Journey dubai to cirebon

by Muhammad ishaq Jadoon (Indonesia)

I didn't expect to find Indonesia


It was my big mistake i fell in love with u these were last words which i heard on call from my x wife .i was one the way to dubai airport my flight was on 11.30 am to jakarta .i didn't know why i was doing this and at the end of journey i will meet with my expectations or will face as usual. there is saying everything is fair in love war but i was still failed to decide this love or war ?there was unknown power who forced me to accept this as love but my brain was not ready to accept this .bcoz i knew it was a war between my brain and my heart .i left my home as it is i left my business i left my that friends company for whom there is saying A man is know by company which he keeps and women with he sleeps so infact i left both this time . I think it was the time for that i was waiting since i dont even remember but yes only 1 word i remember which my heart said me when i got my Indonesian visa and after i m here with lady for her i change my life and character. I m not play boy any more i m not drinker now i quit smoking . I find my self after marry this lady .but why slowly slowly now i start to feel there is something missing in our life ??????? As i mention in my book Block c -3 life is not so easy as we expect and not so hard as we make it . So balance in life is most important which does matter alot even in pain and happiness . Only getting pain makes borring and disappoint the life and just happiness ruin our feeling for others and make us careless for blessings.