Want to travel the world, write about it, and get paid? Here’s how it’s done and how you can do it, too.


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For most of us, the idea of traveling the world as a professional travel writer is nothing more than a pipe dream, but with the advice in this guide, it could be the beginning of your next adventure.

Professional travel writer, Tim Neville, started freelancing in 2002 and hasn’t stopped since, writing hundreds of articles for outlets including The New York Times, The Observer, USA Today, Men’s Journal, and Ski. From how to get started, growing your network and pitching ideas, to giving editors what they want, diversifying your income and dealing with rejection, Tim shares his tips and advice from the inside of this exciting business..

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Along with the opportunity to explore and discover the world, its myriad people, cultures and landscapes, comes the need to make enough money for it to be possible.
Tim Neville
Travel Writer

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