Exploring mystery through glaciers and fjords

by Phaedra Kagiafa (Greece)

A leap into the unknown Norway


After many years of traveling around the world, a dream of a long road trip in Norway came true. The excitement was taking upon me to arrange and plan everything. For many years, I was reading the history of the country but the most exciting part was nature! So, I got into the geology and geomorphology of the country by reading, searching and exploring how all of this was formed. All this natural beauty developed, destroyed and is developing again through many centuries but it always keeps its stunning feeling. Starting my journey from Bergen, a really quiet and cute city in which I explored some part of Norway's beauty, I rented a car and started heading to Alesund by listening to Fleet Foxes, Sufjan Stevens, Grizzly Bear, classical music. The trip took six days as I was stopping in different villages, lots of ferries to pass to one place to another. Stopping to different places such as Vik, Voss, Odda, Jostedalsbreen Nasjonal Park (one of the biggest glaciers is there and you could hear the glacier moving as it was really quiet) through snowy mountains, Flam, Sognefjorden on the way, then heading down watching lakes and forests, small villages in the middle of nowhere! Amazing and stunning views that lead you to the ferry to Geiranger fjord. The most amazing cruise someone can take. It was a sunny day, watching the waterfalls and feel this cold breeze. Then, I head to Alesund a beautiful city but not with much to do so I decided to start heading down to Bergen and stayed in a great cabin in Jolster by the river and listening to the sound of it the whole night! I ended up in Oslo but Oslo is quiet known and I could say that it's just a capital. The uniqueness of Norway is found in the feeling the road trip gives you. Everything in this country is relaxing and quiet. You feel free, nature takes up on everything and this is where you realize the importance of nature and of adventurous trips such as these in our lives. So, I will definitely go back to the Arctic Circle, starting my journey from Tromso!