Looking for better life

by May Yahya (Turkey)

A leap into the unknown Turkey


Sometimes we miss a lot of things, and the worst is when we lack intangible things but rather things within us that we want to feel but our society does not allow that, because they are the laws. Our story is about a brave girl who stopped believing in love but believes that she deserves to be treated with respect, as a woman and she tells her story by herself. I am May, Egyptian, I grew up in Saudi Arabia in a family with harsh feelings, my story is like the story of the writer (Dave Pilzer), I lived with a sick mother who does not do anything, just hit me and humiliate me and enjoying in torture me, and with a father who does nothing but increase debts and whatching me when my mom torture me, and with my older sister and older brother who laugh at me whenever I get hit or slapped, I did not know how much I will endure this torture, but on the sixth day of June of the year 2007, we got a new baby, I had a little brother, he was young, soft and cute, I was 5 years old And 6 months when my little brother was born and it was the reason I traveled and left my family to find a better life for me and him, but for the rest of my family I really lost hope in them. When I entered high school I used to work as a teacher of the Qur’an from a distance, the salary was not bad but I was saving money because I knew that he would benefit me in the near future but without my family’s knowledge because they would ask me money for the debts that my father caused. I was suffering from depression and some symptoms of schizophrenia, but nevertheless I did not go to the doctor even once, I was thinking about using money to enroll in a language institute in Egypt when I graduated from high school, and I actually graduated from high school and traveled to Egypt in order to complete my university studies but I got into I had a better idea, I thought about applying to the Turkish scholarship because it is an Islamic and developed country, it was my best choice and the surprise was that I got the scholarship and then I took my first step towards my freedom, if Saudi Arabia refused to help me then I was the one who would save myself this I was thinking, I was thinking She reached seventeen when she got up On scholarship, yes I ran away from my family to save myself and my little brother, In my first year of scholarship, I had to study the Turkish language but a lot of problems had occurred: I tried to commit suicide, I quarreled with my friends and school principal, the scholarship office (YTB) got angry at me for my bad deeds, but I swore to them that I would start a new beginning, then I graduated from the Turkish language school successfully and excellently, I learned a lot of things at the school, it was the name of my school (Padam), it was a really great school, I even cried because I would leave it but it must be so, there must be progress. It is good that I attended this school because it taught me a lot and prepared me for the university in all respects and not only the language, however, I entered the university and during 3 years I prepared everything in order to receive my younger brother. He came to Turkey to complete his high school, yes my brother escaped The little one also, we lived happily together, away from insults, slapping, beating, and insulting, really we were happy, surely we faced many problems such as my family trying to reach us, or problems in communicating with others, frankly, the Turkish language was not easy but rather very difficult but we keep trying over and over. My brother became an adult and married a Turkish woman, and he became a father. As for me, I only content myself with being an aunt, thanks God really thanks god Whatever happened to you, just keep going, never stop, never give up