"Discovering Your Wings" -Part.2

by Therina Soupionas (United Kingdom (Great Britain))

A leap into the unknown Greece


I apologize for the late entry and over extending the writing limit. I pray and hope you would still read it anyway. I have a brilliant way of making my little big life quite intense, always interesting. It's a personal talent and a personal touch I like to leave with my viewer, readers, you. It's about speaking directly to peoples hearts, as I am doing now to yours, whoever you are reading this, right Now, this is special. And I hope you get that. Never give up, keep going even if you think there's no point. You right! There isn’t, the point is Have Fun! That's definitely one thing Ithaca has taught me. When I woke up at 23:37 realizing I'm late for the deadline, I could be disheartened and say, oh well next time. And then I thought of you. You reading a little piece of me that doesn't get sent out very much to any public. (Well on this realm in anyway.) And that thought made it all ok, and worth while. It's never been about deadlines that you just couldn't meet or needing a longer thread to know we where we once meet. No, to me it’s always been about finding that exact right One to read it, no matter how many fails. Here I am, and here you are, infinitely bound beyond time and space, call it a cosmic date. The fact that I found you, now that takes skill, and you know what I'm talking about, speaking straight into the heart of the matter. Hash tag that shit, your on now go sing your song. It's not about what your being told, its about what takes hold of you directly in your soul and tells you to fly unchained, unbound, unrivalled, unbeatable, unstoppable, unbreakable. That's truly when you begin to fly, fly high once again. The rest of the 2 months from part 1, are even more miraculous if you want to find out more, do let me know. Bask in the golden ray of the Light of day that shines so kindly on your path. From Ithaca to Patra to Kalamata, to Athens and back to Ithaca. From love to betrayal to misunderstandings to discovering truth amongst lies and murder, yes this is no fiction, truth is always stranger. Embracing the thorns as well as the roses. And discover you wings... In 300 words: Back in my second day of being in Patra, I got hold of an old friend who came to meet me on a stormy day and we got hold of our other friend who to moved to Kalamata. We were real close, so he told our mutual friend to take me to the next bus so I get to Kalamata. Spoke to his friend work colleague on the phone. Apparently in broken english I could make out I'm hugging Mary tonight. Meaning, I'm sleeping at her place, hugging her in her bed. His friends welcomed me like a long lost sister, I didn't even need to speak much at all. In fact I couldn't, I was exhausted and found people that were actually nice to me. I was in heaven discovering Silence is my mother tongue. Ever since I heard about this mystical mountain called Tayegatos where pyramids arise as an apparition at 6 am each morning, I've been hoping to somehow make the climb. Everyone told me I need to meet this certain Lady. I calmly said when the right moment arrives, it will happen. Of course we met on the next super full moon. I get invited by her and her crew who came through from Athens to climb this mountain (2nd largest in Greece) in 2 days time. Needed to confirm however, if there was space for me. I waited until the exact moment I knew I definitely going to get all the gear I needed. Which was 4 hours. Ran to my friends work, grabbed his bike went to another friend who borrowed climbing boots, another borrowed sleeping back, another clothes. And here I was on the way to climb Tayegatos which I dreamed about since arriving at Kalamata. And which would go on to change my life forever. This is where I found my wings. And this was where I met this very strange and mystical being who invited me to come to Athens and climb all the mountains there too on a Vespa (whose right shoulder was invisible - I could literally see stars through him on the night we climbed up and had to wait and sleep like goats in the steep crevices of the mountains rock formation until morning to climb up a steeper region to see the Pyramids. Made love under moonlight, love making that made the world shake upside down and inside out. Leaving you high and dry with no food or honey in your mouth. But which in the long run saved your life in all other ways. Life is quite mysterious like this after all.