6 Unique Things to Do in Fez, Morocco

With the oldest and largest Medina (old town) in North Africa, follow nomads Nick and Hannah – from popular Instagram channel Salt in our Hair – though Fez, the cultural and handicraft center of Morocco.


Photo © Salt in our Hair

As photographers (Instagram @SaltinourHair), we had an incredible time shooting all the sights in this city - there wasn't a moment of borem! Here are a few of our favorite unique experiences Fez has to offer.

1. Bou Inania Medersa

The Bou Inania Medersa is an impressive religious building that can be entered by all travelers.

Previously a school, it’s now popular among visitors for its amazing architecture and colors.

Entry is completely free, and we expected it to be super crowded when we went around 4pm, but there were only a few other people there.

Bou Inania Medersa. Photo credit: Salt in our Hair

2. Take in the Smells of the Tanneries

We really wanted to check out the world-famous tanneries where the locals color animal skins.

We knew the smells would be quite strong, so we took a bit of mint and a scarf to cover our faces.

They tried to offer us “mint for free” on our way to the tanneries, but I’m sure if we’d said yes, they would have asked for payment.

Tanneries in Fez. Photo credit: Salt in our Hair

3. Sunset on a Rooftop

It’s the first thing we do once we arrive at a new place to stay: Check the rooftop view (if it has one).

Sit down and enjoy the sun setting behind the beautiful city of Fez.

Watching the sunset from the rooftop in Fez. Photo credit: Salt in our Hair

4. Buying a Carpet or Rug in Fez

Fez is known for its handicraft, and there’s no doubt you’ll struggle to avoid the carpet sellers in the main streets of the Medina.

A French woman living in Marrakesh let us in on a little secret, and suggested we go to her favourite shop where they’d give us an honest price.

20 rugs later, we selected our favorite one. We paid about US $150 for a rug that’s 2m long and 1.5m wide – which we thought was a fair price for a rug.

5. Get Lost in the Fez Medina

The UNESCO World Heritage Medina of Fez is the oldest and largest in North Africa.

Its historical elements have been well-retained, making it super easy to get lost in the narrow alleyways.

We got lost here a few times at night, and trust us, that isn't a fun place to lose your bearings.

We used signs to get back to our hotel – even Google Maps gets lost in this maze!

6. Get Your Fresh Orange Juice Every Morning

Orange juice is one thing we love. So a cheap, fresh OJ every morning was a perfect start to our day.

Probably one of our best addictions while in Morocco.

Hannah enjoying a fresh OJ in Morocco. Photo credit: Salt in our Hair

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