My Lost Soulmate

by Anthony Carchidi (Canada)

The last thing I expected Canada


I was nearing the end of my 2 and half month Eurotrip of 2017, ready to head back to Canada; a place I call home. The beginning of my travels started off with such wanderlust and full of exploration. The entire adventure wasn’t all glorious. I was scammed for 125 Euros in Paris ad robbed of my iPad and 400 Euros in Amsterdam early into my journey. Was the the rest of my journey going to be this bad? Should I pack up and head home now? “I must continue on.” I kept telling myself. “Something amazing is going to happen!” I continued on my journey south to Spain and ended up in Barcelona. This may have been the best thing that had ever happened to me for many reasons. The hostel I stay at had the friendliest, most welcoming people a solo traveler could look for. But what happened next was the last thing I expected. See my entire travels, I had never been looking for love, or lust, or even one night stands. Just a man on his journey to find himself (or so I thought). With only three days left in Barcelona, I met a girl. Dirty blonde hair, light blue eyes, tan, from New York. She was not the most attractive person, but something about her made me want to talk to her. We started off with basic small talk and chatting about travels. I explained to her that I lived in Korea teaching for some time and she explained how she always wanted to go. We exchanged Facebook accounts and grabbed lunch together. Over lunch, we had the most incredible chats about how we didn’t want to live the stereotypical way of life… get married, have kids, have a mortgage, work, retire, get old and die. Our minds were totally in sync. Was this my soulmate? For the next 2 days we hung out at the beach and bars together, never in a sexual manner as the conversation was too incredible to get passed. I told her that I had a flight booked to Budapest the next day. I laid awake all night before my flight contemplating not leaving and seeing if this was my true soulmate. As I laid there, I messaged her on Facebook asking her if she thought it would be a good idea for me to stay, hoping that she would say yes. The AM came and I had no response. So I left. I left with doubt and wonder about what the future could have held. I will always reflect on this moment in time, with this girl, and the amazing conversation we had. In that time I learned so much about myself. So thank you my lost soul mate. Although nothing came to be, you will always be in my heart and mind as someone who truly changed my life.