Trinidad & Tobago Discoveries: Turtle Watching

Join Miles Rowland in the sleepy little town of Grande Riviere on Trinidad’s north coast, where he searches for giant sea turtles.


Encountering a number of the magnificent creatures, Miles is caught off guard with just how enormous they are, before witnessing something even more spectacular – a sea turtle birth.

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  • Neville said

    Going back to tobago to turtle beach to try to find some turtles my only problem is that the country is kind of dumb because they have this bike swim run event next month on that very beach the Massy rainbowcup it attract thousands of people to that beach area vehicles and people walking they don’t give a crap about the turtles come do damage and go back to they country the government need to close off that beach and make those swimmers in that event go elsewhere the beach is perfect for that event but check what they doing

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