The old new friend of mine

by Olga Abramova (Russia)

Making a local connection Russia


More than 20 years ago, a blind Bulgarian seeress Vanga predicted various events that are still coming true. There is a list of her prophecies and no one knows which of them are hers. Among them, however, there is one: in 5079, people will find a boundary of the Universe. Who knows if people of unimaginably future future will indeed face the edge of the world, but in 2016 I definitely did. My friend and I, we decided to go on a vacation to Anapa, a small town located on the northern coast of the Black See. Good old place. Is there anything I haven’t seen after several summers spent there? I bet you can predict the right answer. But I couldn`t. It was our 6th day in Anapa, we passed abandoned cars that were missing all wheels, a grape yard, old garages, garbage, unfortunately, and then I saw a new construction and the sky. I came to the edge of the hill and when I looked down I saw it. “Do you see this?” I cried to my friend. “What?” “The earth is round! We reached the edge of the world! You can actually see it here!” We came to the edge of the mountain and looked down: white curious waves of the Black See were spreading its foamy hands in attempts to climb to the brink of the precipice of this tremendous vertical hill where we were standing only to fall down and merge with the sea again. I remembered Shakespeare`s lines. He described that unreasonable and unknown feeling when one wants to jump into abyss. But it is too beautiful here. There are moments in life so modest, but at the same time so flamboyant that no words are needed. I wish you were there, too. Those moments, minutes, seconds when you not only know, but f e e l that you are alive. We reached the top of the hill we were climbing. Who would have thought this place has such a generous souvenir for me? I smile in return. Now I recollect that moment in my life with the help of photographs we took that day. I see myself standing hands wide in the air trying to mimic the vastness of reality around me. It is painfully sharp and soothingly blurred at the same time. Sun covers the earth, the rock slope, mountains, water underneath us, and multi-faced stairs on which I stand. On our way back we encountered a woman who gave as a twig with black grapes. She said she had washed it in the sea. Black grapes embraced by sea salt. Who would have thought? In the end, it was worth it. All my life was worth this day. I`m nothing compared to the nature and its grandeur, but I`m happy. And it is enough for me now.