The Refugees Project

by Ahmed Hamed (Egypt)

The last thing I expected Germany


Every One Can Make a Film About The Refugees But Do You Think The Refugees Can Make Movies About Them Selves ? I met her when i was in Germany last year , Mayada Hammid Syrian girl 8 years old . I was talking with her about Syria she told me " I don't remember anything about Syria " . That was my starting point to make a film about those people " Syrians , Palestinians , Iraqians , Libyans and African " they live in Germany especially in Berlin . I started to follow the " New Europeans " in there lives and live with them like a refugee . There are many people in many Arab country wants and trying to leave the Arabian Area this days because what is happening now , and they are looking at the Arab in Europe like the live in the paradise . but those people they live in Europe has another opinion , they told me they does not even have the right to travel in any country in Europe , just the country they live in , also they said its not easy to have a feeling that you will not go back again for your home . It's about the Syrians , Palestinians , Africans and the refugees from around the world lives in Germany specially in Berlin and they are traveling to Paris by bus for tourism and we found during the time passes they are going to Paris for political issues , we found some countries are used the refugees to their demonstrations against the governments's systems . Here in our movie you will see country like Iran use the refugees to mobilize against the government . And you'll see the whole thing from the beginning , how they promised the refugees with good hotels , food and good trip to Paris to enjoy the city in return the refugees just to show they are a Iranian people in this conference .