The unexpected wonders of Antigua

by Tanja Saglind (Sweden)

A decision that pushed me to the edge Guatemala


After a lively night in my bed -I knew where I needed to go next. That night I had dreamt of a shady beach under a rainy sky with thunder crackling above. The message I awoke with told me was about a mysterious location: Guatemala. I had never before within my travels thought about exploring Central America, but the feeling the dream left me with was like an engine going faster and grinding in my chest. A month later I was on a plane, with little cash and a bell ringing in my head- you're doing it again. Pushing your limits and edges beyond the horizon of you comfort-zone. Smiling and uncertainly looking out the window, I was going to explore this mysterious message I've received. My first stop was in Mexico City, going southeast through Oaxaca, towards San Cristobal. Finally crossing the border to Guatemala, my excitement grew steady. My goal wasn't a specific city, I would just know when I had reached the perfect time and place, enjoying the marvelous scene of old mayan land along the way. Then- I knew I had arrived. It took me about 4 long weeks to reach the colonial town Antigua. The culture, people and nature had already baffled me beyond reason, but following that grinding voice in my heart I knew when I saw this mysterious charm of the architecture. For days I wandered around in the grid of streets, melting away in the sun, drowning in the floods of the heavy rains. I had to admit it, I felt lost and confused beyond what my stubbornness admitted. The last thing I expected in the streets muddle was to encounter a very special Guatemalan man. It felt like it was God, the universe or what ever mysterious force I had been following lately, revealed itself in his eyes. Christian had an incredible history, a story of been working under a corrupt president, losing his business, everything he owned, having to move in with his mother at the age of 35, encounter God several times over in his task of terminating the walls of Ego. Only to find himself wanting to spread a crystal clear message. He moved to the perfect location -Antigua, and started a restaurant-business. He turned the small place into a beautiful, thriving holisitic source of healing and spiritual information. Connecting Gods messages with yoga, food and an alternative lifestyle, Christian was vibrant. After spending 8 more weeks there, I had another lively night in his house. Under the full moon I had a very vivd dream about me opening a holsitic restaurant. The locations this time: Norway