Sister's promise

by Mariam Mohamed (Egypt)

A leap into the unknown Turkey


On my senior year, I promised my sister that one day, I will take her around the world. It took me two years of hard work to save for our first destination together. We decided to go to Turkey as it has all what we love. Spectacular nature, great history, marvelous architecture, cultural diversity and of course delicious food! It took us 4 months of planning to spend 10 days in Istanbul and Bursa. We were so excited and impatient towards what we shall see there. Language was not a problem as I speak a bit of Turkish and I understand almost 60% of any context. We made it, a trip to be remembered for life time. We enjoyed walking in the streets of the place we knew nothing about. We took photos of almost everything. My young sister surprised me with her courage to take risks and go for adventures. We spent one day in beautiful Bursa and we enjoyed the breathtaking mountain of Uludag. It was my sister's first time to see snow, and I will forever engrave her smile and happiness when she first saw it in my heart. We were so grateful to wake up everyday ready to take the bus and go around almost all the districts of Istanbul. Getting lost was a great pleasure, as we get to discover new restaurants and try the most delicious Turkish food. This trip was like a dream, we never wanted it to finish. It has been a month since we got back, and we still feel the same happiness when we recall our memories together. It is for sure that sisters have to argue and even fight, but our argument there were the best. I am so grateful that I was blessed with this opportunity, to take my sister for her very first trip abroad. I got to know her better and spend much time with her. I now know she is ready and she will go around the world on her own one day.