USA Discoveries: Van Life - Forging Bonds On The Road

World Nomad Joel heads to Colorado to meet like-minded travelers whose way of life is one of constant movement and freedom. He falls in love with the towns, landscapes and communities created on the road.


A part-time van lifer at home in Australia, World Nomad Joel heads to Colorado for a meetup. On a road trip north to Idaho, he discovers that van life is about living in the moment, challenging traditional beliefs, and deciding each day what the next adventure will be. Joel deliberates whether this way of living might be for him, as he meets people rejecting the status quo.

Listen to The World Nomads Podcast: Van life in the USA

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  • Sisca said

    Its nice to see the community.

  • Elad said

    Well done on the film! Can really relate as a vanlifer this past year in NZ. 10/10

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