Kashmir- A Adventure

by Ahsan Latif (Pakistan)

A leap into the unknown Pakistan


Back in 2015, after hectic exams break and torturous semester in GIKI. Listening o vacations, just one thought popped in our heads, ‘lets go to Kashmir’ to kill endless studies stress.The thought of trip induce excitements within the group to make some memories with a blend of nature and beauty of Kashmir (located in the northern region of Pakistan.) All the supplies were packed with car rented for the trip. Left GIKI(a university) straight to abbotabad for the first stop with songs played on speakers, increasing our excitement for the journey. Traveling in northern area within mountains decorated with lush green trees. Neelum River flowing by your side, narrow roads and group of favorite people made it perfect. We were stopped and asked to come out for identification. It was pretty casual as tourism department and police registers tourist before entering kashmir region. It was a bit odd as they were asking people to turn back. Unfortunately, we were not allowed to go further as landsliding has blocked the roads for us. Staying and roaming around the chilliani check post turned out to be amazing. Enjoyed the local breakfast, listened to the tales of people living in such area was an experience in itself. Check post Police gave hope for kashmir and guided us to live near by and visit tomorrow. They guided us for a guest which was 40 Km away in some ‘kaye’ village. It was dawn and heading back to that guest house was becoming important because of rough train of kashmir.Locals helped us in heading back to the guest house. The guest house was on the opposite side of river, which was connected through a vintage wooden bridge with ropes tide for support. It was a adventure to pass the cranky old bridge with no lights and guide. After crossing the bridge, valley started with pin drop silent and hardly any human outside. Its a culture to get back to houses by sunset and as electricity is limited so darkness prevailed the valley. On reaching the guest house guidance board for direction we all sighed and relaxed as we got some place for the night. The tensed silence was broken by excitement of settling along the banks of neelum river for the stay. A dark shady building with broken and incomplete facade, A lamp like the ones from horror movies and a guest house board. A rusty open windows building with no signs of life, The guest was introduced for the night to spend. As we asked for the stay from a pretty unusual way as no one was there. The gate was attended by a suspicious person with homeless guy feels. Upon entrance the attendant hall was all dirty, filled with broken chairs. We sensed some danger but we decided to leap into the unknown for the night.