How to find love in 700 km of Camino de Santiago

by Svitlana Shevchenko (Ukraine)

The last thing I expected Portugal


Girl from Mars likes to run. Especially by the new roads and cities, there are more questions than answers she will find the last where she runs, as if they are dropped with a cry of tired seagulls, flying to the embankment. There, where the pink merges with the gray-blue colors of the sky and the big eye of the Atlantic, only a white thread of an airplane cuts all this bright layered pie of the pre-production action... And on the run, she met a seagull, slowly pacing the side. And even stopped without pressing pause in the fitness tracker, it surprised her so much that the seagull didn't care about it. She proudly stretched out her leg and seemed to think to herself: "Oh, one more human, it's strange that I'm not flying away, maybe I just don't want to!" And the girl asked herself questions. About what she really is afraid of, having in her purse as much as 10€. No, she was not afraid to stay without money, and even without a place where to sleep. More than anything in the world, the girl was afraid to become a nobody but she didn't knew that only by becoming a nobody, she would find herself... In 6 weeks she will walk on foot Camino de Santiago. From Portugal to Spain. Alone in the winter. Without money. Only a backpack and everyday rain would be the best friends of those days and nights. Stand on the very toes, crouched all over, holding one silver spoon by one hand. The water there were uneven, but warm. It is necessary to wait a little longer, until it becomes a bit warm, to quickly dive under the drops of water and keep warm. Soap and wash very quickly. Until it gets cold again. It's already so familiar for 6 weeks. And, by the way, happiness, that there is a shower at all. And warm water. In albergue (hostel) for pilgrims, where she asked to sleep one old woman. Usually they wanted 6-12€ for it. But this way taught her to talk with any person even without knowing language. And the main joy of the evening - a roof over the head at night. Standing under that shower, washing off the day, she felt the tension on shoulders from a heavy backpack. And she thought that he knows how to smell the rain... The Portuguese guy from Porto, who showed her the secret parts of the city of wine. "I will be happy anyway, - decided girl from Mars. - Instincts do not lie. The son of a fisherman even can sniff the rain. And can balance me like a wave... Will he be brave to go our Camino in Mexico?". And he abandoned everything to go with her to another continent.