How to Take a Road Trip

The open road, changing scenery, a loaded up car, loose plans and unpredictable adventure - there are some travel cravings that only a road trip can satisfy.

Who wouldn't want to spend a week (or months) in a tin box with unshowered friends and servo snacks?

It's romantic to think you can just jump in your car when the urge strikes, but how do you do it right?

We asked our Facebook community to share their tips for going on a road trip, here are a few of our favourites... we love getting lost, rolling clothes and friendly hitchhikers - apparently! 

"Pick up hitchhikers. Be choosy, of course, but do it. Hitchhikers always have the most amazing stories to tell!"

"Don't take a map or a GPS. Just drive. That way, you'll spend more time looking out the window and less time arguing about where to go."

- Mark Seldon

"You're in a car not a field. When you quietly bitch and moan about the sleeping head next you to, chances are they heard you."

- Kate Hoffman 

"Travel with those people, with whom your cleanliness quotient matches. Not with a person dirtier, not with a person tidier."

- Sarah Naeem

"Roll instead of fold - you get more in your bags."

"Plan but don't plan too much. By taking the time to explore what's around you, you will find things that aren't always on maps or in books."

- Erin Delamont-Williams

"Get off the highways and spend time on the surface roads...wave to locals, explore antique shops, stop in at local diners"

- Renae Brosam

"Fantales, red frogs and when driving at night - don't use the heater. Instead keep the aircon on (low) so the driver doesn't get sleepy and have blankets to keep the passengers warm"

- Yael Gaffney

"Avoid arriving into a place late in the evening if you haven't booked accommodation or you need to pitch your tent - it could end in divorce."

"Everyone needs to have a playlist, not just the driver who loves Guns n Roses."

- Alison Rex

"Don't watch "Wolf Creek", "The Hills Have Eyes" or "The Hitcher" before you go."

- Andrew Stephen

Tell us what you love about being on the road, and remember what we've learnt from the Huck: "there ain't no surer way to find out whether you like people or hate them, than to travel with them."

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  • Jeremy Fowler said

    Set your GPS on "Shortest" rather than "Fastest". Stop and explore the villages that you go through. Eat at the place the locals use. And make the trip the holiday. Find a place to sleep when the sun gets low.

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