West Coast Bound

by Angela Becia (United States of America)

A leap into the unknown USA


My car was packed with everything I owned, minus items I could live without, and I hit the road after my last day of work in the corporate world. The only thing that was in front of me was the open road. I had completed my contract as a community manager on social for the past 9 months, where I dreamed of nothing but being free. I wanted to be the living example of letting the caged bird sing and in that very moment as I walked out the front door for the first time I was. The air was a crisp 20 something degrees and all I could think was don't ever look back. I fastened by seatbelt and drove away with no regrets. The next few weeks would consist of me living out of my car, staying with close friends and crashing in airbnbs or cheap motels until I arrived on the West coast where I planned to live for the next several years living out my dream to live along the Pacific once again. I couldn't wipe the smile off my face as I found myself heading south to warmer weather and more importantly warmer company. This very leap into what I had never experienced before was not only exhilarating, but helped me find my true passion once again. Over the course of a month I traveled from Wisconsin to Washington, stopped for a few nights here and there or as little as one night in a motel to break up the drive on my way to yet another national park or on my way to see another wonderful friend. I experienced some highs and some lows, but even the lows couldn't smear the smile off my face or drive to accomplish my goal. I had days where my windows were down and I met new people that are now friends and others that had me canceling plans due to snow storms and driving through awful road conditions sandwiched between two semis feeling a teetering level of safe or unsafe at times. Out of all my experiences traveling, this cross country road trip helped me shed layers of who I had become that was not who I truly was, it helped me laugh so hard I could hardly breathe, it helped me feel welcome in the strangest of places and making new friends wherever I went. It truly was a once and a lifetime moment that I seized with no regrets, that I did for myself and myself alone. I let go of the things that were no longer serving me and I chased the experiences, people and adventure I daydreamed about at that day job for months and no matter how many people told me I shouldn't or questioned my motives, I followed my own head, heart and soul. No matter where you are in life, challenge yourself and question if what you're doing is what you enjoy and love. If it is, I send you love and if not, I send you all the good vibes to aid you in your search for what that might be for you because taking a step forward into the unknown is all it takes. Taking that first step will help you, no matter where you are and what you're doing and know that I am cheering you on from the sideline because I wouldn't have taken this step into the unknown without my own supporters and wish you all the best in finding your bliss in this beautiful life.