Leap of faith into the Universe

by Aarti Mahadik (India)

A leap into the unknown India


Found lost is this chaos of standing over the expectations of family, career goals and much more. My heart spoke to my mind,"hey let's take a break, both of us will go and take a deep breath into the unknown". Hopefully my mind agreed, having a handful of penny in my pocket, pair of clothes, we three(me,my heart and my mind) started our journey towards the unknown. I had earlier googled few beautiful spots to visit in western India. I found Konkan region. Beautiful blend of exotic natural foral beauty, the ultimate silence that tears apart the storm in one's mind, most importantly the seafood that it serves and much more. I decided to go on Murud beach it resides in between Karde and Harne beach at Konkan. Oh my goodness! I was awestruck by the heavenly scenario that just caught my eyes. I didn't need any wine, beer or vodka to get deeply flown away into the majestic that the Murud beach hold. When I reached there after a long eight hours journey, I must say the wait was worthy. I hunted for restroom where I could keep my belongings safely and go on a walk with my friends (mind and heart) . Then I found a hotel room just besides the seashore. Wow! What a view it hold. My eyes literally submerged deep into the sea even before going near to the sea. I took a quick shower and went towards the sea. As I was walking I could feel the sand kissing my roots so gently that I felt I was walking on clouds. That sound the waves were making, made me forget all the sorrow, insecurities, hurdles. This all made me to take a leap of faith into the unknown. I sat down on the shore looking at the beautiful sunset. I was just looking at it's immense beauty. I was astonished for a while, thinking how a big fire wall can just make a silent yet sublime feeling into one's mind. At that moment it was just me and the Universe having deep conversation. And I felt a magnificent connection with another world where there was no one just me. The waves, hypnotized me and it all staggered me with a stunning and breath-taking way. Everything was just perfect. I played the song by Ed Sheeran (Perfect) though I didn't have any partner with me I was happy being with me. Then passed a small puppy by my side. His starry eyed melted my heart. I called it closer and that wet nose started licking me. I didn't have much to offer just a chocolate, I unwrapped it and that hungry belly ate it in no time. Then we four(me,my mind, my heart, the pup) on the seashore with the ultimate happiness. Soon the stars waved us "Hi" and we all waved back. The moon was yet to join, but those starry lights just made us take a walk through the milky galaxies. The sound of waves turned out to be more clear and that just gave a soothing satisfaction to my ears. And slowly it started penetrating in my entire body. I felt like a free soul. That could fly anywhere around the world and weave it's own beautiful journey towards eternal peace and bliss. My belly then started whispering,"hey I am hungry". Then we all went to one of the exotic seafood restaurant, it was just near and I invited the pup to join me. Hopefully the manager agreed. We had delicious dinner, I was literally licking my fingers to take the taste of each and every ingredients those stole my heart. Entire plan was refreshing. I appreciated the food and the manager was happy listening to it. I waved a goodbye and came back to the seashore to complete the incomplete conversation between us. I didn't feel tired, it was all rejoicing my soul. I felt like I was get charged for my next infinite years of living. Soon there was a beautiful sunrise. The sun hugged the sea and started rising up. I stood up. Found a reason of my birth and started a new beginning towards my life. Happily ever after.