9 Ways to Soak up Culture While You're Traveling

What is the biggest barrier for all travelers trying to immerse themselves into the culture? Time.

When I look back at all the countries, cities, and towns I’ve visited, the places that left the biggest impression were the ones where I managed to conjure up a local experience. Although this is something many of us strive for, it can be difficult to obtain. One of the biggest barriers for cultural immersion while travelling, is time. Here are some tips to help you soak up the culture in a relatively short period of time.

1. Do Your Homework

Getting the most from your experience abroad doesn’t always come easy. I find that preparing myself ahead of time is a big help. Learn the common phrases, hobbies, and pastimes of your destination. This also helps you make sure you’ve appropriately matched your destination to your reasons for travelling.

2. Arrange a Homestay

You’ll find that there are many opportunities for a live-in experience with a local family. The homestay experience is an unmatched method of immersing yourself in local culture. 

3. Don't Expect to See Everything

During a one or two week vacation, you can wear yourself out trying to see everything. The more you see in a short period of time, the thinner your experience is going to be. Have a list of must sees, preferred sees, and remember to leave room for the unexpected. Flexibility will allow you to get the most out of your journey.

4. Chat to the Locals

Although guidebooks are great for recommendations, nothing compares to the recommendation of a local. Try asking them what they do with their friends, and not what you should do while you’re in town.

5. Eat, Eat, Eat

In order to eat with the locals, you need to eat like the locals. Prepare yourself to try foods you’ve never heard of or think you don’t like. Go to local markets and window shop for the right restaurant. Get off the beaten track to find places the typical tourist wouldn’t stumble upon.

6. Exercise

Lack of proper rest, diet, and exercise aggravate culture shock stress symptoms. By establishing a daily exercise schedule, you can ensure your social-self is in top form. Try joining in on an unfamiliar activity or sport.

7. Be Respectful

You don’t need to disguise yourself as a local to find “the local experience.” As long as you’re respectful and outgoing, your presence will be kindly received…most of the time.

8. Use Local Transportation

Don’t fain from the masses – JOIN THEM! The metro system is a great place to be amongst hometowners and cover a lot of ground at the same time.

9. Attempt to Speak the Language

Even if you’ve never spoken the language before, make an effort. It’s amazing how willing people are to help you through a broken conversation. It brings people together.

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