The Experience of Now

by Tammy Kamson (United Kingdom (Great Britain))

I didn't expect to find Jamaica


I go to a place Unknow never before ventured and end up on a journey of discover I think it’s to find my true self, only to end up meeting my mirrored personality in the opposite sex, a fine specimen and go through this breakthrough with his help! DESMOND he’s named! Fall madly in Love and get broken-hearted when I find out his a married man! Twist and turns love triangles and heart wreck ensue, only to re- discover myself! The real plot-twist! My connection to a place I’ve never been. I am of African decent, born and bred but English roots from schooling and Friends, whilst in my 30’s I take a journey it leads to me wanting a family, but African man just ain’t doing it for me! I like a bit of ruff’n’tumble so I look for a Jamaican, where better than Jamaica? I get there, make friends go to dancehall parties! Just fun behaviour, then I meet DESMOND this older sexier bald looking Gentlemen not a yardie at all. We become smoking friends as his not my age group I still have male friends whom I get close to only for him to come out and tell me how he really feels about me, and me to see the little flicker in his eyes when he talks about me! Like grows to lust only for lust to grow into love! P.S you want to read more you’ll have to invite me along! Thanks for reading.