Eastern meets western.

by Sudin Acharya (Portugal)

A leap into the unknown Denmark


I crossed thousands of miles from my country to reached in Europe and it was my first international travel. The place where I went was totally different vives from my society. I came out of plane and sat out side in a public chair and and a couple came after sometime and they started to have frechkiss and it was very new things for me to see kissing on the public area like that. So somehow I felt little awkward to sit on beside them. I had no one over there to recive me and to guide. All I need to do was find my way by self in totally new place. Anyway I make a contact with one brother over there with the help of my guitar teacher. Then he came to revive me after 10 hours. He took me in his house and treated very well like his own brother. After 2 weeks I decided to bornholm which was my main purpose to be in Denmark to learn new language culture music and meet people from the world. So he help me to wait bus station then after it was my solo journey again. We hugged and said good bye to eachother. It was so many transit to reached my destination but anyway I had a enough confidence to talk with random people and to find my way. So I enjoyed my travelling from Copenhagen to talk Sweden. There was a girl beside me in bus so I asked about the places and many more. Then from Sweden I need to took a fairy to reached island. I was with my guitar on line and another old man came to talk with me he was also with his guitar. So it was mutual passion and our vives also matched. Also even in in fairy coincidentally we were together. We reached to island and I asked some local about my school and way to catch a taxi. But they suggested to take a bus and show me the way. Then I went to station and wait for a hour. And then I talked with bus driver but he didn't got the name of the school because later on I found some people called in local name but the name which I was using was international name. So after a few seconds I got a idea to show the applied documents of school so he could get exact location. So when he saw my document he understood where I need to be. So he said me you will go with me but you have to make one more transit but don't worry I will guide you. I said OK. Then I was only with euro but he just converted the value in kroner with calculater and he gave me tickets to my final destination. He took me and then he talked with another driver and told her to leave me on my place and so one my another trip begins I was little bit tired with long journey and so many transit. She forgot to drop me so she went little bit a head my location but it was just 5 minutes of walk so it was okay. And then I saw a way to go inside from that highway I thought I need to walk some more to reached my destination but I was already on my destination and it was with out walls and gate so it was free compound so I got confused. Then when I was just about to enter a girl paper and told me are you a sudin I said yes and she told me we all were waiting for you and she showed my house to stay. I meet with all new international friends and principal from school. I had a really good memorization time over there. And Danish people were very nice and bornholm Denmark became one of the best place from my journey. That's the place with kind hearted people. Humble nature and beautiful location with a lot of beach forest animals. That is simply a marvelous island. I fall in love with island. It will be always in my heart.