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Making a local connection India


I was simple person who is live in my dream world. One of my strengths is to explore others country by myself without any friends or relative. This is biggest achievement for me that can improve my knowledge and communication. India one of my favourite countries to explore. When i go there it is make me feel challenging world is starting from there. Because everything in India is realistic. Sometimes traveling alone makes me more aware of myself. Can increase confidence especially when out of comfortable situations. People say to be a true traveler has to travel to India. Because there is a country that lives in truth. In addition to what is being shown in their movie, if we believe everything that is shown, then we will be fooled. So have to go there to find out what's hidden. But the fact that it's not all beautiful, like the place itself is more comfortable but when there we have to work harder. I remember the experience of traveling there. Sleep in the local community. Through the small lane of the village by motorcycle while talking and communicating with the villagers. The atmosphere goes to their market, watching for themselves the sales they make while looking at real-life recordings. The route there is well known for railway transportation. The experience of getting on the train while running small, narrowed through the crowds of crowded and narrow crowds. It was a wonderful experience for me. Then I felt it too traditional food. I traveled to the corners of India with a willing and open heart. Despite the many negative perspectives on Indian soil. But you have to go through the truth yourself to prove those words. Some are true and some are just added to scare the situation. When it comes to adventure, it is also the answer I get. Good service from the locals. Their belief in outsiders and their acceptance of different cultures. This writing may not be enough to get people interested in reading. So much of that experience is conveyed through video and photo shoots. So it make me feel to explore india again and again.