Sweden Discoveries: Surf's Up

Travel with Jordan Nicholson to Surfbukten, an amazing Swedish electric cable wakeboarding water park.


Join Jordan Nicholson from World Nomads as she straps on a board and has a whisk around Surfbukten, also known as Surfers Bay, an amazing electric cable wakeboarding water park, located in Jämtland Härjedalen, Sweden. Jordan gets her adrenalin pumping and discovers how Sweden is using electric wakeboarding to minimize pollution and environmental damage.

Jordan Nicholson: We are in Östersund and today we're going to surf in the Bay, the big Lake, what's it called? ‘Surfboden’. Then let's go.

Guide: Electric cable, You can make you go wakeboarding in that city with no pollution and a very good fun environment.

Jordan Nicholson: Before I start I have to be safe. I have my suit, I have my life vest and my helmet, but where's the helmet?

Guide: We care a lot about safety. Uh, so of course we have a vest and a helmet for the rider and know that they're able to swim.

Jordan Nicholson: The first thing that went through my mind was not to fall too much, but once I got used to the board, I was very excited and it was exhilarating and I loved doing it because you get to fly through the water and see the landscape and just get an adrenaline rush.

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