One summer evening

by Madina Osserbayeva (Kazakhstan)

A leap into the unknown USA


On a summer evening, I began to forge my backpack for a trip. I left a small town in Connecticut and decided to go to Washington D.C. In a foreign country where I have not met anyone, I was alone. After a few hours, I was in New York. New York is a place where there are a lot of people but you feel lonely.I got on the bus and further on the road. Here I am, in the city of Washington. The city does not look like I imagined. I walked around the city and suddenly came up with a different travel plan. The next morning, I quickly had breakfast and ran on a train to Baltimore. Everything new in that country, but somehow found my train. And I immediately got on another train to the airport. The next city was Las Vegas.As soon as I left the airport I thought for a moment that I was on Mars. And I really wanted to see the area that I decided to walk to the city on foot. It was not a good idea, on a street +40 degrees Celsius and I am with a heavy backpack after a long journey. By some miracle, I reached the city. And I froze for a second to understand that this is reality. Although I was sweating and tired, I went on and in shock. I decided to sit down and eat something.This city was so interesting to me that I sat for only 10 minutes and wanted to see even more. And suddenly I discovered that I had lost my credit card. As a mad woman began to search. At that moment, someone wrote to me on Facebook. I did not pay attention because I was simply not able to look at my phone. I visited all the places where I was and did not find. I know that it was possible to recover, but after 4 hours I had to go further and it was already evening on the street. 2 hours passed, I sat down and decided to answer this person and he writes that I haven’t lost something? I was in shock. We phoned and he gave my card. I was extremely happy and thought how lucky I was. Spontaneously, I met a group of friends who were traveling that night in San Francisco and I joined them. We traveled so many kilometers sitting in the back seat of the car, but were so free and happy. The final city was Los Angeles, there was a different vibe here. I was on the same wavelength with this city, met interesting people and was glad that such a story my life was.