Discovering My Wings.

by Katherine Soupionas (United Kingdom (Great Britain))

A leap into the unknown United Kingdom


"Jump, and you will find out how to unfold your wings." Based in Ithaca for only 2/3weeks or more, and already needing to escape from the very place I came seeking refuge for. After loosing all my savings unknowingly at the time in a relationship, I bought a one way ticket with what was left in my overdraft, fleeing for my life to find some sanctuary. Just to find my Aunts and an Uncle, locals on the island Ithaca behave very strangely possessive when my granndfathers' grandchildren (i.e. moi) actually live and utilize the family bungalow which does not get used. So naturally moving in as a base for my artistic lead documentary, with a job they do not understand, so presumed I simply didn't work, and I am a loser with no money. They didn't ask if I was ok, as I looked and felt like I was in some seriously dreadful shape, or asked has something happened that put you in this situation. Instead they kept shouting in Greek to me in a corner about what a failure I am and believe an unwed young women should still live with their parents until marriage, so "Go back to South Africa!" Thus hermit mode apparate ascension increased. My water and electricity was mysteriously cut, heading for what was one of the coldest winters in 50 years, I mean it snowed in Stavros! I just lived quietly in the bungalow with an outside bathroom with a family of 6 cats. Well at that point we all were just acquaintances. After I returned from this epic adventure, we were closer than brothers. So if things are meant to be they will be. I heard my Uncle was going to take my other Unlce to the faery boat that leaves to Patra every morning at 6:30am then returns in the evening time 6:30pm. So I decide to take a chance with some wit and 7 euros I had left and go to Patra and look for a lost love that never got a chance to blossom. If it was real it would lead us in same direction together, if not, so be it, at least I tried. My Uncle tried to say there was no space for me- I told him I'd get in the boot if I had to, but I was going to Patra. Eventually getting to Patra by the hair on my teeth, and miracle angels that just happen to peek in at the right time to be about to help a brother get to the other side. When I got to Patra, I didn't quite realize how big it was, trying to look for one person in that whole city is finding a needle in a haystack. After a day of adventure and discoveries. I am granted brief entry into a castle on top of a very high hill, that was not open for public. Mesmerized at the epic ruins as I go to get a drink water, I make a quick dash from escorted security to capture something, anything of the place on camera, then stumble across an opening of the castle that lead to the very edge of the perimeter of the Castle. Walking through the crack of the stone castle, I look up, amazed by a panoramic view of Patra's shorelines. WIth the security gaurds now seeming quite near I say, "Oh I found it. We can go now!" Getting directions back down to the plaza, Olga Square below, the first guy I happen to ask just looked at me and drove off`. The second guy I ask however happens to know a family from Ithaca, who owns a Taverna around a very far off the corner, gives me a lift, invites me to come around for dinner tonight to meet the family. I don't think I'll be going back to Ithaca this evening. Where I'll sleep, even less of an idea. But keep going perhaps I'll stumble onto... something...Thank God my friend, a taxi woman was at the harbour this morning, knows my type crazy, and gave me fifty euors to get me by the day. Debt Paid in Full now. After meeting Dionysus who sat infront of Irenie, the Statue of peace I was quite literally left in Peace. Then meeting the family who I was secretly hoping would set me up for the night, but didn't. Next to their taverna however was a bed and breakfast. That was a Dolphin blessing I thought. So from saying I'd be gone for one day ended up being away for 2 months or more climbing my way to Tayegatos Pyramids, discovering a family I didn't know I had, like a pregnant cat searching instinctively where to give birth, my instincts took me on one of the greatest adventures yet. And we haven't even scratched the surface.