Gliding into the Skiess

by Radhika Sharma (India)

A decision that pushed me to the edge India


The time when i was almost about suffocate myself in work, i decided to take a break of two days in order to get myself in my senses. The only thing I could think of was mountains and inhaling fresh air into my lungs. That is when i came across a eye catching Para- Gliding pics of few people, there i was this was the place i wanted to escape from work and go to.. I decided to take local public transport to reach my destination. was memorised by the beauty of Bir and Biling located in Himachal Pradesh. The mountains were full of greenery and colourful flowers. My eyes were already feeling sense of relaxation. We decided to trek from Bir to reach the para gliding point which was almost 8000 ft. above the ground level. Then the journey started through puzzled routes. the trek involved seeing monkeys and cliffs and rock climbing. It almost took 4 hours to reach on the top. By then it was already night and we decided to stay in camp for the night so that we could do gliding in the morning. In the nights it was like we were in the sky could see every stars so close to us, as we could hold in our hand and make a wish. Nothing seemed impossible by then. Next day morning we woke up with a beautiful view of Sunrise and we could see the para gliding point as well. This was the time for I was there, no fear but lot of anxiety. Had never done this before. having all this thoughts in mind, we jumped from the cliff with para- gliding bag.... and there it was in the middle of the sky and land. Could have not thought or asked for anything better. Seeing every bird, every mountain and every temple and human development from the sky was just beyond one eyes imagination. After a good 1 and half hour flight we landed and could not believe that i did this... my heart was full of happiness and calmness which i wanted. This was my best vacation and i glided into the skies...!!!