I could breathe!

by Srishti Puliani (India)

The last thing I expected Singapore


I have been an enthusiastic girl who’s always looking for magic. In fact, never stopped believing in magic. I feel, if you have the power to dream, you sure will have the strength to make them come true and with this perfect combination of dream and strength, magic is bound to happen. My dream wasn’t a big, seemingly unachievable one. I just wanted to go and watch my favorite band play live. To my surprise, Coldplay decided to perform in India, but not to my surprise, my parents refused for me to go. That’s when magic came to play. My brother in Singapore bought me tickets to the concert there. The traveller inside of me jumped, almost a year of meticulous planning, saving money, research and overthinking gave me goose bumps. I couldn’t control my excitement. I covered the touristy part of Singapore in the first 4 days. The country is smaller than the city I live in, it wasn’t that difficult a job anyway. On the night of the fourth day, I sat with my brother enjoying a glass of beer and his usual elder brother talk. I had one more day to go before the concert, he asked me to visit the Tree Top Walk of MacRitchie Reservoir. My overly adventurous self, conveniently neglected the intensity of the trek and the size of that nature reserve. The next morning, I trickled out of the bed, my legs hurt from the incessant walking that I wasn’t used to. I made myself breakfast and decided against taking a bath because I was going to sweat, or so I expected. I grabbed my undercharged phone, assuming to be back in three hours along with my earphones and left for the nature reserve. As soon as I began the trek, it started drizzling. I continued walking and the drizzle soon became a shower. It took two hours for me to reach the tree top and I was soaking wet. As I walked on the bridge, a few feet above this huge expanse of rain forest, I was all alone but I could breathe. On my way back, I had to walk through the forest on wet wooden walks that they had created, I got lost. It took another two and a half hours for me to get back. My phone was dead, I was tired, drenched, didn't have food or water. But, I was enjoying. Enjoying the slight chill, the water trickling on my skin, my soaked hair, the smell of the rain forest, sounds of the leaves rusting, birds singing and insects enjoying. I was dancing in the rain. I felt free and alive and realised that the adventure of the journey is better than the destination. That day, I felt free to be me. I fell in love with myself.