Emotional overload

by Kerstin Wolf (Germany)

Making a local connection Peru


A day in 2016 in the North of Peru - definitively my most emotional and overwhelming day of my life!! After five years of sponsorship with „Plan International“ and several letters with my goddaughter Rosa, I finally had the chance to visit her and her family. At 9am I was picked up in my hostel by a lady of the organization "Plan International" and we drove to their office in Piura. After explaining me everything about how they work, we drove to the village where the project was working for 21 years and where Rosa is living and going to school. First we met with the guys from the municipality in the town hall and I got a great insight of where the donations are going in (health, water, education…). I felt important sitting with 8 Peruvian guys and the 2 coordination ladies from "Plan" at a long meeting table and getting a lot of thanks, as well in form of a medal and a straw hat. Afterwards we drove to the secondary school (Rosa is 13 years old and visiting the 2° grade there). This moment was absolutely breathtaking and overwhelming - I lost some tears! I met Rosa and the school prepared a ceremony only for myself, with a warm welcome on the wall („Bienvenida, Miss Wolf“), music of brass instruments, a live singer, dancing, acceptance speeches of the director, Rosa and other people (I could say some words, too) and again a present. During most of my sponsorship Rosa visited the primary school, which we visited as well to see where my money went to (colorful classrooms, teaching equipment…) and I received again a lot of thankful words. Then it was time to visit the home of Rosa and her family. Her mum passed away that year, so the family is still very sad which I can absolutely understand. The entrance was decorated with German flags and welcome posters - lovely!! They (dad and four kids) are living in a small clay house with only two bedrooms (the two girls and the two boys share one), a further bed is in the corridor. The family has support from their grandma and aunt for cooking and household - the lunch was delicious (chicken, pasta with tomato, banana, purple potato). Unfortunately I forgot the name of this dish, but it is typical for events like Christmas, too. I could really feel the love and thanks of these persons. Then it was already time to say goodbye and the most emotional day of my life ended with a lot of heartwarming memories full of love and happiness... “Always give without remembering and always receive without forgetting.” (Brian Tracy)