Apex of my destiny


A decision that pushed me to the edge Nigeria


i ademola John Arimoro, hail from ilesha in a state call Osun,in Nigeria. i was born in the late eighty"s in Lagos state, from the family of mr and mrs Arimoro. in the year 2001,my father died untimely. then,it was my first year in high school. since then, i started struggling for survival. nobody came to my rescue. along the race,i finished high school,seeking for admission into the university or college. i have passion for education. despite that nobody supported me to actualized my dream. but, i hope in God. along the race,i faced a lot of challenges.such as Sachet water motor boy,bartender,laundry man, and lots. in the year 2013 , i saw a lame light that, my future will be bright. i met a course online from Institute of Internal Auditor. with tuition free. i quickly embark on it. in which i gain my certificate of achievement in Auditing, Risk management Course AND SIX SIGMA COURSE AS WELL. as i"m talking, i"m now the President of AJS Incorporated situated in Nigeria. that is how i get to the apex of my Destiny. this story simply means,if there is life,there is hope. thanks a lot.