The Beautiful Mount Bromo

by Adriana Correia (Portugal)

A decision that pushed me to the edge Indonesia


Really? Do we really need to get up at 3 in the morning? Nooooo!". I admit that this was my first tough. It was like 3ºC outside and my backpack was full of summer clothes since I was travelling through Southeast Asia and it was very hot everywhere. It was late July and after been backpacking for 5 months, me and Diogo decided that we wouldn’t be leaving Indonesia without trekking to see Bromo first. We had only one more day ahead before departing and we rush to get the most cheapest hotel and eat some hot drinks. We took 2 buses and one van to get to Bromo. We decided to go for it so after several hours we were at the beginning of the trekking trail which would lead us to our destination, and took some moments to reflect on what we were about to do. It had been a rough year for me: I quit a full-time job so I could study so I had two part-time jobs, another job that I only did for once or twice a month, I was studying at night and I lost my father in November. As for my boyfriend, he was struggling between giving up his job and travel or just keep working in a job he hated. They say everything happens for a reason. Together for almost 4 years, we decided to backpacking for 6 months and here we were in Bromo, Indonesia! Maybe this difficult trekking was meant to remember that life is tough, but there are still things worth fighting for. Besides your toughts about the great view you'd see, nothing can compare to what we really saw around 5am to 7.30am. The smell of fresh leaves, the grey turning blue and then white coulds, the fresh air, the horses smell, the sound of people tired but glad to do that trekking it's unbeliavable. Along our way, we met couples, friends and almost all nationalities were together in that special place. When we reached the top, the view was superb. For a few moments we just shut our mouths and apreciate the beauty. And when I laid on our bed that night, I realized that I could overcome wathever and do something better out of my life. Just because. My last tough was: We are all beautiful and strong as Bromo vulcano!