The Day I Was Born

by Parampreet Singh (India)

A decision that pushed me to the edge India


Everything changed after that one moment…. Moment as soon as my father hit the ground when heart attack hit him. I never thought poverty could lead my family to this stage. But it surely changed me as a person for my lifetime! From being self-obsessed and selfish about myself at all the times I changed for good. It all began when I moved from a smaller city of India to the capital, New Delhi. That move came with many challenges and many things to learn about life at a very young age. I was only 5 when my parents decided to move cities for a better lifestyle and opportunities for the family. Challenges associated with the move made me independent because I had to face them on my own as my parents had a lot going on at that time to keep us under a roof. Settling in the capital wasn’t so easy for us. Poverty hit us when my father was starting up his own financial business. We didn’t have much option other than sticking together as a family. Staying positive and supporting each other was our biggest key to success. Financial hardship and stress led my father to heart issues, which he could no longer handle. That news busted out to us at three in the night through his heart attack.I was shaken to see my father like that. The moment I grabbed him into my arms and drove him to the nearest hospital taught me a lesson called “Life”. At that moment I had realized I had been taking life for granted. Waiting for a taxi would have caused a big loss, so that dilemma forces me to drive all through the way all alone. Driving my father to the hospital was the longest journey itself. A young teenager who was just learning driving drove his father safely to the hospital. A couple of daily experience of driving helped me through. Watching my dad drive, watching his footsteps move created an independent emergency driver like me. My mom doesn’t know how to drive then and I just took the responsibility to save my father’s life all alone. As soon as I jumped in the car my body was moving automatically. There was no planning and no thinking included in that journey of how to drive. I just kept driving till I reached the hospital and admitted my father. A couple of hours later my mother called and questioned me how did I drive my father here? I had nothing to say except I did what needed to be done. All I learned from that experience was to give a try to everything and thinking “I can do that”, make the difference in the society. That’s what I am living upon.