Alone in the dark, there is always a light

by Roberto Guedes (Brazil)

Making a local connection USA


In October 2015, my best friend Beto broke his relationship and call me to go to Miami to visit his friend Guga that used to live in his neighbourhood on childhood. Then at the same time, walking and talking I found the cheapest tickets in an app. So I bought and he also did it. But then he realized that he hadn't have his passport and visa updated to travell to US. Then he started a journey to get this before the day of the trip. Unfortunaly, he didn't get the visa and I had to travel alone to stay with his friend's house that I've met at the time when I knocked the door. Guga, was, at the time, marriaged and he and his wife were very friendly, but I had to go in a Halloween party that I've bought the ticket with Beto. Then I went alone, and there were me in the dark, when a real lighting angel apeared and started to talk with me. The funny here is that I was in a fantasy of devil and she was like an angel and we started to talk. And we still talk since that every week, also we make some bussiness together and talk about life. It was a real good experience of local connection and how life happen sometime in an unexpected way.