Join our travelers as they go moose-spotting in Montana, hang out with orcas in Alaska, and follow the barbecue trail through the Deep South.


Experience the USA, World Nomads style.

Think of this guide as a series of windows into the US, written by travelers who’ve hiked the trails, sampled the local specialties, and roamed the highways.

With a focus on the undiscovered and less-visited areas of the country, it’s meant to inspire residents to explore parts of their own backyard they never knew existed, and encourage visitors to get to know the US beyond the famous icons.

Featured in this guide:

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Once, while visiting Glacier National Park, I eased myself into a frigid alpine lake for a skinny dip when I heard a splash along the far bank. That’s the first and only time I’ve bathed with a moose.
World Nomads contributor
Tim Neville

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