda unsure since earlier you stated "This includes editors and copy-writers who spend more than 25% of their time writing."

    Thanks for the response!

    Hey Elsa, from what you've described it sounds like you would be eligible to apply as you aren't 'writing' but just editing. This will be judged on a case by case basis when interviewing shortlisted applicants, so you may need to justify this at that stage of the judging process. All the best,

    - Pearse, World Nomads

  • Bhavika said

    As I have very limited travel experience, I may or may not have experiences concerning the themes you have given. Must the story I write be based entirely on facts? Or am I allowed write a story based on second hand information?

    Hi Bhavika, we do encourage you to write about a real travel experience, this will make the story more authentic. You don't need to have traveled far to come up with a good story and you're welcome to write about an experience you've had in your own country. The themes are intended to be broad enough that you can adapt them to your own experiences. All the best!

    - Pearse, World Nomads

  • RR said

    I wanted to confirm whether our availability from June 4th is including travel time from my home country or do we have to reach Montenegro on June 4th?

    Hi RR, you'd need to be available to arrive in Montenegro on the 4th so that you're there in time for the workshop the next day. Thanks,

    - Pearse, World Nomads

  • Bram said

    Hi there,

    I have submitted my entry last night (around 10pm GMT+7). I try to find it on the entries page but it's not on the first page. I clicked on the second page link but it read 'Page not found'. I tried the same for the third page, fourth page and so on with the same results.

    Will you look into it? I just want to make sure my entry is really there.


    Hi Bram, we did have some server issues for about a day last week, this could have been the reason for this error. I've just checked and you should be able to find your application now. If you'd like us to double check for you, please email with the details of your submission. Thanks,

    - Pearse, World Nomads

  • deepti said

    i don't earn any money from writing but m an aspiring writer. so i wanted to know if i am eligible for it or not ??

  • Abby said

    I want to apply for the travel scholarship to learn more about writing and photography, but I'm not really sure if I'm eligible or not. I have two questions regarding the 25% reference to being a professional writer.

    1. I'm Indian and work as a content writer aka ghost writer. So 70% of my day is spent ghost writing articles on finance, insurance, tyres, food and real estate. But my job also involved me writing a few ghost articles for and a few ghost itineraries. Since the travel bit was hardly 5 to 10% of my job, am I still eligible to apply?

    2. Last month I finally started my travel blog, I haven't done much with it, but I hope one day to be able to only focus on travel writing. I'm assuming it will take a while before I start earning an income on my blog. Considering that am I still eligible to apply?

    Thanks for your time.


    Hi Abby, we would consider you to be a professional writer if you derive more than 25% of your income from writing of any kind, or if 25% of your work time is writing. Unfortunately, it's likely you would fall into this category. Thanks,

    - Pearse, World Nomads

  • Samantha said

    Hey there guys, just to check. When it comes to answering the question on the Balkan's destinations, are we to choose two specifically from the ones mentioned? Or are we to choose any random places in these countries? Just wanted to make sure! So excited about this opportunity. Thanks :)

    Hi Samantha, when completing the application you just need to pick two destinations from the drop down list, have a look at the form and you'll get the idea. Thanks,

    - Pearse, World Nomads

  • Andrea said

    Hi there! I'm a bit confused reading over your FAQ so I thought I'd clarify. I get that you need to be considered a professional travel writer to apply:

    "We would also consider you to be a professional writer if you derive more than 25% of your income from writing of any kind."


    "If more than 25% of your job consists of writing, in any professional capacity (social media not included), you are ineligible to apply. "

    Isn't that a bit contradictory? You need make money from writing to be considered a professional, but you're ineligible if you actually write and make money from it?

    Also if this is meant to be a learning opportunity for people who need some help getting started why are you only accepting applicants who specifically have already figured out how to get started? How much of this application is based on your writing sample and how much is based on your resume?

    This sounds like an amazing opportunity, so I am trying access if this is an amazing opportunity for me.

    Hi Andrea, I'm afraid there's some confusion here. The scholarship opportunity is for aspiring travel writers, not professionals. Hence the eligibility criteria regarding job time and income from writing. I understand this was not clear enough in the FAQ and will change the text so that it is stated clearly. Apologies for this,

    - Pearse, World Nomads

  • Teresa said

    I have a question on eligibility based on the reference to professional writers. Does it refer to my latest position? I have previous experience as a radio news writer and editor, though currently I am in a management position and I have recently resigned to move to a different country. Come June, I would be out of a job. Would I be eligible to apply for this? Thanks in advance.

    Hi Teresa, apart from the 25% income/job time rule, this is judged on a case by case basis when reviewing shortlisted applications. Depending on the extent of your past experience writing professionally, we might judge you to be ineligible for the scholarship. Please keep in mind the opportunity is intended to be a 'learning opportunity' for aspiring writers. Thanks,

    - Pearse, World Nomads

  • Shweta said

    Can the travel account be from a long time ago or does it have to be preferably recent?

    Hi Schweta, the travel story can be from whenever you'd like, we're only judging the writing! Thanks,

    - Pearse, World Nomads

  • João Marcos said

    Hey! My name is João Marcos. I'm seventeen years old but I'm emancipated, that is, I'm free of some eighteen civil laws and considered of aged. Could I participate?

    Hi João, unfortunately you still need to be at least 18 years of age by the time of the application deadline (21 March 17). All the best,

    - Pearse, World Nomads

  • Karen said

    Hi, before I apply, I just want to clarify something:

    Do you base eligibility on online searches/profiles? The reason I ask is because my online profiles (LinkedIn, Twitter, website, etc.) all list me as a writer and showcase my writing portfolio. This is because I am actively seeking writing employment and it is my ideal career path. I also have previous writing jobs listed, but these have never made up more than 10% of my total income at a time.

    However, I would only be able to explain and prove that if I were contacted by the judges. Someone browsing through these profiles would just assume I’m a professional writer.

    So my questions are: if someone is shortlisted/considered, will they be given an opportunity to prove/explain how they are eligible? Or do you already disqualify someone even before they are shortlisted if there’s an assumption that they’re a professional writer?

    Also, regarding this rule: “For the purposes of this opportunity, we would consider you to be professional writer if you have been published regularly in commercial blogs, newspapers, magazines or journals.”

    How do you define “regularly”: daily, weekly, monthly?

    Thanks in advance!

    Hi Karen, this is a bit of a big question for the FAQs so I'll be brief, but if you want further information specific to your situation please email and we can provide it. While we do check online profiles/search to get an idea of whether you might be a professional, we also realize that aspiring writers will often define themselves as a writer when looking for employment as one. If you're really making less than 10% of your income from writing, that should be fairly recognizable. In any case, if an application has a chance of being shortlisted and we have any doubt at all, we will contact the applicant to discuss this further. In terms of a definition of "regularly", it's entirely dependent on what the content is and where it's published. If you'd like to discuss this further in regards to your specific eligibility please email us and we can take it from there. Thanks,

    - Pearse, World Nomads

  • Christopher Howe said

    Can I submit a shorter version of a piece that's already been published?

    Hey Christopher, yes you can as long as it's your own work (in both cases), but entries which are written specifically for the scholarship tend to stand out when we're judging. Thanks,

    - Pearse, World Nomads

  • Sally Watson said

    Hi there!
    I have noted your FAQ question/answer regarding a piece which has been published on a personal blog.
    I was just wondering if I can rework/rewrite about an experience I have written about, which has been previously published by a mainstream digital Australian news organisation. It would be a different piece to adapt to the topics specified for this application, but the concept would have similarities.
    Thanks in advance for your answer!

    Hi Sally, you're welcome to adapt your own work to fit the theme, but we find that entries written specifically tend to stand out. Also, please keep in mind our eligibility criteria regarding professional writers (more info in the FAQ). I only mention it as your article was published by a mainstream news org. Thanks,

    - Pearse, World Nomads

  • Mel said

    I want to enquire about my eligibility.

    I am currently still a student, however, I began working as a freelance journalist a little over half a year ago. Before that, I was the editor of my student newspaper and worked as an intern for a newspaper in Turkey. However, I have only been paid for 5 articles that I have written so far in my career. The amount that I was paid constitutes less than 25% of my income, if income is considered to include the financial aid I receive as a student. In addition to this, I have no experience in travel writing and would benefit from participating in the workshop at the beginning of my career.

    Would I be eligible to apply for the scholarship?

    Thank you.

    Hi Mel, from the sounds of it we wouldn't consider you to be a professional as you have only done some work experience and published a few articles. This will come down to a case by case assessment of shortlisted applicants but if there is any doubt at that stage you will be contacted and can justify your reasoning there. All the best,

    - Pearse, World Nomads

  • Agnes said

    Hi, I'm very interested in applying for the scholarship, but would like to check my eligibility for it. I am currently a postgraduate student in London, and have had a collection of short stories published by a local publisher in Singapore last year. I do not derive any income from writing. May I know if I would still be eligible to apply?

    Thanks in advance!

    Hi Agnes, I can see you've emailed as well so I'll elaborate there. Assuming you've only published a few short stories and do not generate income from them it's unlikely we'd consider you a professional for the purposes of the scholarship. Thanks,

    - Pearse, World Nomads

  • Leigh said

    Hi, regarding the "Do you have any trips planned" question on the application, what is the importance if the June 4 to June 19, 2017 trip is fixed? I do not have any trips planned, except for when I win :-), but the succeeding questions are mandatory. Do those questions mean for when we will be chosen? I asked because other countries outside of the Balkans are also included. Thanks.

    Hey Leigh, the question about planned trips isn't related to the scholarship assignment, if you don't have a trip planned then you can just answer no for that one. For the two destinations question, the countries in the list are all in the Balkans region and you just have to pick the two you'd most like to visit. All the best,

    - Pearse, World Nomads

  • Claire said

    If I am abroad on the dates that you mention, could I still apply?
    If I have already applied for the previous world nomads travel writing scholarships, are there any tips to improve chances of winning one?

    Hi Claire, you do need to be available for the trip dates specified in the FAQ. If you're looking to imrpove your chances of winning the scholarship I would advise reading through last year's shortlisted entries, the judges comments for the winners or accessing our writing tips (available on the scholarship page right-hand margin, under "Need some tips?". Thanks,

    - Pearse, World Nomads

  • farah said

    dear worldnomads
    can my story be an imaginary one ?
    thank you

  • Nathanael said

    Hello, my name is Nathanael and I saw in the FAQ that applicants need to be at least 18 years of age at the time of the application deadline.
    In my case, however, I am 17 years old and my birthday is on May, 14.
    Can I be eligible for the scholarship?

    Thank you!

  • Dolly said

    I am really looking forward to this opportunity as I am an ardent lover of travelling new places, even though I would like to mention here that this is my very first attempt into the writing world which actually got initiated after having come across this contest. Also, I do understand your terms and conditions but still will there be any chance that my article gets considered?

    Thank you.

    Hi Dolly, I'm not too sure what you're asking here. If you've published an article professionally that doesn't make you ineligible, have a look at the definition of a professional writer in the FAQ to self-assess. Thanks,

    - Pearse, World Nomads

  • Erin said

    Unfortunately, I am unavailable on the dates listed due to a trip I already have booked. Will there be opportunities for me to apply for future trips?

    Hi Erin, we usually run writing, photography and film scholarships once per year, so there will definitely be future opportunities. We also run competitions 1-2 times a year, so be sure to keep an eye out for those. If you want to stay up to date, I'd suggest signing up for our scholarships newsletter. Thanks,

    - Pearse, World Nomads

  • Elinore said

    I'm curious at to whether we put our nationality, or the country we live in, i.e. would by flying out of.

    For example, I am a New Zealand resident, but I live in the Netherlands, so I would be fly out of Amsterdam.

    Also does the character limit include spacing?

    Hi Elinore, in the form it asks for your country of residence and yes, the character count does include spaces. Thanks,

    - Pearse, World Nomads

  • Isabelle said

    I was wondering if being a professional translator would be considered as being a "professional writer".

    Hi Isabelle, we wouldn't consider translation as "writing" for the purposes of the scholarship, so you should be fine! Thanks,

    - Pearse, World Nomads

  • Geraint said

    I had a short travel piece published in a local magazine (Dubai), which I was not paid for. I know I am not a professional travel writer/journalist in any way, but my question is ...

    Can I re-work this already published piece? It is based on an actual event and would be ideal for this great initiative.

    Thank you.

    Hi Geraint, as long as it's your own work then this is fine. Thanks,

    - Pearse, World Nomads

  • Sarah said

    Is this contest open to residents of Quebec?

    Hi Sarah, of course! Although if you were unable to be insured by us (like residents of Quebec) you would have to buy your own travel insurance for the trip and be reimbursed up to $200 AUD. All the best,

    - Pearse, World Nomads

  • Justin Felde said

    How many people make submissions for this scholarship? Thanks

    Hi Justin, last year's writing scholarship had more than 4,500 applications. That being said, each year we usually have more than the last, so we expect we'll exceed that amount. Thanks,

    - Pearse, World Nomads

  • Margaretha Liviane said

    Hello, there! :)

    I want to ask a question about themes.
    I wonder, do I have to write a travel story based on true story, about where I've been travel before?
    Or do I have to write travel story imagining what's Balkan going to be for me?

    Please let me know.

    Thank you :)

    Hi Margaretha, we're looking for a travel story ideally based on a real-life travel experience you have had. You do not need to write your story about the Balkans. Hope that helps,

    - Pearse, World Nomads

  • Marcela Araujo da Silva said

    The Balkan coutries used as inspiration for the creation of the texts should be those cited in the section "Do you have what it takes to be a travel writer?" Which are Croatia, Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Kosovo, or can be chosen any other Balkan country?

    Hi Marcela, the two destinations are simply picked from a drop-down list in the application form. Your entry does not have to use the Balkans region as inspiration for your story, which should be based on a travel experience you've had, nor do you need to reference these in the personal essay unless you think it is relevant. Thanks,

    - Pearse, World Nomads

  • Gouri Prakash said


    Can one applicant make 3 submissions, 1 under each category, or does he/she have to select one of the 3 categories first and then make a submission exclusively under that category only?

    Thanks for your response.


  • Sameeksha Suresh Pardeshi said

    where do i send detailed itinerary of 2 places ?? is it i have to choose any 2 from the given list ..

  • Chandana Chandrashekar said

    My passport expires in September'2017. I am going to apply for a renewal soon. Am I still eligible to apply for this?

    Hi Chandana, unfortunately we would need you to have a current passport with at least 6 months validity as this is a common requirement for travel/visas. Thanks,

    - Pearse, World Nomads

  • Nathalie said


    I just tried to submit my application and the webpage came up with a red note saying I'd exceeded the maximum number of characters so it can't be uploaded, but I've just received an email saying my story has been submitted. Could you confirm that you've received it please?

    thanks very much

    Hi Nathalie, this is an issue that's affecting some people trying to apply. Usually it's caused by copy+pasting directly from Word, or from cached info in your browser. If you want us to check for your entry please email with the details of the entry (title, full name, email used) and we can check for you. Thanks,

    - Pearse, World Nomads

  • Dikshita Sarma said

    I'm not a professional writer & I neither have a website nor a blog. Do I have to create one to participate?

    Hi Dikshita, this opportunity is specifically for people who aren't professionals, so you're welcome to apply! Thanks,

    - Pearse, World Nomads

  • Nicole Reese said


    For the 2017 Balkans Travel Writing Scholarship, is the travel story that we are submitting fictional? I wanted to clear up that it is based on real travel experience.

    Thank you!
    Nicole Reese

    Hi Nicola, ideally your story will be based on a real-life travel experience. You technically can submit something fictional, but the better entries tend to come from authentic experiences. Thanks,

    - Pearse, World Nomads

  • Quinn Costanzo said

    Hello, I was wondering if we can reference music artists, and authors in our story. If so how would we go about citing them?

    Hi Quinn, you can reference others if you feel it will add to your travel story, if you're unsure of the expected format for the story please see last year's winning entries for an idea. For referencing, this isn't an academic essay so we're not strict on this, you can just do something like: Bob Dylan once said "the times they are a-changing"; as long as you mention it's a reference and not your own work, it's fine. All the best,

    - Pearse, World Nomads

  • Mylena said


    I am currently looking for new opportunities (so I currently don't earn income from writing) and I used to work as a radio producer assistant (for one year : my responsabilities consisted in doing researches, fact-cheking, briefing notes etc. for the radio hosts), before that I worked as a freelance (journo and fixer). Am I considered as a professionnal writer or not?

    (Given that : I currently have no income at all / My former income came from an assistant position which included no writing publication online or offline).


  • Haley said

    What is the policy on profanity? If it is a direct quote and adds to the color of the story, would it be appropriate? Thanks!

    Hi Hayley, as long as it's relevant to the story (especially direct quotes) it's fine. Thanks,

    - Pearse, World Nomads

  • Elizabeth Cantrell said


    I am currently a graduate student of journalism, and I previously freelanced part time, publishing dozens of clips, but I am not a full time writer. Does this mean I am ineligible to apply?

    Thank you!

    Elizabeth Cantrell

  • Killian F.C. said

    2500 characters, including spaces, or not counting spaces?

  • Killian F.C. said

    I found the answer, ignore my previous question.

    Thank you

  • Sol said

    I used to work as a full-time writer for a weekly magazine in my country (that was five years ago for 6 months). Although I don´t consider myself a "professional writer", does that make me ineligible to apply for this scholarship? I don´t do writing anymore. Thanks in advance!

  • Juliana Moore said

    Hey I wanted to know if my accommodation for the two week stay would be paid for or not?

  • sharath kumar said

    im not a professional travel writer and i dont have any experience in that field ..but iam passionate about writing stories based on the places i visit am i eligible for the application?

  • Rebecca said

    I turn 18 on March 21st, am I eligible?

    Hi Rebecca, yes you just need to be 18 by the deadline, which is the 21st of March. I realize the FAQ actually says before, it should really say "before or on March 21, 2017", so sorry for the confusion! All the best,

    - Pearse, World Nomads

  • Marie F Roy said

    Hi there,

    I looked at some of the submitted stories, and I notice a difference in the formatting. A few are nicely formatted with blank spaces between paragraphs, and the first paragraph in a larger font, just like the winning entries from last year. But most stories appear all in the same font, with carriage returns between the paragraphs, but no blank lines.

    The entry form has just one big text field for the story. How do I get the nice formatting with the spaces between paragraphs? Thanks!

    Hi Marie, the first paragraph of your entry is always in a larger font. As our form counts line spacing as 2 characters, some people prefer to submit a block of text so they can fit more characters in. Try submitting your travel story and if you're unhappy with the formatting you can request it be removed by emailing Thanks,

    - Pearse, World Nomads

  • Aayush Nalwaya said

    Is it necessary for the travel story to be constrained to one of the topic or it could be a mix of two or all three?

    Hi Aayush, you need to pick one theme for your travel story. Thanks,

    - Pearse, World Nomads

  • Laura said

    RE: eligibility for visas

    What kind of visa is required in the countries mentioned? A tourist visa or working visa?

    Hi Laura, a tourist visa would be fine for the scholarship assignment. All the best,

    - Pearse, World Nomads

  • Brendali said

    Is this the first edition of this writing competition? It sounds awesome! However, I am not available to travel on those dates so I will not participate this time. Thus, I was wondering if there will be another opportunity in the future.

    Hi Brendali, sorry to hear you won't be able to enter this year. We typically run a travel writing scholarship annually, so make sure to sign up to our scholarships newsletter to hear about future opportunities. Thanks,

    - Pearse, World Nomads

  • Anabelle said

    For the local encounter we won't forget them, do we need to focus on one particular incident? Or can we talk about little incidents through a trip and maybe peg it to one theme?

    Hi Annabelle, it's up to you how you write your travel story to the theme selected, however the 'a local encounter I'll never forget' theme was from last year's scholarship. Have a look at the scholarship page for this year to see the new themes. Thanks,

    - Pearse, World Nomads

  • Jessica P. said

    Hi, I worked for a local newspaper and magazine for about 1.5 years and was in a full-time writing position for about six of those months. I have been published in that newspaper/magazine, but I have not worked there for a year and a half. I am currently a teacher and not doing any kind of formal writing or getting published. I would like to know how your organization would view my past experience in light of the fact that I no longer derive any income from writing, and that when I was writing it was for a local, small-town publication. Please let me know, and I will apply or not apply accordingly. Thank you for your time and consideration.

  • Shivangi said

    My name is shivangi and I am from India. I have submitted my application on Sunday,12 March 2017 around 9pm but I haven't received any mail regarding the submission of the application or the story.
    So I really want to check whether my application and the story has been submitted successfully or not?

    Thank you!

    Hi Shivangi, please email with the details of your submission so that we can check for you. Thanks,

    - Pearse, World Nomads

  • Neha Sinha said

    My passport expires in Apr 17 and I have already applied for its renewal. However, the renewed passport might get issued post March 21st i.e. the application deadline. Am I eligible for the application this year?

    Hi Neha, as long as you're sure that you'll receive the new one before the winners are announced (Apr 12), then this is fine. We need you to have a current and valid passport by this date so that we can begin arranging travel for the assignment. Thanks,

    - Pearse, World Nomads

  • Josh said

    Hello. Will the application form include paragraph breaks in the character count? If so, how do I demonstrate where a new paragraph begins?

    Hi Josh, yes our form does include paragraph breaks as 2 characters. It's up to you what formatting you use for the entry, as long as it's within the form's character limit. Thanks,

    - Pearse, World Nomads

  • Kildine Luquet said


    I would like to know if you would consider me as a professional writter.

    I haven't been writing for the last 18 months. Though, before that, I used to work as a freelance journo but a radio one 90% of the time.
    So what do you take into account? Current situation? Last year? Or our whole professionnal track?

    Many thanks for your feedbacks!

    Hi Kildine, apart from the 25% criteria already listed in the FAQ, we look at what's been published and the extent of your writing professionally. Keep in mind the opportunity is intended for amateur writers who will benefit from mentorship. Thanks,

    - Pearse, World Nomads

  • Avery Reid said

    If my story is published on another blog, is it still eligible? It would be my first publication I've ever had if accepted. So I am not a professional writer.

    Thank you!

    Hi Avery, as long as it's entirely your own work and you have permission to use it for the scholarship then this is fine. Thanks,

    - Pearse, World Nomads

  • Omama Al Lawati said

    Hello. I am a writer. I write articles,poems, shorts stories and kids stories. Some of my work are already been published by different publishers in Arab world and US as a book or in magazine and i have been travelling and photographing alone for couple of years now .My all published works are in Arabic, however i did part of my previous studies in English speaking countries, and i can communicate very well in English, I have high writing skills in Arabic and it is much advanced comparing to the written English which is average. I hope to be considered for this opportunity, despite my average writing skills in English because my aim is to be professional travelling writer in my country, as not so many women are travelling, photographing and writing at the same time.

    Hi Omama, I'm not sure what your question is here, all applications must be in English but you're welcome to apply even if this is not your first language. One thing to be aware of is our criteria regarding professional writers, it sounds like you've got quite a lot of experience so please review the Eligibility section of the FAQ page to make sure you can apply. Thanks,

    - Pearse, World Nomads

  • Eliza said

    Are we allowed to get others to edit our applications (travel story and personal essay)? This is awkward, but I just came across a job post from a potential applicant, asking for someone to proofread and build the proper flow of their texts.

    It is sad that people are not submitting work that is entirely their own, and makes me wonder how many other applicants have done the same in the past.

    Hi Eliza, thank you for letting us know. In answer to your question, your entry must be wholly your own work in order to be eligible. We have noted the name of this person and their entry will be marked as ineligible. We hope that the majority of applicants enter the scholarship in good faith, looking to improve their own writing rather than just win a trip. We do look into each entrant/entry in our final shortlist to weed out these kinds of things wherever possible. For privacy reasons I have removed the specific mention of the person in question from your comment. All the best,

    - Pearse, World Nomads

  • Sally Watson said

    Hi Pearse! Thanks for answering my question above. I've written an entry specifically for the competition based on your advice. Although I have been published in mainstream media, this has only been twice in two years - during which time I have been living off my savings and earning minimal income from writing so I think I should qualify as I am certainly not making 25% of my income from writing? Anyway I'll be sending my entry in the next few days :) Fingers crossed!

    Hey Sally, all good! From the sounds of it we wouldn't be considering you a professional writer, I only mentioned as you'd been published in mainstream media (just so you would know to check eligibility). In any case, if your entry is shortlisted we'll be in contact should there be any doubt in regards to this. Look forward to reading your story! Thanks,

    - Pearse, World Nomads

  • Candace said

    What time (and time zone) do applications close on 21 March?

    Hi Candace, entries close at 11PM EDT on March 21, 2017. All the best,

    - Pearse, World Nomads

  • Eliza said

    Hi Pearse,

    Thanks for addressing my comment. Maybe I should have emailed you directly about the person who's looking to get their texts edited. Please note I'm not entirely sure that the name of the person is correct - the name I have is the one associated with the business, and the business is what they explicitly mentioned in the personal essay.

    It's sad that people are doing this, but thank you for doing your best to filter them out. Maybe you can add something to the terms & conditions/faqs regarding the work being completely our own? Unless proofreading (just checking for spelling/grammar is allowed)?

    Hi Eliza, that's OK, we just didn't want it to affect their business having the name listed publicly. We also saw the business name in the posting so understand where you got this, in any case we will keep an eye out for that entry and investigate thoroughly should the need arise.

    When it comes to proofreading, it really depends on the extent: if you ask your friend to read over your entry before submitting it we wouldn't have a problem with that, but when it comes to paying someone to do this professionally we would consider that not 'wholly your own work' and not in the spirit of the scholarship program. It's a bit of a grey area, but in future scholarships we will stress this further in the FAQ. Thanks again for letting us know,

    - Pearse, World Nomads

  • Charizze said

    I have previous work experience as a Copywriter/Technical Writer and some of the works I've written for my previous jobs have been published but only on the company website, and without my byline. For the last 4 years, I have been working as a Web Content Developer, and I have also worked as a contributor (twice published) in a now-defunct sports magazine. Am I eligible to apply for the scholarship?

    Hi Charizze, unfortunately I can't advise on eligibility from the info you've given. This is judged on a case by case basis once judging reaches the shortlisted entries, so if there is any doubt you'll be able to address this at that time. Before then, it's up to you to assess whether you're eligible against the 25% income/time spent writing, and the extent of articles you have had published. All the best,

    - Pearse, World Nomads

  • Venky said

    Can I submit the story before 21 march and also post it on my blog before 21 march (new blogger with only 1-2 posts so I am not a professional writer)?
    Thanks :)

    Hi Venky, you're more than welcome to publish your entry on your blog as well as entering it into the scholarship. All the best,

    - Pearse, World Nomads

  • Sammy said

    Hi, I'm looking to enter the competition. My current job title is Marketing and Web Officer. This does include copywriting but the majority of my time is spent working on social media, managing a website, photography and videography. I don't feel that copywriting is 25% of my job but I want to be sure I'm eligible before I apply. Could I get some help on this?


    Hi Sammy, from what you've described, assuming you don't spend 25% of your time writing for your role, we wouldn't consider you a professional writer for the purposes of the scholarship. If your entry makes it to the shortlist and we have any doubt, we will be in touch to clarify any questions regarding this. Thanks,

    - Pearse, World Nomads

  • David O'Bryant said

    I am wondering if you plan on doing something like this again next year. I, will be travelling in Morocco, Andalusia, and Southern Portugal during the time of this and so, it doesn't make sense for me to apply. However, I am really interested in this idea (especially the workshop), and would love to apply next year, if you are doing it again.

    Hey David, sorry to hear you won't be able to apply (although it seems you'll be on an amazing trip already). While I can't confirm 100%, we typically run 3 scholarships a year; travel writing, travel photography & travel film. We've run the Travel Writing Scholarship every year since 2008, so it's a fairly safe bet that there will be another opportunity in the future! Sign up to our scholarships newsletter to be notified when new opportunities are announced. Have a great trip!

    - Pearse, World Nomads

  • Mohammed_Future traveler : ) said

    Dear World Nomads crew,

    I am happy to be here before anything begins.

    Regarding the two destinations we choose, does it means the places we choose to visit in 10-day trip ?

    Looking forward to be part of this life-time happiness.

    Warm regards,

    Hi Mohammed, you just need to pick the two destinations you'd most like to visit during the trip from the drop-down menu in the form. These aren't set in stone should you win the scholarship. Thanks,

    - Pearse, World Nomads

  • Andrea said

    Hi - I'd like to submit an entry but running short on time. Can you please specify the time for the deadline? March 21st - EST time?

    Thank you!

    Hi Andrea, the scholarship deadline is 11PM March 21st EDT time. Thanks,

    - Pearse, World Nomads

  • Kaushal O said

    Could you please advise about the format of the travel itinerary to be submitted? How detailed should it be? Thanks :)

    Hi Kaushal, there isn't an itinerary component for your scholarship application, all you need to do is to write your travel story, select the appropriate theme, pick 2 destinations you'd most like to visit on the assignment from the drop-down list and write your essay on why you should be chosen. Thanks,

    - Pearse, World Nomads

  • Cyna said

    Hi! I want to know exactly what you are looking for in the personal essay? Should it include our ideas/ambitions or more of who we are right now?

    Hi Cyna, in the personal essay you just need to answer two things: 1) Why you should be the scholarship recipient, and 2) what winning this opportunity would mean to you. Apart from this there are no further guidelines for this section, it's up to you how to answer those questions. Thanks,

    - Pearse, World Nomads

  • Saana said

    Hi. Am I eligible to apply if earn income from writing in my native language, but not in English? This is why I'd love to apply for the scholarship – to learn what it takes to become a travel writer in English market that I have no experience with?

    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Saana, if you're a professional writer against our criteria, in any language, then you would unfortunately be ineligible for the scholarship. All the best,

    - Pearse, World Nomads

  • Mina Mazraekar said


    I submitted my story "She'll Be Right" and the character count including spaces was 2500 in my Word document. However, when I entered it into the application it said the character count was 2514 out of 2550 max characters. So I revised my story to fit 2500 characters on the application form, but I'm confused as to why the numbers are different and am worried that my story may be too short, if you aren't going by the application form count. I'm also wondering why it says 2550 max characters? Anyway sorry for being so anal, but I want to make sure I submit the exact number required.

    Thank you,

    Mina Mazraekar

    Hi Mina, the limit for the essay is 2500 characters, however our form includes 2 characters for paragraph spacing whereas programs, such as Microsoft Word, do not. This is the reason we decided to add 50 extra characters to our form to account for this discrepancy. If you would like, you're welcome to re-submit your original entry provided it fits within our form, we will only judge the latest entry where duplicates exist. Thanks,

    - Pearse, World Nomads

  • Isabelle said

    I have the same concern as Mina. I think there's a bug in the application form, because I checked my characters in both Word and Google Docs, and they were below the limit, but in the WN form it shows out of 2550 characters for the story and out of 1550 characters for the personal essay.

    Hi Isabelle, please see my response to Mina above. Thanks,

    - Pearse, World Nomads

  • CCP said

    I submitted my story at 2400 characters, but the site still made me delete all of my indentations to make it fit. Will not indenting/putting a space between each paragraph affect the judging?

    Hi CCP, as stated above, our form includes 2 characters per blank line f space (usually character spacing). Not sure how 2400 characters was over our form's limit as we've increased this to 2550 to account for the discrepancy between it and Word. Formatting will not overly affect an entry, but it's up to you to use the space given however you see fit. Thanks,

    - Pearse, World Nomads

  • Carrie Keener said

    In the Conditions of Entry: "The program recipients are also responsible for all transportation to the point of departure, including accommodation costs prior to and following the travel dates in order to meet flight connections."

    I was just wanting to double-check this. Is this saying that we must buy our own tickets to Montenegro (point of departure?), or are our flights going there included in the airfare costs? It isn't stated in plain language so I was really wanting to be sure.

    Hi Carrie, if you look at the information under "The Trip" on this page (FAQs), the winners will each receive return economy airfare from their nearest airport to Dubrovnik, as well as transfers to Herceg Novi. The quote you've copied is relating to getting to the airport/post assignment travel by the applicant outside of the scholarship dates. For example, if they wanted to continue travelling after the assignment. Hope that helps,

    - Pearse, World Nomads

  • Jonathan Bloom said

    How do we ensure proper paragraph spacing in our submission? If I just put two blank spaces (i.e. " ") in between paragraphs, will this ensure that it is formatted as a paragraph break?

    I see you've answered questions like this above, and that it counts as two characters, but I'm still confused about how to actually preserve our formatting.


    Hi Jonathan, you can just format paragraph spacing as you normally would and it will keep this formatting. The 2 character spaces is just in reference to how our form's character counter works, i.e. if you use a paragraph space it will add 2 characters to the count. The reason I've mentioned above is so that people are aware an entry copied from Word (or similar) will likely increase in character count. So just treat it as you would any other word processor and space appropriately within our character limit. Hope that helps,

    - Pearse, World Nomads

  • Sunayana Baruah said

    By mistake, I submitted my story "Where I left a part of my heart..." twice. I apologise for that. Both are in fact the same. Thank you.

    Hi Sunayana, that's fine, we will only judge the latest entry from you but this won't affect your application. Thanks,

    - Pearse, World Nomads

  • Elyse said

    Is there a way to edit the posted essays so that our full name will not be displayed with our entry? I did not realize that even our yet-to-be-judged essays would be posted online.

    Hi Elyse, you can apply again with just an initial for your surname, then email with the details of your first entry and request it be removed. Please be aware however, that should you win your full name will necessarily be published. Thanks,

    - Pearse, World Nomads

  • Rehab said

    How can I track my application ?

    Hi Rehab, there is no way to "track" an application for this scholarship. We will be speaking to potential winners shortly before announcing them and the shortlisted entries on April 12. All the best,

    - Pearse, World Nomads

  • Jade Jackson said

    Will the question "Do you have any trips planned?" constitute an important part of the decision process for the winning entry? When I was filling out the entry form, I took that question to mean 'any trips that might clash with the prize dates', however afterwards I realized it was probably more likely about putting knowledge to use in other destinations!
    I do have a trip planned in Dec/Jan to Chile and Argentina but I just haven't finalized my itinerary or dates yet so it's too early to book anything.
    Jade :-)

    Hi Jade, that question is just general interest for us and will not be taken into account when judging your application, so don't worry about not answering it. Hope you have a great trip in December though! All the best,

    - Pearse, World Nomads

  • Pearse - World Nomads said

    Hi all,

    Thank you for your comments and questions regarding our Travel Writing Scholarship. As we near the deadline, we will be disabling comments on this page. All questions should already be answered in either our FAQs, or the existing comments above.

    Best of luck with your applications, we can't wait to read all of your amazing travel stories!

    - Pearse

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