Life is too short to travel

by Muqtida Bin Syed Gillani (Pakistan)

I didn't expect to find Pakistan


I aspire to travel the most beautiful places I marked on the world map. I believe travelling gives you those lessons and experiences that you can never have in a nut shell or in your own home country. I have experienced and realized that you come across many new people and accept them as friends while travelling. I love making friends and new connections. This way one can have a chance to explore traditions, customs and norms of new places, people and a nation. But for me before my plans of travelling there's always a hitch and that is my entire isolation. I am looking forward for travelling and explore new places and write down in my personal diary. I want to compile a story. There are people scattered across the globe whom I’m lucky to call friends. The world is my home, and each place has stolen a piece of my heart. I have seen a painful life and lost many closed ones. The lesson I learned from the loss of my father. He taught me that experiences and connections in life are what matter most. This jolted me in real means. I was in severe depression so decided to change my place and environment and I feel better now. We can’t predict the future, or even control much of it, but I don’t want to wait to follow my dreams and check things off my bucket list. Something about having to be alone and carry the weight and pain with me continually made me stronger. And doing it in unfamiliar places with no one to lean on gave me confidence. Maybe I learned I could rely on myself. I was my own good friend. Being alone with my thoughts and memories was the hardest thing I could face, but I think at the time, it seemed easier than going back to my old routine with a huge vacancy in my life.