Two forty kilometer

by Mrinal Mukherjee (India)

Making a local connection India


The day is cloudy a little bit raining outside the window and i am continiously overthinking about the travel which i have to go 240km. Finally overthinking is over and reached at station and i see full of crowd into the station and all are waiting for the train suddenly my train was came and i was got a seat after crossing some station i was seen a old man(82yr)and a lady(75yr) came together with holding there hand as they are really take promise that at the end of the life we are still together.After some time they get up in the train and there is no seat that they can seat.There is little boy who seat beside the gate sunddenly he wake up and says to the old man 'Grandfa you can seat here' the old man blessed him lot and take the seat and get her lady in to the seat. That time i feel today still there is love and still there is a humanity. They are talking to each other and i fell how much love they have on this travel they are sharing each other food and water and holding the arms of each other suddenly i noticed that they wake up and the old man pick up an mouthorgan and the lady was singing with him and collecting the money i have also gave them a money and asked him why you are here and why you are doing this grandfa he told me that he have lost his son in a accident and he is the only one income source of the house and today we have nothing left all things have gone during the accident becoz my wife have lost her eyes during the accident and in treatment all the money is over so we are here for spending the life together by travelling and entertain the people. My eyes is full off tears but i have controled my emotion and gave my seat to the old man that he can seat. I was upset what i have heared from them and thinking of them.Suddenly the old man quite and in the train only three people is there include me the train is late thats why its take so time to reach the destination.Suddenly i was heard a voice of the lady calling the old man but he is not responding so i go there to call him but i stunned about that he is not breathing after that the train reached at the station and the railway police taken him to the hospital finall there journey was end.