There's an elephant in the room when it comes to Korean cuisine. Are Koreans really fond of tucking into a plate of 'Man's best friend'?

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Currently, selling dog meat for consumption is illegal in South Korea. However, that doesn't mean it isn't done. Dog meat is a Korean cultural delicacy, and culture trumps law every time.

Is Dog on the Menu in South Korea?

Yes, dog meat is available in South Korea for consumption, however it's important to note that there are other countries which also eat dog, such as China, Thailand, Vietnam, and many more. But, each year, more locals are opting not to consume dog meat.

If the thought of eating dog is unconscionable to you, you may need to do your due diligence before going out to eat. Definitely reconsider buying that unmarked meat kebab being sold in the city square.

Many restaurants will serve a dish called "bosintang", which stands for "dog meat soup". It's a popular dish in South Korea, and is said to act as an aphrodisiac for men.

If you're unconcerned about whether or not to eat dog meat, it's recommended you go to a decent restaurant and try the dog meat soup for a taste of South Korean popular culture. 

Salty & Spicy Foods

South Korean food typically has lots of salt and los of hot spices, which might be difficult for those of you trying to cut back on sodium intake, or anyone who can't handle spicy food.

Generally, when you take a seat at a restaurant, you'll be able to convince the waiter to ask the chef to put less spices and salt on your selected dish.

For travelers with a standard Western sensibility, asking for less salt and spices may be necessary to ensure that your partner enjoys semi-authentic Korean cuisine, without complaining about the price.

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  • None of your bussnes said

    I think that this is STUPID !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "Yes, dog meat is available in South Korea for consumption"

  • none said

    It is weird they eat dog. That is so mean. They are better as pets.

  • None of your bussnes said

    I agree 100% with None! Why would you eat a dog, a loving dog! I will never go to South Korea because of them.

  • YuMin Lee said

    It was not considered odd to eat dog meat in only my parents ' generation. However, with the dog becoming a household animal, there has been a controversy over the use of dog meat as more people are against eating dog meat. The trend is not to eat dog meat. There are also few shops that cook and rarely sell dog meat. In conclusion, eating dog meat is not our popular culture in Korea.

  • potato said

    I understand why everyone is getting hyperactive, you probably have pets, and you have every right to find this disgusting... but in your country. Ancient Korea did not consider them as pets, and if you eat any type of animal you have no right to write that this is disgusting. The culture was different back then and they began eating dog meat over thousands of years ago. If Europeans weren't the dominant force you would not be able to say this, just because of your culture doesnt believe in something doesnt mean that you can disregard years of history. I personally do not eat dog, and do not wish to. Since people in Korea now keep dogs as pets I hope that dogs are not consumed as a meat source anymore. But you do not have the right to call a culture nasty, this is part of history and this is part of culture. I personally find it disgusting to eat a poor little bby lamb.

  • respondingtopotato said

    @potato, couldnt have said it better, thank you so much.

  • Anonymous said

    There are plenty of other meats to eat such as pork, cow, chicken,fish, lamb not dogs or cats. Those are a loving domestic pets we should protect and care about them.

  • Wdoapj said

    Those people who says there are plenty of others meat to eat are such a terrible person. Only cats & dogs should be protect and care of? Such a shame on you saying that.

  • Jinje said

    What an fucking dumb Article I’m from SouthKorea and im 19years old in Korea no one eating the dogs how did you get the picture?
    have you ever visited southkorea? You guys are just believing Wrong informations please fucking don’t spread wrong imformations.

  • taehyungseyebrow said

    Is this true? I really want to move to Korea in the near future, but I also really don't want to accidentally consume dog meat while I'm there. I love getting food from street vendors, I'm a foodie in general lol.

  • Kim Nicky said

    Simply explaining that Modern people don't eat dogs whereas in Ancient Korea dogs were eaten . Today's society is educated and they don't eat dogs , you can take example of Kim Taehyung , Kim Namjoon who are celebrities with pet dogs who don't eat dogs.

  • Curious said

    Let them eat as any dogs as they want! Just so long as they don't do that in the USA please!

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