The last thing I expected

by Edit Zsido (Australia)

The last thing I expected Switzerland


There was this point in my life when I didn't know which direction to go to, I just knew which path I didn't want to stay on. Since little girl I've dreamed about traveling the world. Left my home country with this idea, however I needed to be back and thought I'll build up a life that I might enjoy there. But no, once I experienced the traveler life I couldn't switch back anymore. New horizons opened. Those five weeks that I spent in Romania with this thoughts in my mind were quite energy draining and sad. I was eager to go again somewhere, anywhere. I never considered Switzerland , although it's well known what a natural beauty of a country it is. It was a last option for me, I don't even know why. Maybe because it's Europe and too close? I accepted a job offer coming from Zurich for 3 months. It was a way out of my sad stage of wanting to go somewhere but being broke. 3 months in a beautiful country is not such a bad idea when you've got no clue what to do with yourself and your life. I was sure once I completed my 3 months work commitments I'll take off and go probably somewhere far away and never look back. Little did I know that once I land in Zurich and walk out to the lake on a mid October afternoon I'll instantly fall in love with the place. I can still remember that moment when time stopped for a second, my mouth dropped open and I was mesmerized of the view I was staring at. I could see the mountains in distance with snow on top, it was stunning. The falling leaves were colorful and pretty, so much so that for a second I thought I'm in a fairytale. 3 months passed quickly and almost every day I returned to my spot by the lake to admire the panorama that I liked so much. My heart started to feel strange when I thought I have to leave. It didn't feel right to go away when I like it so much somewhere. There was no need to leave. I got an extension, a one year contract and a big smile on my face because I realized this is my place. Slowly I built up friendships that will last forever I'm sure. Created myself a life, took up new hobbies, explored the country, the world and got to know myself so much better. I found peace in Switzerland and I truly felt home. 3 months turned into a year and slowly I completed four years. The last thing I expected was to settle down, yet still it happened. From the initial 3 months I spent four amazing years in a country that I still consider home.