my first day without my family

by Abhishek Rana (India)

Making a local connection India


Finally i made my first trip for Rajasthan and my family was not accepting to go for trip but traveling is my lifeline , whenever i get chance i never want to leave that , so i somehow managed to go but i was not having money because my family didn't gave me a single coin, 15 days before the trip i worked in mall and night work to somehow earn money , at trip day i had 15 thousands and few extra money and i went there , i didn't took room or any hotels to stay , i was just roaming there places to places , i use to sleep in temple and other place in that 10 days i experience a lots of things and the most remembered thing was when i was in jaipur i saw few people and they were not good at all , they saw me and i was fully sure that they was after my miney and my bag , so i ran so fast , while running i was not knowing what should i do i ran for more then 30 minutes then i got inside city and few people saw me and helped me , i am so much thankful to those people , then i explored place and many other things